Out of illusion into Love

images (25)Cosmic love here and above,

I see in my mind the image of a dove,

bringing peace on earth with all its might,

to lead us out of this dark night,

from strife and war, and loads more,

peace on earth is at your door,

its knocking loud and landing a few kicks,

even throwing some big bricks,

have you seen it in your own life,

once you cut the illusion with a knife,

the sword of Micheal is here for ...

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Out of ilussion

p91g-heartThere was a day I could not sleep,

my heart said ok just take a peep,

right inside me long and deep,

wow I saw that we are love,

flowing down from source above,

my heart said ok its time to move,

time to get in the groove,

the groove of life,

and allow the love,

come on my heart said,

dont be ruled by your head,

if you allow the head to rule,

you are just following the old school,

down the path of ...

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I came to Earth III

Energy-grid-around-planetOn to the earth I came once more just looked through a crack in the door

thought I would check and see once more,

if the the controllers had changed their game,

First I thought all seems the same,

The same old game with a different name,

my I AM said never mind just go and look around

ok I said and traveled far till one day i did see a mound,

looks cool I thought and then up ...

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I came to Earth II

new-earth-lightOne day i decided to see around,

more of the universe that was around,

came to earth and well for whats is worth,

I found an amazing place,

full of love beauty and a smiling face,

some say no its a hard place,

me i say do not fear,

we have it all on earth my dear,

we just need to remember to share,

then really we are getting there,

on earth things will change,

When all the mess is rearranged,

just remember all ...

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I came to Earth

Divine-LoveOne day I decided to come to earth,

I thought life would be full of mirth,

once i arrived i saw a differant story,

illusion had become a form of glory ,

my mind said hey boy what is this,

my heart said I know what it is i miss,

it is the love of the source for sure,

so how can i become more and more,

ok what to do i asked myself and the answer was just be ...

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I am on Earth

1233627_728685180481892_516448877_nOne day I realized as I looked around,

my feet were firmly on the ground,

I looked some more round and round,

an saw the beauty all around,

dont follow the illusion of mind,

take yourself away from the daily grind,

look inside and there you will find,

a true you beyond what you think you are,

shining like a real bright star,

lighting the universe with you are that you are,

just love Divine no more no less,

life is not a ...

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Call to unity

e76c67a6-348b-4da6-bb5f-1db0ac88714cOne day I was chanting a verse,

got transported to this universe,

where am I now the light seems dim,

this voice in my head said look within,

for you are one and one is all,

you will see you can walk tall,

the sight within was really great,

I found the light and love was my mate,

there was no need to rush around,

for inside me there knew no bounds,

of love and light we all are,

each a bright shining ...

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Recipe for a Cosmic day

HeartOfTheWorldIf you wake up feeling down,

Just pay attention to your crown,

Its where you and the cosmos meet,

no need to send a tweet,

allow the cosmic light to flow,

and to mother earth say hello,

her reply to you for sure,

will be just allow the flow more and more,

into my heart,

for a start,

your heart will connect with mine,

you will realise we are all divine,

all is one in the cosmic mind of source,

and remember this means YOU! ...

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The Light of life

GoldenLight3Life on earth is great you know

if you like to live it so,

just say no to hate and fear,

all life becomes dear,

dear to your heart your mind as well,

on the past please dont dwell,

you are not the tale you think you are,

just erase it and you will remember you are a star,

a individual in this universe,

surely this in not to perverse,

for the ego to understand,

and just allow gods willing hand,

to shape our ...

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