ashtar+deFloresAshtar is a being in charge of a Federation of beings known as the Ashtar Command. Some people go into rigid thinking patterns when you use this word “command”, because they tend to relate to it on a third dimensional level, and they wonder who these people are supposed to be commanding. In fact they are not commanding anybody. Ashtar looks after the whole operation. He is directly answerable to this beautiful being, Sananda, or for those who don’t know who Sananda is – Jesus. Sananda is the go-between between the Source and the Ashtar Command.

I am Ashtar; Ashtar of the Ashtar Command. This one was telling you about what the Ashtar Command is, their goals, objectives, and the present state of play. The Ashtar Command is most definitely a Federation of beings, mostly ascended beings, some terrestrial, some extra-terrestrial. Many ones would think that all the Ascended Masters are terrestrial beings from your planet, but in fact this is not so. Many other worlds have ascended, complete with their populations, and all the life that live upon them. Ascension is not only for the beings which some ones would consider to have more expanded or higher consciousness. Ascension for a planet means ascension of everything. It means ascension for all life, including the planet itself, or him/herself. The Ashtar Command also has workers or members, that come from many other worlds. Not all beings that are in service to the Ashtar Command are ascended.

Some of them are still living in lower dimensional realities.

Many of these beings tend to be the pilots, or operators, of many of the ships that you see materially manifest in your world. The Ashtar Command was formed many years ago, long before the awareness of it was brought into the third dimension. It was brought to the notice of human beings in these years which you would know upon earth as the middle forties, the years of the Second Word War. This of course was because the atom had been split.

When you split an atom, it affects beings multi-dimensionally, and in parallel space and time. In your earthly concepts it affects beings both in the past, present and future. It is very necessary that this is brought to the attention of the authorities of your world. When you make a planet radio-active the emotional body of the beings that live upon that planet slows down to such an extent that often the emotional body vibrates at a lower rate than the physical body.

This makes beings very emotional. If beings are very emotional, then it is very easy to get beings to live in fear. If you live in fear, you cannot advance spiritually. If you live in fear then your focus is on fear. There is always very strongly within your mind; “What if………?” “What if this happens, what if that happens. I am not worthy.” So this makes it very easy for others to control your lives, to control your consciousness, and to control your spiritual evolvement.

Now when you speak about the arrival of the Space Brothers and Sisters, many human beings look forward to this time when they will land upon your planet. Many human beings have found another subject, energy or philosophy, or even another group of people, to give their power away to. Think about this. Humans have given their power away for thousands and thousands of years.

Those of you that have had predominantly Western lives have maybe been giving your power away for at least two thousand years to Christianity.

Those of you that came through Eastern philosophies probably gave your power away for even longer. Now there is an opportunity for human beings to expand their consciousness. Not only expand their consciousness, but for them to become Light, for them to become Love, and take their ascension. But what seems to be happening for many people, on many occasions, is that human beings are now trying to give their power away to channellers. They are now trying to give their power away to the Ascended Masters, and extra-terrestrials, all over again. I would ask all of you that have been having a relationship with the Goddess Gaia, the Earth, on which you live, how many times extra-terrestrials came here and took your power away from you? How many times did you have to fight, for hundreds of your earth years, maybe even thousands of your earth years, to get any of your power back.

On DNA, the twelve stranded DNA is spoken about as though it is a new kind of product, a new type of food, or a recreational product. I will tell you that once you all had twelve strands of DNA, because all of you earth beings are a conglomeration, a mixture and melting pot of many types of DNA from all around this universe in which you live. You had twelve strands of DNA, and then you were dis-empowered. We would ask you to think positively, through visualisation and exercise, about expanding your DNA again to twelve strands. This is very important. If you understand that if you have two strands of DNA, that relates to the building blocks of your physical body; and the consciousness with which now you experience. It is well known by your human scientists that most ones only use 6 or 8% of their brain. Imagine what you can do with 100% of your brain.

Activate your DNA, and your brain will become activated. Your DNA is crystalline, the same as you are a crystalline being.

Earth’s human beings are an interface between liquid crystal and solid crystal. Those beings amongst you that know anything of crystals, will know that it is possible to program crystals. It is possible to get them to perform tasks to re-configure energies. So now that you know that you are crystalline, start programming your crystalline nature. Start programming your DNA.

Many children are being born now with no twelve strand DNA capabilities or facilities. But many children are being born with three strands of DNA. These are star beings, more star seeds. They come to your earth, because they will show their parents how to wake-up. They will show their teachers how to wake-up. They will show the older ones; by their capability to travel multi-dimensionally, commune with angels and be whole. It is not only the children that have these capabilities; every being that is sat in this room has these capabilities. This is what expansion of consciousness is all about. As you expand your consciousness, you will become aware of many other beings that live in and outside your place in time and space. You will be able to multi-dimensionally travel yourselves. You will be able to visit the ships of the Space Brothers and Sisters, the ships of the Arcturians, the ships of the Pleadian beings of Light, the ships of the Sirians. All of you can do this now. All you have to do is to make yourselves ready, and allow. Most human beings don’t allow, through fear conditioning. Just remember to allow.

All of you are capable of creating your own reality, 100% of the time.

So the plan moves forward. We have again opened, you could say, another seal which held back the energies. The seal has been opened in this month of September. More new, high vibrational energy, which relates to Love, which relates to Wholeness, is now starting to encompass your planet, and all the beings which live upon it. We would say to you that the ascension process, from the perspective of the Ashtar command, is doing extremely well. Many of you would think that not many human beings are listening to the message, opening up their hearts, and allowing the Love to flow through their hearts. But if you could see, from our perspective, what is happening upon your planet; it is spectacular.

Nothing like it has ever happened before in creation. You have a situation now, through the free will dispensation by Mother/Father God, for the humans & the inhabitants of your planet, which is very similar to that experienced during the middle of the civilisation of Atlantis.

You have two factions upon the planet. One is firmly entrenched in control, fear, and nuclear energy; the other firmly believing in ascension, love, compassion, service, crystal technologies, homeopathic, flower essences, and all these other energy healing modalities. Many of the Light workers, or the people aligned to Light, are fond of asking the question, “Do you think we will make it? How do you think things are going?” I, Ashtar confirm that things are going splendidly. The movement of Light is now flowing across the Earth with a tidal wave of Love. This tidal wave of Love is opening the consciousness of beings who don’t know anything about spiritual life, who have forgotten everything about Mother/Father God. But their hearts are being opened.

When their hearts are opened, for many it is difficult, for there is much emotional, you could say garbage, in the hearts of many humans. So many humans are processing emotionally. But if you speak to them, many ones know that this processing is positive.

If you tell them that things are happening upon the earth, that just now they don’t understand, then they will say to you, “I know that something is happening, but I don’t know what it is.” So my message to you is:- don’t again give your power away to fear; don’t again give your power away to channellers; don’t give your power away to the Hierarchy, don’t give your power away to the angels and the archangels. Work with these beings, hand in hand, with love, and what you will create upon the planet will be a reality of Love. If you wish to create disharmony, if you wish to create problems on social-economic and financial levels, just keep worrying about it.

Most human beings haven’t realised yet that what you think is what you get. As beings of Light or Light workers, train your minds to stop using words such as “what if….” It doesn’t mean anything. One of the favourite words of Light workers is “negative”. They use it all the time – negative energies, negative entities, negative beings. We tell you that there is no such thing as negative. This word brings about fear in the minds of humans. It also implies judgement. My brothers and sisters, when you judge you separate. And when you judge, the things that you judge, if you look deep within your own hearts, you will find are within yourselves, because if they weren’t within you, you would not be able to see them. So I ask you that when you have feelings of judgement and separation to look into your hearts and to open up your hearts with love. There are other ways of dealing with these feelings of separation, these feelings of judgement. If you cast your minds back two or three sentences, I said that what you think is what you get. If you think Light, then you will become bright. A common question that humans ask is, “How can I ascend?” You ascend by becoming Light, and if you think Light you become bright. Now isn’t this simple?

You don’t have to spend years sitting in caves; you don’t have to spend years starving yourselves; you don’t have to spend years denying your emotional body; you don’t have to spend years trying to control your ego. Your ego is part of you, without your ego there is no driving force. How do you control your ego? With Love. And if you love yourselves then your ego will be happy.

You see, your ego needs something to do. It is not very discriminating in the energies with which it will work, or the energies through which it will experience. Your ego will be just as happy processing energies that are not of, and disassociated from, the Light, as it will be when processing the energy of Love. The difference that it means to you, as a conscious human being, is that if your ego is processing the energy of Love, well then there is no emotional trauma. Love yourselves, be compassionate to yourselves, until the transformation to Love happens, because when you become Love, you may then love others.

To think that you may love others, without having Unconditional Love for yourself, is another one of these third dimensional illusions.

Most people mistake this emotion of love for Unconditional Love. What most humans consider love is based on fear; fear of separation. Many, many people experience the energies of control in so called loving relationships. Jealousy, what is jealousy? It is based on fear. Work on eliminating fear from your consciousness. Work on eliminating fear from your cellular structure. This is easy; whenever fear starts to manifest in your reality, because you are creators and co-creators, it is possible to just say, “This has no place in my reality. This is not a part of me. I am Love, I am Light, and I am connected with the Source.” If you are connected with the Source, there can be no fear. It could be summed up in a few simple words. Being fearful is being unsure of God’s place in your life. So work on quantifying what God’s place is in your life, and fear dissipates.

This process of ascension is well under way. Many beings have already taken their ascension and come back again. You may remember that a number of your Earth years ago, five or six years – it is very difficult in fifth dimensional space to relate to Earth time – but a short number of your Earth years ago, I was giving the information through various channellers that we, the Ashtar Command, were ready to take human beings off the surface of this planet, if and when, the Earth changes took place. Many beings looked at that as an opportunity to get away from their processes; to get away from what they termed as their unhappy lives, and saw it as a means of escape. When we spoke about the waves of ascension, and when I was being channelled in a group, I asked for members of the group to put their hands up who wanted to be on the first wave. 99% of every group wanted to leave.

“Let’s get out of here!” It is not a question of “getting out of here.” We are not coming to save you. That might disappoint some of you. If and when we come, we are coming to assist you.

There is also this idea for many human beings about “if and when the ships do arrive”. Well, it’s not a case of if and when, because the ships are arriving every day. Many, many space brothers and sisters are landing on this planet on a daily basis. The skies, if you could see with clairvoyant sight, are like Merkabah parks. There are so many, many ships. Many of you think that if and when these mass landings take place, from these ships will emerge beings of shining light, which look in some ways similar to the way that you look as human beings. It’s now time for human beings to realise that there are not only humanoids in God’s creation, there are other types of beings also, and some of them are also aligned to Light and aligned to Love. So we would ask human beings to start thinking about this.

Some may find it challenging; but if and when the mass landings do take place, some of the beings that alight from these Merkabah ships will look like insects, walking on their back legs. Some of the beings that emerge from these ships will look like reptiles. Many humans will find this difficult to cope with, because they have within their cellular memories, memories of manipulation and disempowerment. Memories of war upon the surface of your planet, with similar looking beings as these. So we ask you to start thinking that not only will there be humanoids arriving, there will be many other types of beings also, which are aligned to the Light.

This concept that many ones have of Earth changes on the planet’s surface, changes in society, this concept was put forward many, many years ago by a being known as Edgar Cayce. Now this man channelled the Universal Mind, the collective consciousness. Within the collective consciousness was knowledge of Earth changes, of many big changes and upheavals. There was also another being that many of you would know as Nostradamus.

He also made many prophesies. Some of them have come true, and some of them, many humans are waiting for them to come true.

I, Ashtar, tell you on behalf of the Ascended Masters, to understand that all prophecies are only valid in the second that they were made, because as soon as one human being, one animal, plant or insect has a change in consciousness, then the Seed Blueprint for Creation is redrawn. So how can prophecy be a solid thing?

Prophecies are solid if you hold them in your minds and manifest their contents in your reality. I have already pointed out to you that you are Creators or Co-Creators, and instantly, and I mean instantly, a reality of Love and Light could be created in your world. Instead of waking up in the morning and subscribing to the collective illusion of fear and control, wake up in the morning and co-create a reality of Love and Fearlessness.

Humans are on the threshold of big changes. Many would think that the ascension process is for humans. This of course comes from ego, because the ascension process is also for humans, but not only for humans. Mother Earth has consciously made her decision to become whole. She has been abused, she has been poisoned, she has been raped, she has been polluted with nuclear waste and chemicals. She has also been polluted with the emotional waste of human beings. She has decided that she will take a step forward and become whole. This is what her ascension process is all about. Humans, as inhabitants of this world, may ascend with the planet if this is what they so wish. If they don’t ascend with the planet, this thing that humans call death will take place. There are already other third dimensional planets put aside for these humans that chose death. They may go there and continue to build weapons, continue to print money, continue to control, until such times that they also transmute their consciousness into Love. You, as human beings, can aid this transmutation of the controllers, of these beings which this channel would call the dark T-shirt teams. Through your Love and through your compassion these beings which are known as the dark ones will become Light.

All you need to do is to love, and everything will be perfect. No fear is necessary. Learn to trust. If you don’t learn to trust, things cannot take their natural course. If you try and hold onto and control things, then things cannot take their natural course. Just allow the energy of Mother/Father Source to flow through you, and you will be in the right place at the right time. Focus on smooth transitions. Focus on the healing of Mother Earth, give Her Love, give Her Light. Place programmed crystals in the Earth.

Work with the meridians and the gridwork. Go to holy places upon this island. This city of London in which many of you live is in fact a holy city. There are many holy sites here, many powerful lines of energy that you, as individuals, could work with. Learn to ground the Love through your feet and hands.

Allow it to flow through your higher chakras, through your hearts, and into the rest of creation. Become Love, become Light. I don’t often use this word, but I will use it to finish my address to you; become Love, become Light, and the salvation of humans on this planet in this new and loving way is assured.

Focus on Love, BE Love.

Channelled by John Armitage in London on 21 September 1996.


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