Meditation channeled in Pisaq, Peru


e850c6c4ebd7e4c8cde1c4b88b5d67ea_fullThis is the gateway to the Sacred Valley and through to the jungle. You may wonder who is speaking with you. I will be the spokesperson of the ascended Incas. Your journey has been followed with much interest from your arrival to where you are now. Many beings are interested in your activities and very supportive and interactive with you, even though many of you may not see them.

It’s true through observations that many of you have been having different types of sensations in your physical bodies that may be called discomforts. These things are nothing more than a part of the sacred journey. Sacred journeys or pilgrimages could be likened to becoming a great sports person of some kind or another like riding cycling machines, lifting heavy things, or running fast or jumping. Without training, you will never make it to a level that you say you are competent. So in the saying I would pick from the memory of this channel is a rhyming phrase, “If there is no pain, there is no gain”. If you do not wish to become the top in sports or academics, even then you will experience certain pain along the journey. You will have to study a lot. Your eyes and brain will become tired, etc. It’s all part of the chosen journey. Also, we have seen that your journey has had some tiring effects on your physical bodies. All will respond in different ways to the stimulus in the journey. I would say to you, after many that have some difficulty in keeping their minds under control, when you are very tired, actually it’s much easier to integrate the energies being passed to you from these sacred places and from the ancient ones. So I would like to remind you of these matters.

I welcome you to the gateway of the Sacred Valley, and the first thing I will ask you to assist is in the moving and ascension of all old fragments trapped here. I will call upon the high priests and priestesses for this place, and over the centuries there have been many thousands, so I am asking for the presence of all of them that hear the call and surround the whole mountain. It will take some minutes to have these energies in place, so please sit back and breathe and relax.

Now they will open an energy gateway which is an energy vortex. I the chief priest will set the vortex in motion. So open, open, open and activate, activate, activate. Next, we will call upon numerous beings: the ancient ones, starry brothers and sisters, angels and archangels, and our ascended elders. They will form a funnel at the top part of the energetic vortex. Now, you beings connect your heart energies. I invite any soul fragments or souls held down here to ascend on this energy of the cosmic love just like the vultures, eagles, condors, etc. ascend on the spirals of heat. You may now ascend on the energy created by these beings.

Next, we move into the heart of this sacred complex. Although many of you may have thought at times about your sacred hearts and your own sacredness, if you became mesmerized by something in your mind or the reality around you, you may never have really understood that this is the gateway to the Sacred Valley. So let us view it as another name because you have another unique opportunity.

Many preparations have been done not only upon this journey, but in other activities you have participated in. So let us rename this place just for the time you are here to the Gateway to the Sacred Self. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to fully open the gate and step through it into my next life”? For stepping through this gate means you will be in your next life. Finally, your old life will be gone. The illusion of suffering, disappointment, anger, fear, unhappiness, and other things that have been an intrinsic part of your life will be completely gone. Are you willing to let go of those things and completely live without them?

Look into your hearts and minds. Have these things become such an intrinsic part of your life that you will not be able to live without them because you think they are your life? Or are you willing to follow us through the gateway into what you may call on the physical—the new world. We open the gates. We invite you to step through the gates into the true sacredness of the inner self. At the other side of the gate, many, many, many of the ancient ones from your own tribes, from the starry tribes, and from many other places are here to greet you in the energy of the divinity of love and freedom. If you are willing to walk through the gate, this will also fully open the gates of your inner self. So sit and think about it for awhile. For those of you that would like to walk through the gate and would like assistance in fully opening the gate to your sacred inner self, the activation energy is coming to you. You may allow your consciousness to move outwards if you wish.

Meditation channeled by John Armitage in Pisaq, Peru, Nov. 16, 2014

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