Dromberg Stone Circle Meditation


This is one of the best stone circles in Ireland because it has a recumberant stone with ancient initiation points that is lying down. Usually these are only found in northern Scotland. There are only 2 or 3 of them in Ireland. This also tells us this is a very ancient Atlantean setup and has been used as a point for grounding the light since the dawn of time. Merlin asked John to bring the group here.

My brothers and sisters of Divine Light, Merlin I am. First, I would like to say to you that, although I have not been speaking with you every day or giving you information every day, I have been walking by your side. Many of you will know me as Merlin, the magician, the teacher of that being of light known as King Arthur. So what did I pass on to and teach Arthur? My way of teaching Arthur and the things he had to learn and endure to learn to stand in his own power as king of light were very different than what most of you have had to live. It is different times, different days, and different ways of doing things.

Nevertheless, whatever you may think, you are really magicians in training. Of course, when you say magician, many people are thinking of doing all kinds of tricks and illusions. Using this word, magician, is just a substitute for the word alchemist. So now maybe you are thinking of stories you have heard about the ancient alchemists turning ordinary lead and base metal into gold. It is true there were many alchemists during one period that received this quest of turning these metals into pure gold. But really the quest was to transform base consciousness into the purity of the divinity of Divine Love. This is the quest you are embarked upon, to learn to rise above and transform illusory information and illusory energy and to be able to live in the magic of the now. When you actually perfect this activity, you will find that life completely changes. Every time you command a change or command the change of energy or command a change in your life stream or the consciousness, it manifests if only you understand in your heart that you are the magician that creates the change. Of course, you have heard all this before, but I am asking you now what are you doing about it?

The mind says I know all this and the heart says let me take over. The mind says what would I do without fear and being able to live in freedom? What am I supposed to do, and the heart says just let me do it. The mind says yes but where are the boundaries? The heart says there are no boundaries. The mind says if there are no boundaries, how do I know where to stop? The heart says there is no need to stop. Just keep going. And so the argument continues between mind, ego, and heart. The mind says I can’t do it because I am this thing, that thing, and the other thing. And the heart says yes but I am everything and it’s unconditional.

So you can see the system is simple. I just ask you to begin to understand you are magicians, and life is magic and the magic continues as long as you allow it to manifest. The simplicity: allowance, allowance, allowance. So this is my talk with you this day. Now I am going to ask you to make a decision and the decision is to do it! In the immortal words of Gandhi: “Be the change.” Sit quietly for awhile and look into your hearts where you will make that decision. Now as you are making a decision, I, Merlin, will activate a multidimensional vortex of the template of creation that is known as the Flower of Life from the 3rd dimension into the 13th reality and throughout the 13th reality, connecting with all the Ascended Masters, Galactic and Intergalactic Masters, and many other beings of light. Activate, activate, activate.

My next thing is to gently bring about a sprinkling of this platinum colored dust. It is the magic dust of transformation. If you call it magic dust, maybe you will allow the magic to work. So sit quietly and allow yourself to receive, and allow it to flow into you, through you, and also into Mother Earth. So this is my interaction with you this morning. I will leave you for the moment and you can spend time in the other points. You can take some of the energized water from the little well. Keep your hearts open. Keep loving. Keep the magic flowing and be it!

Dromberg Stone Circle Meditation channeled by John Armitage, May 18, 2011, near Glandore, Ireland

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