I came to Earth III

Energy-grid-around-planetOn to the earth I came once more just looked through a crack in the door

thought I would check and see once more,

if the the controllers had changed their game,

First I thought all seems the same,

The same old game with a different name,

my I AM said never mind just go and look around

ok I said and traveled far till one day i did see a mound,

looks cool I thought and then up I went,

after climbing up almost bent,

into another world suddenly i suddenly traveled,

Then the puzzle just unraveled,

I heard a cosmic sound all around and a voice that said,

Hey my boy you are not dead,

Who is this I asked in fear,

the answer was your Mother dear,

My mother I replied in haste?,

she said yes I am here to give you a taste,

of what i asked again and again,

just then my heart let go of my pain,

She reminded me I had all to gain,

By remembering the truth of life,

is to let go of all strife,

Now do you believe me more or less,

I am your mother the Goddess,

Yes i said with a start I welcome you into my heart,

She said so ok, with this you may,

change your life from one in strife,

to freedom to choose your own life,

to create and be free then she said she is always with me,

well i guess this is it, love all serve all love baba

John Armitage, 2014

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