Brian Grattan by John Armitage

06_SixteenMirrors03DivineLightBrian Grattan through John Armitage

I am Brian, Brian Grattan, Hello it is my pleasure to be here with you. I also have another name and that is the golden boy. You should understand that all of you have special names with the ascended masters. Most of you know me as the being that first grounded the Mahatma energy on planet earth and some of you would know that I was not very good at taking advice from the beings that I worked with and in the end I managed to wear out my physical body with this energies. It is important to understand that the way the Mahatma energy is grounded upon the earth now makes it impossible for you to burn your self out with this energy.

Often when it is time to ground a new energy on the planet volunteers are looked for, to work with this energy. These volunteers tend to be beings that have a sense of adventure, a lack of fear in their mental makeup and beings that have very strong physical bodies. Many beings that posses these attributes do often find them selves in the forefront of new spiritual movements, strong physical bodies are needed to withstand very hectic work schedules, strong energetic bodies so they can withstand a very, very high blasts of energy and a lack of fear so that they don’t get frightened while they are working.

When I first started working with the Mahatma energy I must admit that I did not have a clue what this whole project would in tale, all I knew was that in the time that you would term as ancient time I had volunteered to this work. When Vywamus and others came to me and asked me to do this work I must admit that I was very surprised. When I asked about the nature of the work they informed me first and foremost that it was to do with the spiritualisation of matter in your dimensional reality.
Well if I had volunteered to do this work in an ancient time many would think that I would know what the work was. But understand that many beings that incarnated upon planet earth choose spiritual amnesia sometimes for a long period of time until the time is exactly right for them to start the project that they have volunteered to do. There is then some times gradual awakening process to the project or in other situations an instant knowing and recognition. For me it was a gradual awakening to the process that I had volunteered to facilitate, understand that if I had been given the immensity of the project in the outset I would have probably said,” that I am not ready and I will not do it”.

Vywamus and others started giving me information on how to bring about the spiritualistation of matter in conjunction with this energy that you now know as the Mahatma energy. Because I was going to be the first being through which this energy was going to be ground I must admit that when I started this project I was not sure whether I could achieve it. These of course are the feelings that many humans have of the outset of a spiritual project especially one that is brand-new.
Some of you would know that there was a time when we tried to anchor the Mahatma energy on the earth before. This was at a time in your history that many of you would know as the Atlantis and although there was a time when most of the civilization of Atlantis had been destroyed and at this time in this channeling there is no reason to go into why these civilization destroyed it self only into the results of this destruction.

There was a time when this channel through which I speak now was involved in this attempt to ground the Mahatma and it was after a time of darkness when the sky had been black for many many years. And an ice age had overrun your planet most of the humans were dead as were many of the animals, the insect the birds and the fish. The sun started to shine during the time of a darkness this channel had transmuted himself into a double terminated crystal and migrated deep, deep into the body of mother earth to hold the energy of love and light through this period the time had come for the sun to shine again as the volcanic ash had settled from the atmosphere this being then came out of the earth and again transmuted into human form after the transmutation into human form he was asked by the collective consciousness of the lords and ladies of Shamballa if it would be possible for him to hold an energy which would make it possible for all the ascended Masters to manifest upon the surface of this planet.
This being agreed. Many would wonder where this being gets his connections and energies from. It was at that moment in time when he held the energy for the ascended Masters to manifest, that the nature of his I am Presence was changed and he still brings that energy with him as he walks the earth today.

Enough about the history of this channel. I only give you some of his brief history to help you understand more about the attempt to ground the Mahatma energy. At that time when the ascended and some of the galactic Masters manifested on the planet these beings which many would know as the spiritual hierarchy attempted to ground the Mahatma energy also. The attempt had to be abandoned it failed, it failed because we had not allowed for one thing.

The emotional bodies of the humans that were left upon the planet was not sufficient or developed enough nor was their energy system sufficiently developed after that period of darkness so we had to withdraw the energies.

This of course was a great disappointment to us but like all beings we don’t take long to get over our disappointments. Of course some beings would like to hold on to their disappointments and make it an excuse not to move forward not to move forward into love, not to move forward into light. but most beings deal with their disappointments easily, say that was then , this is now. so we carried on with our plan to ground the Mahatma in the terms of human years it took us a long time but of course out of eternity is was just a very short space and we developed a plan in conjunction with Sanat Kumara your planetary logos.

The plan included my self-Brian. Sanat Kumara and the cosmic aspect of Sanat Kumara known as Vywamus, another being known as Melciour and Melchizedek. We realized that if we could bring sufficient beings together on the planet we could create a lens or we could create an energy opening through which we could ground the Mahatma energy. So the event you know as the Harmonic convergent in 1987 was put together. Millions of beings around the world gathered together in different places, in holy hills, in halls, in their homes and in workshops to work with the converging of these energies.
There was not many beings that were consciously aware of what they were doing all they knew is that it was important that this harmonic convergence went ahead and it was important to get as many beings as possible involved with it.

Success was ours and yours. A great pillar of Mahatma energy was anchored and at the same time Sanat Kumara fully integrated his etheric body with the physical body of the earth mother. That was also a completion of a project that had been going on for millions of years.
This brought the time of the ascension of mother earth and her people friends, brothers and sisters of earth that the ascension process of mother earth is not for human beings. it is for mother earth herself.. Of course the humans will all ascend with the earth mother. and you all have the potential to ascend as individuals before the earth if you like.

Many have made the mistake of believing that they can force the ascension of mother earth and her people. This is a serious mistake and a spiritual folly, now when I say that the ascension process is for mother earth and not for the people I should explain to you that each and anyone of you as the child of mother earth has the opportunity to ascend with its mother and your mother is the goddess Gaia. This idea that humans can bring about the ascension is total illusion. Humans may aid the ascension through becoming focused in love, through integrating balance and harmony into their emotional and physical bodies into their mental bodies also and as the children become balanced they may pass on that harmony and balance to the earth mother.
You should understand that the earth mother is not sick. The earth mother is being murdered, the earth mother is being murdered by human beings, she has being murdered through pollution and poison through chemical and nuclear pollution. The water content of her body, the lakes, the sees the rivers have high concentration of substances that are poisonous, that are radioactive, this causes an imbalance within her body. Can you see the difference she is not being sick. Being murdered. Many ones would say that it is time to clean out the earth. Understand that when mother earth ascends, all the poisons and nuclear radiation and the pollution will ascend as well. And understand that when the ascension process takes place all substances go back to their natural state. All the pollution, heavy metals and radioactivity will all revert into a state which is harmless to the earth and her people. So how are we going to help mother earth facilitate her ascension process. Through spiritualisation, through the spiritualisation of her body and because your are her children through the spiritualisation of your bodies. How shall we facilitate the spiritualisation? we can facilitate it in a very easy and simple way. We can work with the energy of the Mahatma. You humans as each and any one of you open yourself to this Mahatma energy, it flows through you and out of you into the body of your mother earth and this energy that flows through you and into the body of mother earth will bring about the spiritualisation of her. Understand that mother earth has asked for this, this spiritualisation has not been forced upon her for she is living breathing being, she is living, breathing being that has chosen this, it is a conscious choice on her behalf it is not something that is being forced upon her by humans, I observe that many human beings as they go about their so called work, that is known to some as earth healing. that many of these beings are trying to force their will upon the earth mother they are not working in accordance with divine will and the will of the goddess Gaia. This causes further imbalances, further energetic imbalances, you could liken it to someone coming up to a human being, putting them in a tight grip and saying you are sick and I will heal you. And forcing there will upon you. Those of you that would understand that working in accordance with the divine will is the only way must now be starting to understand the implication of this so called healing of mother earth in this forced way.

The Mahatma energy is very simple to use. It is very safe. It is very supportive and loving. For understand that the only true healing energy is love and this mahatma energy is pure unconditional love. It is love without conditions. You cannot use this energy to force anything. It only works in accordance with divine will for it is the energy of the I am of Source. It is important now that more and more human beings know about this energy. It is important now that more and more human beings work with this energy. And many of you think, what can I personally do, you could allow the energy of the Mahatma to flow through your heart, and I am sure you have heard this one before. It will speed your journey to freedom.

What is freedom? It is freedom of mind, it is freedom from fear, it is freedom to create your own reality for understand that the Avatar of synthesis is now present upon your planet and the syntheses that this spiritual being is bringing about is the forward movement into wholeness.

For those of you that do not know how to work with this energy I will tell you how easy it is. It is so easy that all you have to do is speak a few words. “I affirm that I allow the Mahatma energy to flow through me in accordance with the will of my I am presence” What could be simpler. And I will tell you that for every human being that grounds this Mahatma energy we the beings that are working with it in the higher dimensions of reality will multiply this energy for you by ten, if you have ten people it is like working with hundred people, if you have hundred people it is like working with a thousand people, it doesn’t take any human being long to think about the implication of this. Gather a group of ten thousand people and it is like a million people. And million people can ground a lot of energy. And this energy working in accordance with divine will can soon bring harmony and balance into the body of your mother. I will encourage each and everyone of you to make the Mahatma energy a priority in your lives. I will encourage you to work with it as if you life depended upon it. I will ask you not to work with it in panic or in fear for without the Mahatma energy you will not go through that transition that you know as death right now, but the transition will come.

And for many it will mean incarnation again upon mother earth or in some other place in time and space, material manifest in the 3/4D realities. So that you may continue to live out your fantasies, your fantasies of power and control you will be given the opportunity to carry on printing your money and building weapons. You will be given the opportunity for a small number of beings to have so much power that they control the food the water and the resources of that planet, and through that illusion of power and greed. Make peoples lives miserable and withhold food until such times as their glorious individual I am presence manage to communicate with them and inform of the energy of love. so now is the time to make the decision. I will open up my heart and love now; I will allow the energy of Mahatma to flow through my heart. I affirm I am now ready and willing to step into my own power and be free.

Stepping into my own power does not mean taking the power away from others it means that you aid others in their empowerment. The Mahatma energy is very, very transformative, it can bring about the spiritualization of matter very, very quickly, it can bring about the spiritualisation of your own life’s first, just by using the mahatma energy in the way that I have explained to you. It is hard for many humans to understand what real and true empowerment is through spiritualisation. At this stage I feel that I can only explain to you that it is a freedom of fear, a freedom of fear of lack, and a freedom of constriction anything else is very hard for you to grasp.

The next step of that empowerment of freedom is multidimensional freedom.
What is multidimensional freedom? It is the freedom to travel, the freedom to experience the freedom to know that you are a multidimensional being that you are connected to the Source of all there is. The Source of all Creation is wondrous beyond imagination. It would be impossible for you to imagine this glorious, wondrous state but my friends because you are of the Creator or you are of the Creator source you are also marvellous, wondrous beings. Sit and think for a moment would you like to be limited to experience through the senses of your physical body although please understand at this time that there is nothing wrong through experiencing through the senses of your physical bodies, you have them so that you can experience through them.
Spiritualisation is not a denial of the physical but can you imagine the marvellous experiences that you can have, the wondrous knowledge of your true self if you have multidimensional freedom. If you have a direct connection with the Source of all Creation. You are wondrous beings. Many of you have build around your self an illusion that is so powerful that you think it is real. You honestly and truthfully believe that you are not multidimensional. You honestly and truthfully believe that it is not possible for you to experience multidimensionality and the only thing that exists is what you can perceive through your senses. Wake up. The time is now. The ascension is closer then many of you would even dream. The ascension for many is closer then your closest breath. When would that be? I would not say that it is in the next hour. I would not say it is in the next minute. I would maybe say it is not in the next year the time is illusion.

So it can be closer to you then your closest breath. Mahatma is love, allow this energy to flow through you, and the spiritualisation will naturally take place. You will not have to deny yourself there is no such thing as working hard, notice that I use this word of allow this energy of Mahatma to flow through you. You do not have to sit and meditate for weeks, for months for years. You can ground the mahatma energy in every situation in your life. You can be a physical manifestation walking upon this earth of this Mahatma if only you open yourself up and allow your selves to be that remember I told you about your glorious nature. Sit and think for a few moments about your glorious nature. Tune into your own love your own light.

I leave you in LOVE and Mahatma, Brian

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