DNA Codes meditation


DNAThis meditation’s going to be with Sananda and Kuthumi. It’s about assisting us in waking up a code in our DNA which we haven’t woken up before. It’s just a question of taking it easy, being comfortable, remembering to breathe. We’ll do it gently.

I call upon Kuthumi and Sananda. I ask for their presence here. I also ask you to manifest yourselves on each side of each being present. It doesn’t matter who goes on the right and the left. Just see, feel or imagine that Sananda is standing on one side of you and Kuthumi is standing on the other. And all of your I Am Presences and your Divine Selves.

Now I am going to open up an energetic vortex which will actually connect with the Cosmic Heart of Source. So we’ll spend a few moments with this.

As we connect this vortex, pillar of Light with the Cosmic Heart of Source, I ask Source to bring through this pillar of Light an expanded vibration of the energy we know as Mahatma. Grounding this expanded Mahatma energy through the vortex. Grounding, grounding, grounding.

Now I ask that Sananda and Kuthumi assist each one in the activation of this particular code of your DNA. In the past we’ve done many versions of DNA activations, often going further than we have before. So we’re going to do this in a very simple and easy way.

First we ask you to ask yourselves a simple question: “Am I prepared to move forward into this energy of the Cosmic Heart, the expanded Divinity of Love.” Of course, if your answer is not “yes” we can’t force you into it. We don’t have permission to do anything against your personal will, or that of your I Am Presences or Divine Selves. We’ll give you a moment or two to ask yourselves this question. …

At the same time the expanded Mahatma is flowing into the vortex, into the components of your body, the cellular structure, the molecular structure, all the other particles that compose you. You can assist this if you wish by repeating in your mind, “I Am that I Am, the Mahatma in Love.”

Now, for those of you who have said “yes” I’m going to ask you to see, feel, allow, imagine in front of you 12 strands of DNA. Just in case there has been any programs inserted in your DNA by the way you think, or anything that’s happened to you, or any kind of outside interference, first of all we’ll reset the 12 strands to the original coding. I ask the presence of the Re-coding Team please, for each individual that’s open to this. At the same time I ask that Kuthumi and Sananda put their hands on your shoulders, one on your shoulders and one on your head. This may vary for each individual. It’s all in accordance with the will of your I Am and your Divine Self.

So we’ll clear the DNA of any inserted programs that are no longer serving or have been added without your knowledge and so on. I ask the Teams to please check through each individual.

Now we clear, clear, clear. And now we’ll reset the original codes. We’ll take a few moments to do this.

Reset, reset, reset NOW!

So of course these strands of DNA are cleared and active throughout all dimensional realities, connecting with the Heart of Source, and then to the Cosmic Heart of Source, also connecting with the heart crystal of Mother Earth. All in accordance with Divine will, the will of your I Am Presences and Divine Selves. As the connection builds from these strands of DNA to the Cosmic Heart, this level of energy of the Cosmic Heart starts flowing into the DNA. The strands continue to light up and vibrate in an expanded way. The connection builds stronger and stronger in the heart of Mother Earth also. It is grounding into the heart of the Earth Mother.

Now I ask that Sananda and Kuthumi put their hands on you, on the physical heart chakra and the higher heart chakra, the thymus gland, again of course all in accordance with Divine Will and the will of your I Am Presences and Divine Selves.

As this first wave of energy flows through from the Cosmic Heart into the higher Heart Chakra, the thymus gland, the thymus gland starts to expand and expand it’s capability to process this energy of the Cosmic Heart, this expanded energy of Love, of the Mahatma. We’ll spend some minutes to allow this to take place.

So as the thymus gland expands and expands and expands, our next piece of activity is to assist you in clearing and opening the energy channel that connects the physical heart chakra to the higher heart chakra. You can assist this process by imagining or seeing or feeling an energetic pathway is expanding and expanding between the higher heart chakra and the physical heart chakra. You could see this in the color of silver, gold and violet, which is of course the color of the Mahatma. The Mahatma will assist in clearing this energetic connection; of course you already have it, but for many, many people the flow is rather restricted.

As these two connections between these two heart chakras build and build and expand, there is a two-way flow of energy between them, causing your DNA, it makes it possible for your DNA to vibrate with the Cosmic energy of Source. Further activate, activate, activate. The connection becomes stronger in the heart of Mother Earth.

The connections from the Heart of Source to the Cosmic Heart of Source also becomes stronger, builds and builds and builds. There is a lighter and more open vibration of this expanded Mahatma. At this moment I would ask you to please pay attention to your Earth Star chakras. It may find that it will assist you if you affirm, “Activate Earth Star, activate Earth Star, activate Earth Star,” It will assist you in grounding, grounding, grounding.
As your Earth Stars activate, many of you have chakras below your Earth Star, into the body of Mother Earth. When other dimensional chakras move down the chakra column, shove your physical chakras downwards. It also could be useful for you here to affirm that these chakras below the Earth Star are cleared, activated and harmonized. We’ll give you a few moments to do this.

As these chakras harmonize and balance below your feet, it allows a more focused, profound grounding of this energy of the Cosmic Heart. This comes through all your presences in multidimensional realities, harmonizing all the energy points or chakras that are present there.

It reaches the 12th chakra above your head. Start to bring this energy of the Cosmic Heart, the Cosmic aspects of Love, of Source, through the 11th chakra, 10th chakra, 9th chakra, 8th chakra, 7th chakra …Chakra 6 & 5, the heart center, connection to the higher heart with the physical heart chakra expands and expands and expands, becomes more present. The physical and the higher heart chakra connecting, connecting, connecting. Again you can use the Mahatma affirmation to assist the integration, “I Am that I Am, the Mahatma in Love”

Again, flowing down the chakras in the physical body through the Earth Star into Mother Earth. Mother Earth is saying her heart is open to receive this energy of the Cosmic Heart. It is grounding into the heart of the Earth Mother. Her heart is receiving it and at the same time amplifying it, amplifying it, amplifying it. As she amplifies this energy of the Cosmic Heart now, she begins to radiate it throughout her body, throughout the physical Earth, through all the levels of the body of the physical Earth to manifest on the surface.

We are becoming active live conductors of this Cosmic Love through our connection with the Cosmic Heart. Through the connections of our physical and higher heart chakras, we have the ability to receive and radiate these expansions.

Use to flow through our lower chakras into the heart of Mother Earth, and she amplifies it further, further, further, radiates to the surface of her body. As she radiates it to the surface of her body, she makes it possible for each living thing, which means everything upon the planet, that lives upon her body and within her body, to receive this expanded Love of the Cosmic Heart of Source.

Mother Earth invites all things, all beings to open themselves to this Love, if it is accordance with their own will. Everything is touched by this Love, but nothing or nobody is forced to open themselves. It’s all a question of freedom—freedom to act, freedom not to act.

The energy systems throughout our multidimensional presences further expand this energy of the Cosmic Heart more into the physical, reinforcing this connection of the two heart chakras. It’s a two-way flow. Aspects of Divine Love, cosmic aspects of Divine Light. You may in this time perceive something happening in the area of your chest. If you don’t that’s OK as well. It’s different for everybody.

Consciously invite these cosmic aspects of Divine Love to flow, flow, flow. Affirm your openness to receive.

As this connection builds and expands the sacred heart within you begins to awake. The physical body, your energy system, begins to remember. The sacred heart wakes up, wakes up, wakes up. As the sacred heart wakes, you expand your capabilities to receive. The energy of the Cosmic Heart and the cosmic aspects of Divine Love begins to radiate from the Sacred Heart to every part of your physical body. At this time you could make a request that any blockages that you may have in your physical body, whether they manifest as imbalances or disease, are actually now transmuted into perfect harmony and balance,the energy of the Cosmic Heart.

Now if you think it is relevant for you, we will ask you to put your hands across your chests, between the physical heart chakra and your thymus gland. Now if you think it is relevant for you, also in accordance with the usual things, Divine will, the will of your Divine Self and your cosmic aspects, your I Am Presence, I ask you to three times to “connect the channel between my heart chakras, activate, activate, activate.” At the same time I ask Sananda and Kuthumi to assist you in this connection and these activations. So now we’re going to give you a little time for this to be carried out.

You see, now we are planting a seed. As with seeds of other flowers, if the ground is fertile, if the conditions are exactly supportive for growth, and we water them and they sprout, this is what we’re doing here. Seed this expansion into the ability to ground this Cosmic Love, this Cosmic Heart of Source. The energy is flowing, according to the water of Cosmic Love. As the seed receives this, it begins to sprout; it grows and blooms into a perfect flower. This is what your sacred heart is doing, watered with the energy of Cosmic Love. Blooming to perfection. Opening, opening, opening the flower’s opening.

As the Cosmic Love flows in, the flower opens further. It begins to radiate its scent. The scent of this cosmic flower is the energy of Love. Radiating, radiating across the Earth to every level of creation. This is pure harmony and balance. Manifestation of this pure harmony and balance actually begins to dissipate imbalances, manifestations of reality, both in the manifestations of our own versions of reality and in the collective accepted reality. Beauty of the Cosmic Heart and the Cosmic Love starts to dissipate imbalances, in accordance with will of the Cosmic aspect of Source.

Brothers and sisters of Earth, I encourage you to continue to allow, allow, allow this blooming of the flower of your sacred hearts, the radiation of this scent of Cosmic Love, radiating from you, radiating from you, radiating from you.

As these emanations flow from your cosmic heart to the heart of Mother Earth, her radiation flows to the surface of her body, flows into all temples, churches, mosques, synagogs, sacred places, holy sites, standing stones, energy vortexes. The effect of the radiation of this cosmic Love is to dissipate imbalances and blockages in these places. The vortexes begin to harmonize, begin to radiate this expanded ability of the Cosmic Heart.

We’ll sit for a little while now; just continue to allow, allow, allow, for ultimately, no matter that many people would like to make things very complicated, to divert you from the real truth, the real harmony, real divinity, the simplicity is to affirm that you allow, that you allow, that you allow, and that you are open to receive. These instructions have been around for thousands of years. You may remember the words of Sananda, during the lifetime that we know as his Palestinian ministry, he spoke the words, “Ask and you will receive.” Please just allow, allow, allow. Do not attempt to control. Do not be asking, “What am I supposed to see, what am I supposed to feel?” You are not supposed to see anything. You will see what you will. You are not supposed to feel anything. You will feel what you do or do not. This is the simplicity. Approaching in the mode of allowance is the essence of this activity.

As you move further into the mode of allowance, this code in your DNA allows further interaction, integration with this energy of the Cosmic Heart, this expanded Cosmic Divinity, activates, activates, activates to its next level that is relevant for each individual. Remember, you are all individuals, unique pieces of manifestation of Source. It’s this uniqueness of humanity, we’re all One, individuals within that. Remember, the emanation of Source is actually what you know as Creation. You are an individual part of that. Creation is the Body of Source, we could say, and you are an individual cell within that body. As you know, from your physical bodies, the coming together of each individual cell creates your whole body. You are One with Source and an individual piece of it at the same time. Each individual unique, just like each snowflake is unique or every drop of water.

The energy of the Sacred Heart expands, expands, expands. Connections between the physical heart and the higher heart chakra becomes more profound, more solid, and more open, allowing a more profound flow down your chakra columns, down into the Earth. The Heart of Source, beyond the Cosmic Heart—Grounding and grounding and grounding it. Grounding it, grounding it, and grounding it.

It’s grounded into the heart of Mother Earth. Activate it, activate it, activate it. To the relevant level for each individual: activate, activate, activate.

So, now I thank Kuthumi and Sananda, on behalf of each individual; also thank the other beings that assisted us in this activity. You may start to bring your attention outwards in a gentle and coherent way.

John Armitage, 2014, USA

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