Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Cutting the Ties

Channeled by Haridas

Location: Mt. Shasta 9 day intensive … October 1998

Angel-ReadingsI am Michael the Archangel. Greetings to you One and All. It is a pleasure and an honor to be with you. I would speak with you about some of what being an archangel means. There was a time when there wasn’t many archangels. Yes, there were some, but their numbers were very few. Now many angels and archangels have contracted to take human births, many of the children that have been born in the last 4 to 5 years of your earth time are from the angelic and archangelic realms. These angels and archangels,as they take human birth, experience a new found freedom of expression, a new found freedom of a way of doing things. Understand that the angels and archangels were created by Mother/Father God to perform certain tasks and in the performance of these certain tasks there was not too much free will. Like myself Michael, many, many human beings know who Archangel Michael is, because there are many mentions in the Christian scriptures. There are many pictorial representations in church and cathedral glass windows, but many do not understand, really, what my place is and how many other Archangelic and angelic beings are under my command. You could say that I have at my command many, many legions of light, many legions of angels whose task it is to protect, transmute and oversee the plan of love in the focus of the cosmic plan and the whole of creation. The focus of the cosmic plan for the whole of creation is, of course, the integration of love, unconditional love for one’s self and also the task of my legions of light and myself is the protection of human beings. Some would ask, why do I need protection of Michael? Why do I need protection at all? The answer to that is that some humans have focused enough love into their hearts that they are now indestructible, that they are impervious to the energies of the dark brothers and sisters and they do not need protection, but the truth of the situation is that many humans still need surrounding by the energies of light and the energy of love to hold back the discordant energies  and energies that have disassociated themselves from the Source.

Many would ask why Mother/Father God allows discordant energies to operate within creation. It is because of free will. And understand that also Mother/Father God experiences through every aspect of his/her creation and Mother/Father God does not judge, just experiences and loves. Also, as well, many ones during this time that is known as the fall  contracted to create discordant energies, to instill fear into the hearts of humans that have not yet developed the capability to love themselves. So this is where fear originates from, that many feel within their hearts, when the word extraterrestrial, when the word Lucifer, when the words interfere, its disempowerment because they have still not yet integrated the love for themselves, and they are still subject to the laws of Karma.  The Laws of Karma are simple – it is a law of cause and effect. If you throw a stone in the pond, ripples emerge all the way around from the point where the stone entered the water. That is a demonstration of the law of cause and effect. The laws of cause and effect were put into place so that all ones might reap the rewards of their actions. When I say reap the rewards of their actions, its not always the rewards of the rewards that you would have liked. Now is the time that there is dispensation from Karmic Board. The karmic Board is chaired by a being whose name many of you will be familiar with. The chair of the board is Quan Yin. She is the goddess of compassion. Many would know her as the Chinese Mary. Thru her compassion she has decided the dispensation be given to all humans now and all humans can, if they wish, become free of all the laws of cause and effect. But, you have to understand how to free yourselves from the laws of cause and effect. Unless you ask, I will not cut the ties that bind you because it is your free will, your decisions to stay within the confines of these energetic ties which connect you thru your thoughts, words, actions and deeds that you have performed since you were created and came to this planet. These energetic ties bind you thru your chakras, they bind you thru your chakras and hold you, bind you energetically to the other being, the beings that you have to pay back.

Even after the balance has been achieved, many times there is still not a releasing of the ties. You could say that now is the time to forgive yourself of your sins. I say sins because you have heard the preaching of the Christian priests, you have heard the preaching of the Christian controllers.They have told you that you are all sinners, that you would not be born, that you would not be incarnated on planet earth unless you are a sinner. In many ways this is true, but you are not born because it is the retribution of Mother/Father God for your mismeanders and energetic mistakes. You are not punished and sent back to this planet to have uncomfortable times, to have things happen in your lives that do not make you happy, that are not pleasant experiences. Each and every one of you choose to make a conscious choice, your I AM, of course, is the one that makes the choice to incarnate again into a human body and learn the lessons. You could understand or you could equate incarnation or reincarnation as a school class. When you first go to schoolyou learn the basics of interacting with others, what is required of you socially, what is required of you by the others of your kind, your race but just the basics and then you graduate from the first school that you go to and you go to another school and you learn other things.You learn mathematical skills, communication skills. We are, of course, leaving out herethe energies which are put into your psyche to control you. So you could say that whenyou have a life on earth, you learn or you sit at the back of the class and don’t do anything. But if you are a keen student you come forward, you absorb the information, you learn and then you go to the thing called death. That is your graduation and then you realize there is much more to learn so then you go to the next level of school, you incarnate again, you go thru the next class and if you are a keen and diligent student you learn anything you need to learn and then you die, you graduate all over again. and then you decide to come back and take the next class and learn. As you learn, you learn to balance the experiences. You learn to balance the energies. You understand, that it is desirable not to do things unto others that you would not like to have done unto you. Some students take longer, some decide to take the scenic route home and others buy a ticket on the straight thru express. There is no judgment, either way is perfect, either way is perfect for each one and Mother/Father God is compassionate and non judgmental and forgives you for everything you could say before you ever did it. It is only yourselves that are holding the sins in your hearts and when you go to your priests and ask them about sin or you confess your sins, they never tell you about the freedom that you achieve thru the balancing of these energies.

So now, brothers and sisters of earth, it is now time to forgive yourselves (train…whooo whoooo )…..Even the train reinforces my words with its sound (laughter)……It is now time to forgive yourselves, it is now time to let go of the guilt because what is sin? Sin is just something that you hold, it is a concept that you have as human beings and sin really is feelings of guiltiness. It is now time to release all contracts, all connections, all contracts … all vows of poverty. There is no point in affirming that you are now ready for abundance if you still have outstanding vows of poverty. There is no point in affirming that you are now open to receive the love when you have already made vows in the past that you will not be open to receiving the love because those vows, unless they are canceled, still hold. They are still written down in the Akashic Records, they are there in your own personal record books. Understand that these blockages are created by your own selves. Now when we talk about ties with other beings, when you hurt a person, be it physically, mentally or emotionally, you have a tie with them. Understand that many humans have lost sight of the fact that these ties may last for thousands of years because of the lack of forgiveness for one’s self. Also, many humans do not understand that when they merge with another human being in sexual intercourse, that you have a tie thru your base chakra and thru your sexual chakra which would last for at least 7 to 10 years. Many humans are promiscuous in this way. This is not a judgment, but it is an observation. You have human bodies to enjoy them, there is nothing wrong with enjoying your human body, there is nothing wrong with having fun with your human body. But understand that having intercourse with another one or merging with another one with your physical body, when the energy of Love is not present, is really not desirable. When I say it is not desirable, I would point out to you that these ties that hold and bind, and as the other goes thru their emotional processes, at they go thru their mental processes, you also, as well, feel the energies of it thru these links. So we will take you thru a visualization, thru a meditation to cut all the ties that bind to rescind all previous vows of poverty, to rescind all previous vows of not being able to love, to rescind all previous vows of silence, to rescind all previous vows you have made to ignore your emotional body.

So focus in the space above your heads, your source star. Again, I am sure you know the routine…..breathe….breathe in and as you breathe in … feel the energy of love and as you breathe in fill up your lungs to their capacity and when you think they are full push out your diaphram….this will expand your lungs further and bring in more breath. Feel the breath filling you to the top of your chest…..that’s right, some of you will cough, because you have gotten into the habit of shallow breathing….and when you shallow breathe the energies of fear manifest in your energy matrix and in your mind. Do you remember that if you are afraid you have a tendency to breath (shallow breathe)…. When you were born you emerged thru the birth canal and your mind went into fear because all of a sudden the connection with your mother was chopped, cut, the cord was cut before you were ready to breath and panic set into your heart and your mind …that you would not get oxygen and that you would lose this physical body after going thru the trauma and experience of coming thru the birth canal and shallow breathing is what you did…it is imprinted in your cellular memory that shallow breathing equates with fear. So learn to breath. Program your minds to monitor your breathing and any time you find yourself shallow breathing, change that programming and take deep regular breaths. Your breaths should be inhaled, hold, exhale for the same number of heartbeats or counts….no matter what you are doing…sleeping, eating, working, loving. You will find you become more balanced if you breath in a balanced way. So, as we breath in this energy of light and this energy of love thru our higher chakras feel and see and allow the electric blue. This electric blue is the energy with which I work. My sword, the sword I use to cut the ties is also a sword of electric blue and now focus on your crown chakra. And here, allow the energies of love and allow the energies of light to permeate it. And I, Michael, cut all ties to all others, the times you gave your power away to the gurus, the time you gave your power away to the religious controllers.I now cut these ties so that you become free of every one of them and you can make conscious choices for yourself. ( slice )! Your crown chakras now resonate white light….composed of all the colors of the spectrum and all ties that were attached to it are gone!

Now let us move to your third eye chakra… Here look into that chakra, see and feel all those vows that you made that clairvoyance, that sight was against the teachings of God and if you had sight and clairvoyance that you were evil. Here we are going to release you from the energies of persecution and the energies of death by torture, the energies of death by drowning, death by fire. I now cuts these ties with my sword (slice)!Now feel your third eyes open, they are balanced in a harmonious way and see with these eyes because understand that in early Lemurian times and before Lemuria your third eye was your means of seeing, it was your eye. It was through this third eye that this gland you now know as your third eye, you saw everything. You did not have physical eyes. There was nothing to see with physical eyes. Not only did you see withthis gland, you communicated with others through it. You picked up the impressions of thought. Words and languages did not exist. Feelings were all there was. So see, feel, imagine this activation taking place. See the electric blue color of my energy. Allow thisaffirmation to flow through your minds, I affirm my third eye is now activated. My channeling abilities, which are my birthright, I now claim and accept.

Now let’s move to the throat chakra. If you need to cough, please cough. Coughing is clearance. Many ones have blockages in their throat chakras. Here, let us clear the residues of all energies of all vows of poverty and vows of silence. All the ties that bind you to others through the words that you have spoken to them. The energies of fear, the vows of silence that you made that stopped you from speaking your truths, from telling others about the magnificence of the energies of love and light and about self enlightenment. I, Michael, now cut all those psychic ties that are holding you. (slice) Feel the freedom in this chakra, feel it becoming activated. Affirm now that from this moment on you will speak your truths, that you will pass on the knowledge to all that require it. There is no point in trying to pass on your knowledge to those who do no task or require it. It makes them resistant. It blocks them from feeling the love. Don’t use your voice to press your ideas on others who are not ready to accept them.

Now we go to the heart and the higher heart chakra. Feel this space as your thymus glands activate it with love. And now we are going to cut the ties with all ones that you thought you loved but the love was based on fear and dependence. Cut the ties with all the ones that hurt you emotionally, supposedly in love. Feel your heart chakra becoming open. Feel the love flowing through you and feel the love flowing through it. Affirm that you are now ready to have these ties cut that bind you. I cut them with my sword (slice). Feel your heart open. Feel the love flowing through you. Be the love.

And now to your solar plexus. This is where you hold your emotional stuff. All the memories of being hurt and disempowered, anger directed toward you and anger you directed toward others, emotional manipulation and control, that others did to you and you did to others. Again, there are psychic ties binding you to all the ones you have been through this emotional stuff with. So now affirm that you are now ready for these emotional ties to be cut and that you are again ready to step into your own poweras a free being, you are now ready to take on sovereignty of your own emotional body.(slice) I cut the ties with all ones.

And now come to your 2nd chakra, the sexual chakra. Now you must affirm tha tyou are ready for all psychic powers to be cut with all ones, to remove all the residues of abuse and being abused, to remove the residues of misused kundalini energy.To be free to love, to be free to enjoy your own human body, the human body of a loving person in freedom, with freedom of expression. Feel those ties and affirm that you are now ready for the ties to be cut. {slice} I cut them all and release you from them.

Now let us move to the base chakra. The base chakra is a repository for fear and anger. It also is where your kundalini energy resides. Many have blockages in their kundalini energy and cannot raise their kundalini because of the amount of fear. Fear of stepping into your own power, fear of becoming a master in your own right, a masterof your life, a master of energy, a master of your own destiny. Many have stored memories here about when they had mastery of their kundalini and they misused it to repress, they usedit to control, to disempower and these ties, these karmic ties stop you from being the glorious being that you truly and really are. Now affirm that you would like the ties cut from your base chakra. Affirm that you are ready. {slice} ! I cut them all. Understand, that there is no need to fear these cuttings of the ties. Many would have fears that by cutting the ties they will lose the connection with their loved ones. But this is not true.The cutting of these ties to the chakras allows you a fresh start with your loved ones, it balances the karma between you and allows both of you to enter into a relationship that is based on unconditional love rather than dependency and fear or control.

Now for each and every one of you, I, Michael, will cut more ties. Many of you still have energies surrounding you, the energies of the vows of poverty. (Again, we get confirmation from the train driver that this is truth….. laughter). So let us work some more on the releasing of these vows. You must, first of all, affirm in your minds that you want to release these, that you want to have this energy taken from you because otherwise, I Michael, am powerless to do anything. I am powerless to do anything because of free will that you have either to stay with it or to release it. So affirm that you are now ready to accept your abundance and that all previous vows of poverty are canceled. So I come and cut {slice} from each and every one of you! Do you feel more openness in your energy? Do you feel more freedom in your energy? So now let us work on this repression of emotion. All the times, all the lives that you thought that you should stifle your emotions because that was the only way to become holy. Affirm now that you are ready to release this, that you are ready for the ties to be cut. {slice} Now just to encompass all karmic ties, all energies that are binding you, I Michael and my legions of light will cut for you, we will take you out of the cocoon, we will strip away the cocoon that has been binding you and constricting you and we will take away all other residues if that is what each and every one of you wants as an individual. You must affirm that you are now ready to be free of all karma, free of all karmic imbalances and that from this moment forth you are a karma free being. Make the affirmations in your minds now. {slice, slice, slice, slice, slice} I transmute all this constrictive energy into love. I transmute all these constrictive energies into light. I welcome you to a life of freedom from karma. Do not think that because you are free of karma now that you will be free of karma for all time. It is up to you whether you stay free of karma. It is up to you whether you integrate further guilt. It is up to you whether you do not forgive yourselves your transgressions and sins. The choice is yours in your daily lives and interactions. It is very easy to build up karmic ties with many through your thought patterns, through your actions and interactions. Hold in your minds that you are karma free and that during the course of your actions and interactions with others you are coming from the position of true unconditional love and non judgment. This will keep you karma free. If you make mistakes, don’t feel guilty. Ask me to come and cut the ties and transmute and balance, and I will.

I give you another very useful piece of information. I have at my disposal pillars of light, pillars of love. Any time that you feel you are not holding the love energy in your hearts and fear may enter your minds, or any time that you feel you are being unfairly pressed by the dark brothers and sisters or by any other energy whose desire it is to interfere with you and get you to become unfocused in the love and the light, call upon me for a pillar of light. Again, I cannot give you a pillar of light unless you ask because you have the free will to suffer or not suffer. If you suffer, I feel compassion and love for you, but I cannot do anything else about it. Call upon me for pillars of light, I will show you how this works. Archangel Michael, surround me with the pillar of light. When you make the request, I will know that you want it. You might think, well I will not call upon Michael very often for a pillar of light because I don’t want to bother him, he must be busy. These are energies which stem from feelings of unworthiness. As Kutumi told you, each and every one of you are worthy. I am charged by Mother/Father God to provide as many as ask for pillars of light with the pillars of light. If I don’t have anything to do, how will I pass the time? It is possible that I might get bored with no pillars of light to pass down. You might say how can I be in a million, 2 million, 5 million places at once. I have the legions of light under my command and the legions of light also provide you with love, pillars of light and protection. So let us now collectively invoke a pillar of light. To do this you will just need to follow my words. Archangel Michael…give me a pillar of light now! See the electric blue come down? Silver and gold energies. It is so simple. Brothers and Sisters, I would ask you to integrate my words, ask you to integrate what has happened to you and Quan Yin asks that you engage yourselves in the yoga of unconditional love, that you engage yourselves in the yoga of non judgment, that you engage yourselves in the yoga of laughter. She is asking for a chance to speak to you. But we are planning to take care of this channel!

(tape cuts off here)

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