Vywamus, Mahatma Energy

tumblr_mawuj5pYBE1rddrwyo1_1280So I would start again with the same words, I am Vywamus. Many of you would wonder who Vywamus is….or who I Vywamus am…..many of you have heard of Sanat Kumara your planetary logos….and I Vywamus am a cosmic aspect of Sanat Kumara…I say a cosmic aspect because if I really try to explain to you what this cosmic aspect is or this higher aspect, its very easy for you to become confused. So Just understand that I am a cosmic aspect of Sanat Kumara…your planetary logos.

So the Mahatma Energy….many of you have heard the word mahatma throughout your lives in relationship to a master that was known as Mahatma coat Gandhi….it really pisses you off when you make jokes and nobody laughs ( laughter)…. Mahatma coat my Gandhi (laughter)…..o many have heard this word mahatma, this prefix mahatma used in conjunction with this master, this being, who did really great service for the human race. He taught harmlessness and action through Love.

Brought about many changes in the country where he lived, integrated a lot of the knowledge of harmlessness and action with love and non action with love….into the hearts and minds of many. Even today many take up a protest in a Ghandian way…. just thru love not thru fight…just love. The word Mahatma means Great Soul….and is not only the prefix to the name Ghandi, many many beings in India, males, have the prefix to their names….Mahatma. Many many people call their fathers Mahatma many call their spiritual masters Mahatma. It is a fact that if you admired your uncle, your grandfather or any other male member of your family, you would possible call them Mahatma instead of their real name. It is a term really, of respect, of recognition for the qualities of the Indian type of spirituality, or the Indian paths of spirituality.

So this energy we call Mahatma, you might wonder why we use that name or that mantra to bring the energy. Understand, that in Atlantean times it was, there was an attempt to bring the Mahatma energy to Earth, or this energy that we call Mahatma to earth and to integrate it into the hearts and minds of humans on the planet at that time.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, whichever way you may choose to look at it, it was not possible to ground the energy because the emotional bodies of the humans were not sufficiently developed to be able to integrate the energy of unconditional love. So we had to withdraw the energy. So we patiently waited for a few thousand or thousand of your earth years until the time that we considered the world ready for the mahatma energy.

Many of you may remember 1987, when an event took place upon your planet that is known as the Harmonic Convergence. The Harmonic convergence was a happening in which millions of people became involved around the planet. But really no body understood what it was about. Very few humans understood what that event really meant to humanity and planet earth and the whole of creation. It was a fact that groups gathered here there and everywhere. They gathered in ashrams, they gathered in homes, they gathered in holy places, they gathered on holy hills and mountains, and they focused. What did they focus on ? Again, not many knew.

It is a fact that when you asked what humans said the Harmonic Convergence was, the reply was usually “harmonics converging”. No body really understood what the harmonious convergence really meant. During the time of the H. C., Sanat Kumara, your planetary logos, one of my, we will say for ease of explanation, one of my lower aspects. Finally, integrated his etheric body with the body and the etheric body of the Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth, your mother. You must understand that the earth is your mother, because without the earth you dont have bodies. Your bodies are composed of the elements that Mother Earth is composed of . She is your mother on earth. This integration of Sanat Kumara energies into the body of Mother Earth started to bring about an accelerated rate of consciousness changes. The focus of all the people on the H.C. created a lens, a vortex, maybe you could say, thru which Sanat Kumara could bring his energy, but, a number of us, myself Vywamis, Dua Ku, Quan Yin, and a number of others who at this time, their names will not be given to you because you will have no reference points for them. Also decided that the mahatma energy would be grounded thru the lens of the vortex. We decided to call this the mahatma energy because humans always have a need to know what things are. It is thru your education and conditionings.

This, of course, is not a judgement, it is an observation that if there is an energy that has no name, humans will say well what’s the point in that, we don’t even know what it is ?

So we sat around for a long time, we had galactic meetings, we had council meetings …the council of 12, 9, 6, 3, 1…..we liased with Mother/Father God….and the best name we could come up with was Mahatma, because its very simple. Mahatma…. we could have called it the hinegehutehatdemahateetooteetooteetootee energy… but many of you would have found that hard to pronounce ( laughter)…..you would not have known how to spell it…you would have said what kind of rubbish is this….its goggledegook… As they say in earth languages.

So because of this need for human beings to put everything in boxes, pigeon holes, files or drawers, we decided that we would give you a very easy way to call this energy in….so the word Mahatma, the vibration of the word, is attached to the energy. Also, as well, when you understand what the energy is, it may give you other clues as to why we decided on the name… Mahatma.

Now the mahatma energy is pure unconditional love which flows from the I AM presence of Mother/Father source… the Creator. Now when we say Mother/Father Source the Creator we need you to understand that we are talking about mother father source of this aspect of creation in which you live and experience. There is more than one Mother/Father Source. There is more than one aspect of mother/father source.

Now when we say this energy is pure unconditional love many would think ” I don’t really understand what is being spoken of here because hasn’t the love of mother/father source always been present upon the planet?” …. Isn’t the unconditional love of mother/father source the cohesive energy that holds the molecular structures together?

In this aspect of creation, it is the energy of manifestation, so therefore it must already be here?. 100% gold stars for everybody who thinks like that! But, the energy is impersonal. You may have heard thru Hindu philosophies, that the Hindus have realized that there are 2 different energies at work, or 2 different energies that flow from Mother Father Source. One is personal and one is impersonal.

The impersonal energy which we would say is the energy of Bhrama in Hinduism and the personal energy is the energy of Krishna and Radha of Lacsmeasweara Swati ….. of Rhamma and Sita…of all the other Hindu deities….be they male or female aspects…..that is personal energy.

You understand that the Hindus have worked out that if you looked at God as a personal being, or a being you could relate to on a personal level, you did link in with a very powerful personal energy or person aspect of Mother Father God.

And the Buddhists and followers of Bhrama…. Their idea was that God was impersonal and God just is… and the energy just is…and its composed of white light.

Now you have heard of Buddhists talk about enlightenment, and their quest for enlightenment and their quest to merge with the white light.

Well these quests to merge with the white light have their usefulness….but ultimately it is not ascension and is not total enlightenment.

Understand that this White Light of which they speak is really in Hinduism known as the enforgements of bhrama…It is a place in time and space the informants of bhrama is white light. It emanates from the body of bhrama, the Creator, and this place you might be able to relate to it as 5th dimension.

So merging with the white light of the 5th dimension, although it is, or was something worth working towards…..I would say now, it is not worth working toward merging with the white light of the 5th dimensional reality. There is a lot of stuff around that we are all going to merge with the 5th dimension, ascension to the 5th dimension were the buzzwords.

Plan is changed now. The whole universe is going to ascend, and take residence in a new place, in a much higher vibrational reality than the 5th dimension.

So for the first time in 1987, we grounded the energy of the I am presense…. the personal aspect of Mother/Father God, the female balances of unconditional love …into planet Earth.

Now understand, that no being on planet Earth has any resistance to the Mahatma Energy. There is no cellular memory of being harmed by it. There is no cellular memory or knowledge, anywhere in the totality of your being, from your I AM presence to your physical presence that has been harmed, damaged, manipulated or any thing else by this energy. I would advise you that any other energy that you work with, or have worked with or is available to work with on Planet Earth has at some time been misused in the harming of others, the disempowering of others, and if it is not, if you personally have not experienced this disempowering or harming thru different energies it is very possible that you have damaged your energy system. To put it into the slang of the English language, you will have fried yourselves. You will have brought down so much energy or tapped into high power energy, brought it thru your physical bodies, and damaged, not only your etheric matrix, but also your chakras and the Filaments of the energy pathways which connect your chakras to each other. You may also have integrated it with your kundalini energy and found that your brains reacted like a pancake being tossed in a frying pan and the result of that being tossed around is craziness. A craziness which there is a degree of difficulty to reverse. Although there is beings on the planet that knew how to reverse that craziness, if you burnt out your etheric matrix and the connectors between chakras, it is very possible that many would not be able to reinstall them or repair them, in the space of one lifetime only. So understand that a lot of damage has been done by a lot of energy.

The Mahatma energy is gentle, because it is pure unconditional love. You cannot contort or twist or change the energy of unconditional love into an energy which is controlling, into an energy which is disempowering. Or you cannot crank up that energy to such a degree that it will cook your energy system. Understand that as you work with the mahatma energy, it comes thru your I AM presence and your I AM presence knows to the last degree how much your physical aspect can take of this energy without damage. So we have this energy which has never been misused. Often times in the mahatma meditations, I would ask people to check in with their I AM presence ” Do I have permission to work with this energy?”…. often the reply is ‘YES…YOU have permission and I will filter and adjust this energy so that it comes thru you in a very balanced way”. Also the energy is very easy to work with humans in many ways have become conditioned into believing that the only progress that you can make in spiritual life is thru hard work of some kind or another. Be it following the Different kinds of yoga that are available to you, Ghan Yoga, the yoga of knowledge….BhatkaYoga, the yoga of service and love, Raj Yoga, the king of yogas working with your energy systems working on starting to learn to control how the energy flows thru your body, how to control energy around you. Ghan Yoga..I already told you that …the yoga of knowledge. Karma Yoga…the yoga of work and service to humanity and the earth.

Many ones think that you just have to work…work…work…very hard, otherwise there is not progress. This is all conditioning from the priesthood, be they hindus, jews, christians, islamic or whatever…work work work is the only way you will go forward.

I, Vywamus, tell you that work is not the way you go forward. it is thru focus and acceptance that you go forward and it is thru integrating the energy of the I am Presence of the Source Mother/Father God….thru this love will take you thru everything. This love will take you thru your processes. This love will change everything upon the planet.

So okay, if you don’t have to work…What system are you going to use to work with this energy. Again, many have been led to believe and conditioned that working with complicated systems is the only way to get results. For some, they need complicated systems to satisfy their left brains and their conscious minds. But we would ask them to overcome that and integrate this system, invoke the Mahatma energy, I AM the mahatma, I am that I am in Love. Now when you make affirmations like that (would you like for me to make a pause for a tape)…when you work with energy like that and you invoke energy in such a simplistic way, your mind is not taken up with the practicalities of the system. The energy comes thru your 11th chakra thru the I AM presence in a way that can be assimilated by your body physical and it flows down into your higher heart chakra. Now many don’t understand what the higher heart chakra is. The higher heart chakra is the thymus gland. Humans have been tricked into believing that the heart chakra is where the physical heart is and thru storing and feeling emotion, feeling pain, feeling confusion and holding it in your heart space you have become constrained.

Not able to experience the true joy and the true magnitude of what unconditional love really is. Deep in the human psyche, humans have an idea that love is painful. Have you seen Valentines card, with hearts bleeding? hah ! Is that supposed to make you happy? hah ! What craziness humans get themselves involved in ! I love you and my heart is bleeding..bleeding hearts mean not very good times, emotionally… bleeding hearts do not mean that you are focused in love. Also thru this idea that love and things around love are to do with your physical heart, you have placed terrific strains on your physical hearts. This again, you have heard the words, my heart is aching…I feel separation from my loved one and my heartaches. Where unconditional love is there is no separation…there my be separation in the physical, but really no true separation, because where unconditional love is it is impossible to have separation.

When you feel separation from your loved ones, make the affirmation that ” I am that I am, the mahatma in love “…and you will feel to draw you together, of your consciousness and your energy fields in pure, unconditional love.

So now one of the projects that we have on the Earth is to educate everybody to the understanding that the thymus gland is thru, is where the love comes thru. I would ask all of you to tap your thymus glands and start to feel them working. Because if you are over about 25 years old, and you are human , your thymus gland stops working. The older you get the longer it is since it worked, the hard to focus in the unconditional love and feel the unconditional love… the younger ones have an easier time with it. Of course the ones who have very very young bodies, the ones who have not been thru the conditioning of school, of nursery and things like that, do know how to act spontaneously in love. They know how to shout and scream in love. They know how to give love spontaneously…they know how to BE, and go with the flow of their feelings and express them selves…but then the conditioning comes…..you cant do that, its unacceptable…you can’t scream and shout because you are supposed to be doing other things, you cant go spontaneously into love and feel the love emotion thru you because you are to be learning that 1 x 1 is 1. You are supposed to be learning how to be a useful human being on planet earth. The truth of the matter is, is that you are supposed to accept the conditioning which will make you or turn you into an easily controlled being, that you will not cause trouble to the sociological systems, that you will not cause trouble to the oppressive authorities, that you will do whatever you are told and accept any rule or law no matter how out of step it is with cosmic and universal law, into your lives without arguing. Understand that when you graduate from university with a degree, the only thing that you have is a piece of paper to say I have been conditioned and will not cause trouble. (laughter).. I will work ceaselessly on your behalf to oppress the rest and will not question what is happening. That is what you’ve got. Understand that when the children go to pre-school groups or nursery, that is when the conditioning starts. For many, it is quite soon, after they have only just integrated the fact that they are individuals. Understand that the human condition after birth is that the baby still believes that they are part of the mother, and there is no separation…that they are still part of the mother, and it is only in this period of time that you know as teething, does it start to be imprinted upon the mind of the child, that there is a separation. This.. I’m hurting like hell, and you don’t seem to be. We must be separate. It takes time to integrate that and then you are pushed into the conditioning system of your society. You stop, in many cases, expressing the unconditional love that you previously expressed.

So let us now focus, all of us, on our thymus gland and see this thymus gland as a room. It can be any kind of room, square, round, oblong, any kind you choose.

And let us see, in front of us, the door to that room. Just see, feel, imagine the entrance.

Now I would like you all to ask your I AM presenses… do I have permission to enter this room…ask now. (pause) So now, let us open the door to this room and walk in….what do we see? A room full of crystal, that has amethyt, rosey quartz,clear quartz, all the gem stones that you can think of ….all the precious crystals that you can think of ….see the room lined with these crystals….this is your thymus room… it is in your chest, all your glands are crystalline, brothers and sisters.

And now, with your in breaths…see these crystals becoming energized…pulsating….lighting up….and feel the love that is generated by them….filling your chest cavity….at this stage you may use the affirmation…..” I affirm I am open….to receiving the mahatma energy… I am that I am in love….” Keep on with your inbreaths, and as you breath in see the crystals …see your thymus room becoming the thymus palace….a crystalline palace of love…..see and feel the nature of the mahatma….the silver and gold energy with a hint of violet….flowing down from your own glorious I AM presence into your body physical… and filling this thymus palace with the silver, gold and violet energy and feel the love and be the love. Feel your hearts opening, this higher heart chakra opening….opening… opening….see the lotus that is in your hearts….the lotus with 12 petals….now just blooming like a lotus on a lake, opening to greet the morning sun. Trigger the love, trigger the love , trigger the love , the love, the love…….Trigger the light trigger the light, the light, the light…..

Feel this love permeating the whole of your physical body, the whole of your cellular structure…Allow this affirmation to run through you… I AM THAT I AM… love ! Trigger the love the love the love..trigger the love the love the love the light the light the light the light…..trigger the light……And as this light and love is coming thru you feel your thymus palace becoming more and more activated, pulsating with the love, pulsating with the light….and see the love flowing forth from you….encompassing the whole….not only of this earth but the whole of this creation…Trigger the love, trigger the love the love the love……trigger the light…trigger the light….trigger the light the light the light……….. I AM THAT I AM…. love. Work with your breath…draw in more love.. Now let us focus on the crown chakra…..the thousand petalled lotus….feel your crown chakra blooming….just like a lotus welcoming the morning sun….as you breath in, see feel and allow the petals to open into this glorious flower that is you…and now, allow this affirmation to run thru your minds…..I AFFIRM, I ALLOW THE MAHATMA ENERGY TO FLOW THRU MY CROWN CHAKRA IN ACCORDANCE WITH DIVINE WILL…I AM THAT I am….THE MAHATMA….IN LOVE.

As it flows thru you ….feel it coming thru your thymus palace…further activating, pulsating …trigger the love the love the love the love….trigger the light the light the light the light…..I, Vywamis, guarantee you that thru every one that brings the Mahatma energy thru them, we multiply that by 10…200..over 200 people now…bringing in the mahatma in here…and that is not counting the beings from under the ground and the other beings that have gathered in other dimensional realities to help you to integrate the love. Trigger the love the love the love…trigger the light, the light the light. Now let us, with this mahatma energy, clear out the residues of blockages of the crown chakra….just affirm in your minds….I AFFIRM I NOW RELEASE ALL RESIDUES, ALL BLOCKAGES FROM MY CROWN CHAKRA….IAM THAT I AM ….THE MAHATMA IN LOVE ……… Trigger the light the light the light…..trigger the love the love the love… trigger the light the love the light the love…. I am that I am …the Mahatma in love.

Now move down to your third eye chakra…now lets affirm that your third eye chakras are now being cleared of all blockages and residues, all the residues of your misuse of your third eyes in previous times. We also at this time, affirm that your channelling abilities are activated now…so you may see and speak to others the glories that you percieve thru your third eye. Trigger the light the light the light….trigger the love, the love the love… Affirm….I am the Mahatma in love…..I am that I am.

See, feel and allow the energies of the mahatma to clear this chakra. We feel it becoming activated….Affirm that you are now ready to work with it. You are willing to accept the activation….trigger the light the light the light …trigger the love, the love the love….

Clairvoyance in all activated.

Now down to the throat chakra. Just focus there on the throat chakra. I now clear my throat chakra in accordance with the will of my I am Presence. I am that I am the Mahatma…just allow that to run thru your minds….now I accept that I can speak my truths and state my needs …and I activate my throat chakra so that I may speak of the glories of love to others that are receptive….focus on your throat chakras….trigger the light, the light, the light…Trigger the love the love the love….now the affirmation just flows thru you…..I am that I am …the mahatma in love…. And just perceive that you are allowing the love to come thru you…you are love… you are light….

And now we move to the thymus gland, the higher heart chakra. Focus your attention in your thymus palace, that glorious palace of love…. Now allow this one to run thru your minds….I AFFIRM I AM NOW ACTIVATING CLEAR, MY HIGHER HEART CHAKRA I AM THAT I am THE MAHATMA IN LOVE…. TRIGGER the love, the love the love…. trigger the light, the light, the light……See and feel that light. Further activations of the crystals…. see the palace growing and growing and growing into this glorious crystalline thing. I now clear my higher heart chakra of all residues of fear of love….the inability to accept love…I am the Mahatma in love…I am that I am…..trigger the light the light the light….trigger the love the love the love….I amthat I am….LOVE… RUN IT thru your minds…..I am that I am….LOVE….feel the love, be the love…trigger the light the light the light….trigger the love..the love, the love.

Mahatma Energy

Now down to the solar plexus. Just allow this unconditional love to flow thru…. changing changing…the accumulated emotional rubbish of lifetimes….the fear, the resistance… feel the love flowing thru…transmuting all this debris into harmony and beauty…adn allow this affirmation to flow thru your minds eye….I AFFIRM THAT I ALLOW AND LET GO THE CLEARANCE OF ALL THESE EMOTIONAL RESIDUES THAT ARE HOLDING ME IN ANGER, HOLDING ME IN THE ENERGY OF LACK, THE ENERGY OF NOT BEING ABLE TO RECEIVE….AND I NOW REPLACE IT WITH LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE….IAM THAT I AM THE MAHATMA, IN LOVE….trigger the love, the love the love….trigger the light the light the light…

And now down to your second chakra..the sexual chakra…..Still working with the breaths, bringing in this love….bringing it thru your activated chakras, your thymus palace, becoming amplified thru your thymus palace, your newly cleared solar plexus…

and now allow this affirmation to flow thru your minds…… I AM NOW READY TO RELEASE ALL MEMORIES OF ABUSE, THE MEMORIES OF ABUSING OTHERS, AND THE MEMORIES OF BEING ABUSED MYSELF…. AND I OPEN UP MY 2ND CHAKRA TO THE MAHATMA ENERGY OF UNCONDITONAL LOVE…. I AM THE MAHATMA, I AM THAT I AM IN LOVE…….trigger the light the light the light….trigger the light the light the light…trigger the love the love the love… Just see, feel, allow and imagine these residues becoming transmuted into pure unconditional love….see silver golden violet of the mahatma energy flowing into this chakra balancing and purifying….I am that I am….love.

Now to your base chakra. Now is the time to release all anger, all fear, all residues that are not of the light and love….Allow this affirmation to flow thru you….I NOW ALLOW THE CLEARANCE OF MY BASE CHAKRA..AND TRANSMUTE THE ENERGIES INTO UNCONDITONAL LOVE…

I AM THAT I AM …LOVE. Trigger the light the light the light…..Trigger the love the love the love…See this silver golden violet energy flowing into your base chakra, reconfiguring, clearing…. again, make the


Now ask in your own way, for an infusion of the Mahatma energy to clear your cellular structure of all resistance, fear and anger…..make the affirmation…. I AM THAT I AM THE MAHATMA IN LOVE….see, feel and allow the energy to come thru you, the silver golden violet…trigger the light the light the light….trigger the love the love the love….

and now again….focus on the thymus palace…and see it growing growing growing.. expanding and expanding and expanding… and transmitting this newly found unconditional love for your self without judgement, without reserve, without resistance… feel it transmitting that love to the whole of creation… I AM THE MAHATMA, I AM THAT I AM …IN LOVE.

With this love you can heal, with this love you can facilitate wholeness…whole beings.. not only humans and with this love you can facilitate the healing of your Earth Mother.. so now let us all spend some time focusing this unconditional love, this mahatma energy, thru our crystalline palaces of love and see, feel and allow it to flow into the very heart of your earth Mother. And now if you focus a small part of your attention on your base chakra, you may feel the love that the goddess Gaia is giving you in return for your love….

I, Vywamus, leave you focused in this love and bless you with love…for there is another that wishes to speak with you….keep focused in the love, keep holding the love vibration….Bless you.

Vywamus channelling MAHATMA ENERGY

Channeled by Haridas

location: Mt. Shasta 9 day intensive October 1998

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