Recipe for a Cosmic day

HeartOfTheWorldIf you wake up feeling down,

Just pay attention to your crown,

Its where you and the cosmos meet,

no need to send a tweet,

allow the cosmic light to flow,

and to mother earth say hello,

her reply to you for sure,

will be just allow the flow more and more,

into my heart,

for a start,

your heart will connect with mine,

you will realise we are all divine,

all is one in the cosmic mind of source,

and remember this means YOU! ...

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The Light of life

GoldenLight3Life on earth is great you know

if you like to live it so,

just say no to hate and fear,

all life becomes dear,

dear to your heart your mind as well,

on the past please dont dwell,

you are not the tale you think you are,

just erase it and you will remember you are a star,

a individual in this universe,

surely this in not to perverse,

for the ego to understand,

and just allow gods willing hand,

to shape our ...

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Meditation with Archangel Metatron: Connecting with the Heart of Source and the cosmic aspects of yourself

archangel-metatronTake a few deep breaths and close your eyes. First of all I am going to call upon Metatron. Metatron, I ask that you start to bring your energy through the stargate and I open the stargate to your energy, and the stargate starts to generate the energy of unseen light.

Good afternoon I am Metatron that speaks to you. First of all of course, I will make some fun with you saying ...

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Opening of the heart

994046_646082512081754_774030186_nFirst of all, we are going to call your I Am Presences and divine selves, and we ask in accordance with the divine will and the will of your divine selves and I Am Presences that everything takes place in accordance with harmony and balance. Please just sit and breathe for a moment.

And at this time I call in the multidimensional beings which assist in grounding the energies through the star gate… ...

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Channelling of Enki


flat550x550075f (1)The conversation on the workshop flows around Annunaki as one student ask questions about them.

So here come Enki and he wanted to speak to us:

Some people think we create human race as slaves. Of course, it is correct on one level. When your bodies were created they were created with the potential of full consciousness. It was you may call it genetic manipulation and the being that was given that task ...

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Mahatma activation

angelaffix[1]“The word Mahatma is a mantra with which to invoke the energy of The Rider of the White Horse, the Source. It is not the same Mahatma Madame Blavatsky and others have referred to in their writings, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “great soul.”




The Vibratory Action of “I Am”

When an individual says, “Mahatma.” he is invoking the creative/integrative attribute of the Source and is announcing Creation at his particular point of ...

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Merlin on Crystal mandalas

crystalgrid.5110625_std“M” Star or Merkabah Mandalas (or Merlin stars if you like) in the shape of what you may know as the Star of David, are very easy to build using Quartz crystals.

To make the star draw two equilateral triangles to whatever size you wish to make the Mandala. Sit one triangle on top of the other to form the Star of David. You now have six points at which to place your ...

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Meditation at Petra in Jordan

images (11)Yesterday we had the Rhuim El Hiri experience. It would be nice for 10-15 minutes to bring in all the different energies we have experienced on the trip and balance them in our bodies. Open your hearts. Take some deep breaths.

I call upon your I AM Presences and Monads, your true selves. I ask for a team of angels, archangels, and other beings that can assist us in balancing all these ...

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Channelling from the Federation of Free Worlds

universe-space-soundSo OK, we’re going to open our hearts, and keep the energy moving among us. Focus on your true heart chakras, please. I’m going to allow a being to speak through me. I don’t know his name. He calls himself a Spokesperson for the Federation of Free Worlds. He’s asked to be given a chance to speak to you. So keep your energy fields open, allow the love to pass around and ...

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Activation channelled on Wesak, 2010

buddagloMaitreya, I am. On my birthday and the day of my ascension, there is always a big celebration around the world. It is a time where you could say an extra dose of the energy of compassion flows into the world from other realities. Before, you were already linking with this energy of compassion and the many Masters linking in the Wesak Valley. I am going to speak about compassion and service.

In ...

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