Opening to the Cosmic Heart with Brian Grattan


colors_circle_light-webwtcI will first pass on my name although you already are familiar with it. It has been spoken. But my name is Brian, Brian Grattan. And it’s not often that I have an opportunity to speak through a channel like this. In fact, it is not often that I actually would like to have an opportunity to speak through a channel like this. I do not have too many things to say to humanity, in general.

I left a legacy in my last incarnation upon your world that made it possible, of course in conjunction with others, in other realities even upon the planet, to be able to finally ground the energies of Mahatma into the 3rd dimensional reality of this world. I also as well, through my activities, investigations and my contacts with other dimensional beings, shared some small pieces, some snippets of information, about the Cosmic Aspects of yourselves, about the manifestations of what we call “The Cosmic Day.”

I wanted to take this opportunity to pass on to you a “thank you” from myself and the team of beings that I still work with—some of them you are familiar with of course, Vywamus and others, but there’s many more, and there isn’t an opportunity for them all to be able to gather in one voice and to pass on to people that are still incarnated in this reality, in the physical, to pass on this very, very, very big “thank you.” And it really is a very, very big “Thank You.”

Some people have questioned the channel and said, “Why has it taken so long, since 1987, to come to the point that humanity is at now, or taken so long to be able to interact with the energies that you are interacting with now, in these days and this gathering?” My friends, it is not long. Measured in your earth years, of course, you may relate to it as an empty period of time. But it isn’t.

I encourage you to continue to integrate the fact, or even begin to integrate the notion that time does not exist in creation. It is always said there is no beginning and there is no end. There is no time frame. Some people claim that the Source, Mother/Father/God, is in a hurry to complete the Ascension Process in this aspect of creation, within your Universe. Sometimes people are mistakenly saying, “We must hurry, we must hurry, we must hurry. If we don’t hurry, all will be lost, all will be lost, all will be lost. We must hurry, we must hurry.”

I am here to tell you that there is no hurry. For as it is constantly spoken, there is no time. So I encourage you, please do not push yourselves. Do not push yourselves, or attempt to push yourselves, way, way, way beyond the limits of what your energetic systems can handle. There isn’t any need. It is also counter-productive, my friends.

I remind you that part of the core of the essence that we share with you is to be compassionate, and this does not mean living in the illusion of compassion for other beings, or living in the illusion of compassion for Mother Earth or Creation, and not living your life in compassion for the self. It has been said to you so many times, that if you think you are compassionate to others and not compassionate you yourself, it is nothing more than a self-generated illusion, through the activity of the ego.

So compassion for the self is the first thing to cultivate. As you cultivate this compassion for the self, you will understand, realize, integrate—in the very, very core of your being—that compassion for yourself is first and foremost. Now many, many beings have forgotten this. And I myself feel qualified to speak about this subject, because I also went through the experience of this.

When I, Brian, first of all agreed to engage myself in the Mahatma project, I pushed myself and pushed myself and pushed myself. I created so many situations that were very hard to live through. I created situations which I found a lot of difficulty understanding at the time. And this also took a great toll upon my physical body, on my physical presence. I experienced imbalances, diseases, illnesses if you would like to call them that, which then, in turn actually made it more difficult for me to work upon the project and complete it.

I also as well, at one period, tortured myself mentally as well as emotionally. I questioned, questioned, questioned and asked, asked, asked for answers to questions which I could never understand. And, as sometimes the answers never came, because there is no point in giving you answers you don’t understand, I tortured myself more, because of my lack of understanding. So I do have some experience in the way that humans think, in the way that humans live, in the way that humans do things. So I encourage you to go simply and sweetly with the Mahatma energy.

It is so simple. The essence of it is this Love, and Love without conditions is composed of a number of intertwined energies. These intertwined energies you all have heard many speak of. Compassion, of course, is one. Through compassion comes non-judgment—this is two. And the Love without condition is three. Here we have again the Holy Trinity.

These things, the three intertwined, will actually bring a large amount of freedom into your life. Of course, freedom—many, many speak of it, many, many seek it. And true freedom is freedom from struggling. Freedom from being afraid. Freedom from what you know as fear. This is true freedom, and when you are free, life flows, in a very simple, easy, compassionate manner.

It is like an eagle or a hawk soaring in the sky. Have you ever watched them, seen them? Eagles, hawks, they live their lives, most of the time, with ease and with grace. They just allow themselves to be, and they soar to great heights without effort. Their egos don’t say, “You have to struggle to get there.” Their hearts just say, “I love my wings, and I will soar into the sky, completely without effort. And when I am soaring in the sky, I can stay there, still without effort, just by allowing myself to be, and utilizing the energy that Mother Earth and the sun is giving me. Of course I fly on heat, on thermals, rising from the earth, or rising from the water. And I’ve seen the thermals spiraling into the sky and I’ve become one with the thermals, the thermals take me up.”

So the analogy here is extremely simple. Become one with the Mahatma. Become one in a knowing and understanding way, with your I AM Presence, your Divine Self and your Cosmic Aspects. And actually you soar upon the energy of that, effortlessly. You ride the waves of the Cosmic Love, which will support you, again without effort. All you have to do is understand that it is there for you. And then, allow it to take you. So this is the message I bring you, a message of Compassion, a message of Love, a message of encouragement. And you have everything that is necessary to assist you.

The knowledge is there. The trigger points are spoken by the facilitators. Or they are passed on through the facilitators, by masters that have taken their various levels of ascension into multi-dimensional time and space, if you’d like to relate to it like that.

These are the trigger points. The only thing that is necessary once you see, hear, feel – or whatever the trigger point is—is to understand that the Love is there. It’s constantly flowing. It is the essence of Creator. It is YOUR essence; it is nothing else. It isn’t something that is mystical. There is no mystery, no secret. It is there all around. It is the flowers. It is the birds. It is the tables and chairs. It is the carpet. It is the motor car. It is everything. This is all the essence of Love. Everything that exists is based upon the building blocks of the essence of Love, which emanates from the Heart of Source.

So there’s no need to look for it. All we have to do is accept it. And understand that every breath we take, every movement we make, every word we speak, and everything that happens around you, the building block or the essence of it is this LOVE. So I encourage you to understand that the Love is always around you. It is there. It is there to freely interact with. To soar upon its energies into realms of freedom that you’ve never dreamt were possible.

Freedom from the 3rd dimension, from the illusion of separation. Freedom from the “Wheel of Birth and Death” as it is called. Soar to new heights, heights of consciousness which you have experienced before, but you have chosen to forget. So, my brothers and sisters here, this is the brief message I bring. Remember, you don’t have to struggle to be free. You already are, if you make up your mind to be.

It is very simple. It is all a question of a change of mind. A change in the way you think. Instead of “I am trapped in slavery,” “I AM free, I AM that I AM, the Mahatma in Love.”

You’ve been given information on the Microtron, the Microtronic Universe. This Microtron is great transmutational energy. It will transform some of the components of your physical body and your energy bodies; electrons will become super-electrons. This will mutate the microtrons themselves. Transmute, transmute, transmute everything. And when we say “transmute everything” it just means that the illusion that you may have chosen to live will just dissipate. It will go away on its own accord. You don’t have to fight it, or struggle with it, because when you cease to think you are part of that, it is not part of you.

So my friends, soar upon the Love, soar to heights that you forget, that you have forgotten existed. Effortlessly soar on this Divine Cosmic Love. You will find that where you can go is limitless. There’s nothing been said that you can only soar through this number of dimensions, or this number of feet, or this number of miles, or anything.

Remember, Source is infinite. No limitations. You are a spark of consciousness of Source. So therefore, you are unlimited yourself. So my friends, time to spread your wings, and just like the eagle, the eagles can’t always fly. Eagles are incarnated in eggs. The egg, the shell of the egg, is a protection for this very, very soft being. The shell, the hard shell, protects from the outside environment. And then, as the being grows within, the being says, “I am confined. There must be something else.”

The shell is broken. See, now this is you breaking out of the confines, the illusion of the 3rd dimension. Then there is an emergence of the small being. And the small being is reliant on the mother and father for food—can’t fly, can’t find its own food. The mother and father encourage, feed, encourage. Well, this is it. You see when you break out of the illusion, you need some support, some love.

And the love and support is here. Remember, the arms of Mother/Father/God are always around you. You are being held in the safety of the arms of Mother/Father/God. Plus there’s many other beings that have taken this journey before you. They will also come and hold you safely in their arms, and they will feed you. They will feed you They will feed you with Love. Love, Love, Love.

“See,” baby eagle says, knows, “Eat as much as you can. Eat as much as you can. Eat as much as you can. This will make you strong. Don’t know what will happen to me, but this will make me strong.” And the loving parents keep giving, giving, giving, giving, and the chick becomes stronger and stronger. Well, this is what it’s like.

As when you say “I am open to receive …Love , Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love,” it is brought to you. It is brought to you, because you are open to receive. And you become more and more and more open. And it doesn’t need to be brought to you anymore, you’re linked in with the flow. It was always there, but you didn’t realize.

And then, one day, the chick says to himself, “I’m rather fed up now with being on the edge of this cliff, or up a tree. Although I’m strong, I am being well-fed, I am feeling limited. There must be something else. And I observe that my mother and father can soar into the sky effortlessly. I must be able to do this.” So over the edge they go.

At this point, it’s unknown to them what will happen next. You have to look, use their powers of observation to see that “Ah, this is it. It is these spiraling thermal energies that my Mother and Father utilize to fly high into the sky that I dreamed about.”

But it is the same for you. When you get to a certain stage, forget the limitations. When you look around you, you say: “I feel confined. I feel confined upon this earth. I feel confined in my environment. I feel confined in all the things around me.” Then, you may notice, through the essence of Creation, Mother/Father’s love, that only from the Heart of Source, the Mahatma, that beyond this, the Cosmic Love, from the Cosmic Heart, you can say to yourself, “OK, I understand how the others before managed to reach the heights that they did, in understanding, consciousness, and their inner knowing.”So it’s time to leave the nest. It is time to take a deep breath. It is time to say to yourself, “I am willing, I am open, and I am safe in the arms of Mother/Father/God. Remember, the arms of Mother/Father/God are always around you, holding you, supporting you. Mother/Father/God is always whispering in your ears, “I invite you to take a Journey of Remembrance.” “Journey of Remembrance?” “Yes. A Journey of Remembrance back into the true knowledge of who you are, and what you are. For you are one with me, and I am one with you.”

“And we are together on a Journey. You see, many do not understand that the Source is on a Journey, and the Source has multi-Aspects. You know, I’ve discovered now that the Source has a Cosmic Aspect, Cosmic Heart. This is not the finish. There’s other aspects of Source, beyond the Cosmic. You are also part of that, remember. You are a Spark of the essence of Source.

So, the adventure awaits. And we invite you to join us on this adventure. So, my friends, I said that I would not take up much time. Time is nothing to me, anyway. And once I held the opportunity, I will take it and say, well I feel it’s the essence to share with you, the encouragement that I extend to you. And remember, I have just invited you to join me on the next part of the adventure.

Adventure is a marvelous thing. It stimulates, it creates an energy of “I am Here, Now.” Another thing that it is necessary to integrate is, “You are here, NOW.” Not in the past, not in the future, you are here, NOW. And the adventure, living in the here and now, is very, very different than attempting to live in the limitations of the past, or the energy of the future that you have no concept of, and has not been created yet.

Living in the now in this Divinity of Love, living in the now in this Cosmic Energy, the Cosmic Heart of Source, is just another level of magic. Allow this to manifest in your hearts and minds. And you may be very surprised where it takes you, to the highest that you can soar to, to the things that you can do, that is merely a distant dream, or maybe just a desire as a whim, passing through your mind.

So, Germain has agreed with me to stand down this day. He will take his place tomorrow. He is gracious. He is gracious, he is not involved in ego, and so on. He sees that what I’m sharing with you is, if you utilize it, if you link with the encouragement, the compassion for yourselves, that this is a constructive session. So he has said to me, “Ok, Brian, I will really stand back in the queue.”

So, now I am going to take this opportunity to do what in your reality you call a meditation. Going to, not to lead you on a journey, but encourage you to take one. And this journey will be, first of all, anyway, a journey into yourself. So first of all I am asking permission from the Creator of this energetic space to be able to utilize it in this activity. And of course, it is granted without question. But again, you see, this is an illustration of, even though the answer will obviously be “yes,” don’t take things for granted. Be respectful to each other.

So OK, this is a journey into yourself. Now, some of you are lying down, some of you are sitting up. It doesn’t matter. Please approach this in the way that you can be comfortable. First of all, I ask you to use the affirmation that you already are familiar with: “I AM that I AM, the Mahatma in Love.” And to also, as well, state that you are grounding this energy through the activated chakras in your feet.

Now if you would like, I encourage you to ask for an infusion of the Microtron to the level of intensity which is relevant for you, but completely in harmony and balance. I bring the Microtron, a very strong grounding of it, into the vortex.

Now invite the Microtron to interact with you on the energetic levels that are in accordance with the will of your I AM Presence, your Divine Selves, and your own Cosmic Aspects. You can invite it any way you wish; the human mind works in different ways.

Now I would ask you to invite the Microtronic energy into the physical heart chakra, and the thymus gland. Also invite the Microtronic energy to pass each way through the connections that connect these chakras. In other words, the energy is going to run up and down this connection. This will assist you in transmuting any residues and blockages and so on. This will, of course, pass through your Sacred Heart.

Now, through your intention, bring the energy of the Cosmic Heart with your Sacred Heart, making a stream of it. It may assist you to affirm, “I activate, activate, activate my Sacred Heart.”

A further opened radiation of the Cosmic Divinity and the Cosmic Love flowing into the Sacred Heart, and as it radiates from the Sacred Heart, it assists you in taking the resonance of the crystalline structures in your bodies—your skulls and bones and so on, and everything that is crystalline in your bodies, which is your complete self—assists in expanding the resonance of this Love, your capabilities to accept this resonance. Love, love, love. Divine, divine, divine. I am One with the Divine, the Cosmic Heart of Source. I AM that I AM.

Now I’ll ask you to look inwards, look within yourself and look within your Sacred Heart. Look within your Sacred Heart, the temple of your being in this reality, your temple of connection to all the other aspects of yourself in other realities, to the Cosmic levels and beyond. You could—and we’ll use the words the channel uses—you could just see, feel or imagine that actually you walk through the doorway of your heart, and now you’re in the temple, your own inner temple of the heart.

This inner temple can be manifest in any way which you may relate to. For remember, although all is One and One is all, you are an individual, so your temple can be anything you wish. Just ensure that it is a thing of beauty, a thing of harmony, a thing of balance, and a pleasing place to be. This is where your soul anchors. Your material scientific investigators are beginning to come to the conclusion that the soul essence anchors here, in the physical body. This is the inner temple of your being in this reality.

So now, within this temple, you could see or imagine that there is a nice chair or a nice seat—if you’d like, it could be a golden throne, whatever resonates with you. Now that you’re in this temple, we invite you to sit in this chair or sit on this throne, or however you would like to see it, as it resonates with you. As you sit here, actually, you’re sitting on the throne of God, chair of God, throne of the Goddess, chair of the Goddess.

As you sit, just remember, prompt the memory within you, within the core of your being in this reality, that you are Mother/Father/God, living in this body, that there is no separation. There never was a separation. You are One—always have been and always will be.

Now invite the energy of Cosmic Love, the Cosmic Divinity from the Cosmic Heart of Source, through all aspects of yourself; all aspects of you are Divine. Anchoring in the Sacred Heart. Opening, channel which is blooming, becoming wider – at the same time the Cosmic Love radiates from you, across the world, across your earth, into all these other aspects of Mother Earth in her Divinity. Places, dimensional levels, you know of what I speak, not with mind, you know deep within. Invite the Mother to radiate this Cosmic Love, this Cosmic Divinity of Light back to you, creating a two-way flow.

Every time it flows from you, it amplifies; your channel blooms and grows into the Heart of Mother Earth. It amplifies, it flows. In fact, the Sacred Heart, radiates, radiates, radiates across the Universe. Now let’s invite all the beings in the Universe to bask in these radiations from our hearts. It’s a free choice of course, it is only an invitation, just as in the 3rd dimensional reality you extend an invitation and an individual may accept or decline.

It is the freedom granted within this Universe. If you intend this radiation flowing across this Universe, to every corner of it, right out to the very edges of it. Again, send out a loving invitation to all animate and inanimate things. Bask in this Cosmic Love. If they refuse the invitations, just bless them and love them. It is the freedom of individuals. All ones are treading their sacred paths, their own journey, even though it may not seem like that to the ego.

So, my friends, my brothers and sisters in the Cosmic Love, I never expected to be allotted the chance to be with you in this way, and to encourage you in the form of words and energy. Now I’ll stand back from the channel, stand down as we would say. As you know, we’d like to utilize the channel another day, another time, so gentleness and compassion is also necessary in these activities.

I leave you in the energy of the Divine Cosmic Love, the Divine Cosmic Light, the Cosmic aspects of Mahatma and the Microtron. I leave you to soar upon these energies. May the blessings of the Source continue to be received by you in the mode of openness. The blessings are always there. Whether you choose to accept, of course, is part of free will. So in this Love I leave you.

Channelled by John Armitage, 2014 USA

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