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GermainWe met yesterday. I spoke with you collectively, although you did not know it was I who was speaking to you. I gave you information on the beings or energies whose job in creation is to teach you focus and love.

I saw fear. I saw worry. Not only on people’s faces, but in the energy fields of some, too. We do not know how it is possible for ones who can stand up and say, not only “I am a Master,” but “I am an aspect of” all the other masters that you are aspects of, and still have fear in your hearts and minds.

Fear stems from not knowing exactly what God’s place is in your life, from not understanding that God IS in your life, because you are God, each and every one of you. So from this day on, let’s have no more. From this day on, affirm that fear is not part of your reality. If you affirm that fear is not part of your reality, it cannot be. So now, many of you wonder what you are to do with what you have been given. I tell you that, as each and every channel grows, as each and every channel integrates a little more the fact that they ARE a channel, that they are channeling the energies of Love, the energies of Light, the words of their I Am Presence, the words of the Masters—ascended, galactic, inter-galactic—the tasks that you are given to do will become bigger. As your confidence grows, you are able to tackle more, you are able to achieve more, because you stay focused in Light, stay focused in Love.

So for those of you who do not yet understand what you are going to do with what you have been given, I suggest that you make a commitment—a commitment to yourself, not to try to return to the life you had 9 days, 10 days ago, because it will now be impossible. Make a commitment to go forward, affirm that each and every one of you are world teachers. I would like to hear you collectively affirm that you are now ready to step into your power as a world teacher, and go forward with that aim in mind: “I affirm I am now ready to accept that I am a world teacher. I further ask that my assignments are given me, and I will accept them. I Am that I Am.” Do you feel the energy within your hearts? Just because I am Germain, it doesn’t mean you may not speak to me. I am your friend. I am your brother. I am your sister. And I am the initiator of this transformative system that you are being activated to.

You must understand that I am available to all of you—that you, each and every one of you and I are equals. You are Masters. I am a Master. If you believe you are Masters, you must understand and accept that we ARE equal. That I am nothing greater than you, and you are nothing less than I.

Another affirmation may be in order: “Germain, I affirm I am your equal. I am a Master. I am that I am.” Again, do you feel the energy of it in your hearts? Do you feel the energy of it in your minds? Good. Go from this place and take your Love, and walk with heads up high. When events happen that throw you from the focus of Love, and the focus of Light, affirm to yourself, “I am a Master, I am that I am.” And immediately you can gain mastery over every situation. You can bring balance and harmony, through Love, into it.

Master Germain, through John Armitage, Mt. Shasta, CA October 1998

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