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John Armitage



I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM The Mahatma!

I came to earth to help to ground love and light. This mission has taken me on a journey of discovery – with humans, angels, archangels, the ascended masters, the galactic masters and many other beings from other of star systems and multi-dimensional realities.

I have not had many lives on this beautiful planet, the Goddess Gaia. This is my 123rd incarnation. I was here first before lemurian times, then during Lemuria – what a time we had, meditating the blue prints of crystalline forms into reality – quartz, rosy quartz, aquamarine, tourmaline, amethyst and roses were a few I helped to ground into 3d. I also helped to set up the earth energy grid and install and program the earth keeper crystals, I was also here in atlantean times. They were interesting days, very much as things are now. Many people into LOVE and LIGHT, crystals and natural remedies and many others into the energy of war control, fear and oppression. After that I have had many lives in India, Tibet, Burma and Nepal with the odd life here and there in between. I was with Shah Jehan at Agra, with Francis at Assisi, Khutmi in Kashmire, DK in Tibet, Wotanna in Mexico and with Sananda in Palestine. Many of us have worked over many lives to bring love to the earth and her people.

The time is now if you want to see revelations lived out on Earth just ignore the resistances, if you want to come into wholeness – become love. I still work with crystals and the earth’s grid, with the Shamballa Energy, (Shamballa is empowerment in LOVE), with the Mahatma energy, with the masters of the Christ-conciseness grids, MERKABA, the earth and her people.

Massive changes are happening. We can become LOVE with grace and elegance, why wait? Do it now. I AM now working on the next phase of the activation of the earth’s grids, of course I AM not doing this alone – lots of people are playing their part in the plan often not knowing that they are part of a worldwide plan to open pathways for the new energies – of Mahatma to flow and thus speed everybody’s journey to freedom.

Keep up the good work,
bless you all, Das

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