I came to Earth

Divine-LoveOne day I decided to come to earth,

I thought life would be full of mirth,

once i arrived i saw a differant story,

illusion had become a form of glory ,

my mind said hey boy what is this,

my heart said I know what it is i miss,

it is the love of the source for sure,

so how can i become more and more,

ok what to do i asked myself and the answer was just be yourself,,

dont forget you are an aspect of God its self,

be love you are in truth and then you will be free from the booth,

of lies you were told were the truth,

what are the lies I asked myself and sometimes they seemed to be so full of wealth,

the thing was though this was all stealth,

of a plan to get me to deny myself,

from now on I will not do,

For mother father god I am one with you,

love is we are, it love baba,

John Armitage, 2014

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