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To be in LOVE is to be FREE. The most important challenge in integrating this LOVE is to LOVE ourselves. Now is the time to wake up to our multi-dimensional selves and become whole. WHOLENESS IS LOVE. Wake up and Dream!

New Paradigm for Multidimensional Transformation

Hari Das Baba is the founder of New Paradigm for MDT. This is a philosophy or a system that is sponsored by Germain and the Ascended Masters.

During the past 17 years these teachings evolved along with the expansion of Earth and human consciousness.

The New Paradigm MDT system uses a powerful energy whose core essence is Love without conditions, non-judgment and freedom from fear.

Working with this energy, New Paradigm MDT is a method of self empowerment. Those who follow workshops to be activated with these energies are strongly impacted by them and the energies move the person towards balance. This clears blockages of all kinds to make this balance possible. These blockages can be physical, emotional, mental, energetic and multi dimensional.

If you seek to understand more about the teachings of the New Paradigm or how to connect with your own I AM Presence and Monad, how to channel the energies of divine light and love, the energies of Shamballa and Mahatma, please visit

If you have any questions related to the New Paradigm, please contact the staff on the official website. The website you are viewing at the moment is the personal website of John Armitage and it contains much more information and some of the information is not related to the New Paradigm.

Any news that John Armitage would like to announce regarding the New Paradigm will be published on the official website, not here.

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