The Light of life

GoldenLight3Life on earth is great you know

if you like to live it so,

just say no to hate and fear,

all life becomes dear,

dear to your heart your mind as well,

on the past please dont dwell,

you are not the tale you think you are,

just erase it and you will remember you are a star,

a individual in this universe,

surely this in not to perverse,

for the ego to understand,

and just allow gods willing hand,

to shape our lives to be as one,

just like the bees have done,

to work all for one and one for all,

not just visit the shopping mall,

get out in nature and feel the breeze,

it will make you feel at ease,

the tress they want to speak with you,

there are lots of things to do,

sit and listen to the sounds,

the fairy beings are on their rounds,

just waiting for folk like us,

get out there even if you must catch a bus,

nature will melt the wall,

that you may have built strong and tall,

the trees will speak if you listen,

go early in the day and watch them glisten,

they will assist you in grounding your divine self ,

who knows you may even see an elf,

they usually move around in stealth,

if you allow the flow,to make you glow

they will visit because they know,

so again we realise we are all one,

so nothing more to say its done,

love all serve all baba


John Armitage, 2014

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