As increasing waves of transformational energy flow onto the planet, our intense phase of individual and global transformation continues. Humanity has a powerful and unprecedented opportunity to awaken. Everything is Vibration…Vibration is the Key. To become part of these faster vibrational waves of light, humanity must release & purge the slower vibrations of 3D, so the newer higher vibrations of 5D can emerge. ‘Letting go’ is no longer a choice, but is a requirement to stay here. This workshop is a vehicle for taking the next step in your planetary evolution. Through meditations and activations, you will clear what no longer serves you, jump-start your 5th dimensional chakra system and integrate new light codes to activate your latent DNA. As you spiral up in vibration, you will enter the quantum where all possibilities reside, allowing you to receive insights that will help you radiate your light for all to see. This 3-day opportunity with John is beyond anything he has previously taught. There are no pre-requisites, just a willingness to take this quantum leap with John.

Sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet Center
1890 Randolph Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105

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