I came to Earth III

Energy-grid-around-planetOn to the earth I came once more just looked through a crack in the door

thought I would check and see once more,

if the the controllers had changed their game,

First I thought all seems the same,

The same old game with a different name,

my I AM said never mind just go and look around

ok I said and traveled far till one day i did see a mound,

looks cool I thought and then up ...

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I came to Earth II

new-earth-lightOne day i decided to see around,

more of the universe that was around,

came to earth and well for whats is worth,

I found an amazing place,

full of love beauty and a smiling face,

some say no its a hard place,

me i say do not fear,

we have it all on earth my dear,

we just need to remember to share,

then really we are getting there,

on earth things will change,

When all the mess is rearranged,

just remember all ...

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I came to Earth

Divine-LoveOne day I decided to come to earth,

I thought life would be full of mirth,

once i arrived i saw a differant story,

illusion had become a form of glory ,

my mind said hey boy what is this,

my heart said I know what it is i miss,

it is the love of the source for sure,

so how can i become more and more,

ok what to do i asked myself and the answer was just be ...

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I am on Earth

1233627_728685180481892_516448877_nOne day I realized as I looked around,

my feet were firmly on the ground,

I looked some more round and round,

an saw the beauty all around,

dont follow the illusion of mind,

take yourself away from the daily grind,

look inside and there you will find,

a true you beyond what you think you are,

shining like a real bright star,

lighting the universe with you are that you are,

just love Divine no more no less,

life is not a ...

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Merlin’s Earth Magic


Some beings present in this group have been recently active in the construction of crystal mandalas. Your work is to be commended. Your work is necessary, it is useful and it is right and true. I encourage you to keep on with this work, and to follow through your feelings, follow through your guidance that you may continue to bring Light into the body of the Earth Mother. You may ...

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Earth healing at Wesak

angel3Let’s just focus on this space above your head and just focus there into your twelfth chakra above your head.  And through that chakra feel that connection building with your I am presence to your higher self.  Lets just focus on that connection with our I am presence and allow the connection to mother/father Source and as we connect with Source just let us feel the silver, golden, violet energy, ...

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