Out of illusion into Love

images (25)Cosmic love here and above,

I see in my mind the image of a dove,

bringing peace on earth with all its might,

to lead us out of this dark night,

from strife and war, and loads more,

peace on earth is at your door,

its knocking loud and landing a few kicks,

even throwing some big bricks,

have you seen it in your own life,

once you cut the illusion with a knife,

the sword of Micheal is here for you,

to cut out all that is askew

remember you are not the story,

you are of the source in all his/her glory,

so you are love and no more,

you cant just shut this in a drawer,

try as you may this is sure,

it is the way we are lead,

out from the land of walking dead,

into the land of I love life,

from now on there is no strife,

just a life of love and all that is,

really its to good to miss,

inner bliss,

so just laugh and smile for you are love,

please do not forget the dove,

for inner peace brings peace to all,

allows us all to walk tall,

so just be love because you are love baba

John Armitage, 2014

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