Shamballa  is a gift from God and myself, Germain.  It is not only an energy for  healing, it  is a  way of  accelerating your spiritual development.  A lot more information has  been added to the method as taught by  Dr. Usui. The Shamballa Energy is part of the New Paradigm method.  Once you have been attuned  to the  Shamballa Vibration, you stay attuned forever.  You  have all  been attuned to the  Shamballa Ray in previous lives, and now you  have come in order to have your memory  triggered.  By using  the New Paradigm Method  on yourself  and others,  you will  become En-Lightened or your light bodies will become activated.  Most of the Atlantean system has been lost for thousands of years.  I am now starting to incarnate it again.

The Earth is changing,  and has  made a  decision to  become whole.  She will do this with, or without, you.  YOU can help her with her healing  and the  healing of  her inhabitants.  This will make the transition a smooth one.  Use  the gift  I have given you to bring Her and  yourself  into wholeness. There is no need for traumatic events on your  planet if  you just walk into the Light.  This  walking in  the Light  will bring you FREEDOM.  Freedom from fear, freedom from dis-ease, and freedom  from  death.  You can,  if you  choose to  be, Immortal.  Your  body will  turn into  Light. This is  your birthright, so  take your  Freedom and  become Whole. I  am forever in your service.

I Am the The Ascended Master Germain.

16 March 1996, updated 2013

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