Out of ilussion

p91g-heartThere was a day I could not sleep,

my heart said ok just take a peep,

right inside me long and deep,

wow I saw that we are love,

flowing down from source above,

my heart said ok its time to move,

time to get in the groove,

the groove of life,

and allow the love,

come on my heart said,

dont be ruled by your head,

if you allow the head to rule,

you are just following the old school,

down the path of illusion,

without the fusion,

fusion of hearts is where its at,

listen my boy I can tell you that,

if you just live in the now its where its at,

the cosmic heart will shine through,

it really is a question of just do,

and remember you are love through and through,

so here is an invite to leave the dark,

life so hard and often stark,

I suggest you let your inner child just play,

and join in with us in this cosmic day,

for all is one and one is all,

really its not hard at all,

just allow and allow it is so much fun,

we are cosmic love all said and done,

love baba

John Armitage, 2014

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