I am on Earth

1233627_728685180481892_516448877_nOne day I realized as I looked around,

my feet were firmly on the ground,

I looked some more round and round,

an saw the beauty all around,

dont follow the illusion of mind,

take yourself away from the daily grind,

look inside and there you will find,

a true you beyond what you think you are,

shining like a real bright star,

lighting the universe with you are that you are,

just love Divine no more no less,

life is not a real mess,

dont let yourself go down under stress,

it is about love and being no more or less,

the rest is an adventure,

so dont be afraid to venture,

outside the box for life really rocks,

if you just let go of the blocks,

not blocks for buildings but the ones we build,

if we just let life rock,

our hearts say yes,

we are out of this mess,

into the memory we are all one,

love flows and the Divine plan lives,

in all our hearts,

our illusion never out smarts,

the seed of love that creates all things,

the love of Source is the source of love,

so now lets link below with above,

connect with our true selves,

bring it to our world,

and just be, love all serve all baba

John Armitage, 2014

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