Channelling of Enki


flat550x550075f (1)The conversation on the workshop flows around Annunaki as one student ask questions about them.

So here come Enki and he wanted to speak to us:

Some people think we create human race as slaves. Of course, it is correct on one level. When your bodies were created they were created with the potential of full consciousness. It was you may call it genetic manipulation and the being that was given that task was Yahwee. Yahwee was genetic engineer per excellence. That’s why Yahwee was considered God. He was the creator of your bodies but he is not a divine energy.

If you were created with the potential of full consciousness why you still don’t have it?

I will go back to your bible stories, Adam and Eve, they were told “Do not eat the fruit of that tree”/the apple/. This was a symbol. This was the tree of knowledge. Why do not eat from the tree of knowledge? Because they will not be happy to be slaves. And even if they begin to understand basic creation they would look for more kinds of freedom.

So then some snake come along. These were the reptilian beings. Just know some reptilians are aligned with Divine Love.

You could become free, questioning why I am a slave, why my choice is taken from me. So they were taken away from the garden of Eden. So sin was put to all female creatures. This is attempted repression of female energy on Earth.

I was the first to reside on planet Earth /from the Annunaki/. My agenda with the first race was to start changing it instead of keep it in slavery. I decided to assist you in expanding your DNA through activation and to assist you in creating great civilisations – integrate the knowledge of your star brothers and sisters, facilitating healing, sharing with you the secrets of creation – like a metaphor.

Many of these civilisations, many of these great structures – people look at them and wonder how they were created. It is very simple – you cut stones with sound frequency, you moved stones, you constructed with sound vibration. There were no thousands of people cutting and moving these stones. Take the pyramids – when the pyramids were done this way – we started at the top and we worked down instead from bottom to top as you do today.

We share with you how to bring people into wholeness by interacting with other dimensions, with other beings like animals, elementals, plants, trees, by focusing on utilising the energy of divinity of love.

There were great civilisation on Earth. What happened then?

You were created in slavery but other beings wanted to keep you in this slavery through all kind of events. After the destruction of civilisations you come into darkness. Why did Creator allow this, not Yahwee or me, but the Divine energy- God or Goddess? It was allowed as it is all experience and God is not in a hurry to do anything, as time doesn’t exist for God. It is only experience. It is all a journey.

Now the energy again is flowing through your universe, for many years seeds has been planted, watered by the love of Source sprouting and growing. This is the expanding of knowledge of humans, of who you truly are and you are always encouraged to go further.

If you think you go to the end then you go to the illusion again. You are encouraged to realize who you are step by step. How many methods have appeared on Earth to change your thinking, to trigger you! There must be something! My message to you is to encourage you to continue your self realization. The true essence of humanity cannot be a state of mind. Enlightenment is not a state of mind. Only heart understands these things. Heart doesn’t answer how. We encourage you to keep moving on. Everybody’s place is different. Please do not live in comparison. Everybody is in perfect place for them in space and time.

Destination is not important. Destination is guaranteed. Enjoy the magic of the journey. When you do enjoy the magic there is no difficulty, everything turns into adventure, like when you were child and all was magical – smile of a stranger or appearance of a flower. Allowing magic to manifest in life you will find journey becomes more smooth. Allow , allow, allow the time essence of what you are to flow through your heart. Life changes. Things flow. I encourage you to tease yourself in this allowance. Allowance is the next step of your journey and made the white powder gold assist you in this adventure.

So with that I will depart the channel. I will not depart the energy of this space as I will be here as an observer. So my heart is full and open in allowance of the energy divine. It is all a question of personal allowance.

I love you thanks!

1st of May 2014,
White Powder Gold workshop in Bucharest, John Armitage

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