Earth healing at Wesak

angel3Let’s just focus on this space above your head and just focus there into your twelfth chakra above your head.  And through that chakra feel that connection building with your I am presence to your higher self.  Lets just focus on that connection with our I am presence and allow the connection to mother/father Source and as we connect with Source just let us feel the silver, golden, violet energy, the Mahatma energy flowing down to us through the I am and just again is the moment to allow the affirmation to run through you minds.  I am that I am the Mahatma in love.  And just feel that love just filling the whole of your physical body and feel this love filling your physical body but expanding, expanding, and expanding into your energy bodies.  Just feel, see, allow, imagine your light body is becoming activated with this pure unconditional love from Source.  And as your lightbodies become full vibrating and pulsating with this silver, golden, violet mahatma energy, just allow the energy to flow through you and down into mother earth.  Mother Earth tells me she is willing to receive this energy.  That she will utilize this energy and find it useful.  You may at this time in your minds eye see representation of what this Michael/Mary line is and where it actually flows on the planet.  You might she the changes in the colors just changes in the pulsating, frequencies of this  line.  You may see different amounts of light; different amounts of love energy if you don’t see it don’t worry about it.  Just allow this Mahatma to flow through you.

For I am Michael the Archangel and it is my friends a great welcome that I extend to you this day a great welcome that I extend to you at this place, this crossing place of the line that holds the energy of Michael and the line that holds the energy of Mary and this land known as the United Kingdom.  A lot of you would think there would be complicated rituals, that there would be complicated activities but understand my friends, the complications only satisfy your complex mind, complicated activities and rituals are merrily a focus, a building of focus for the moment that you allow the energy to finally flow through you.  So just open your selves and at this time of opening I will give you a few minutes to think each and every one of you what you would like to let go of, what healing you would like to receive as mother earth receives her healing also.  So spend a few moments thinking.

As you think about what you would like to let go and transmute this day also allow yourself to open up to the goddess energy the energy of Mary.  For Mary’s energy is the energy of compassion, the energy of nurturance. The energy of support and love.

So now you have thought about what you want to let go of I will give you a further moment just to think. Is this what I really want?  For often the humans believe they need things or want things and then they find when they manifest in their lives they didn’t really want it at all.  It can cause you many troubles. Understand that the manifestation of these things is becoming quicker.  You can instantly create now.  So spend a few moments: Is this what I really want?

So my friends, affirm in your own minds in your own way that you are ready. That you are ready to let go.  That you are ready to take the things from your consciousness that you have deemed necessary to remove and I Michael cut the ties of these things for you and transmute them into love, transmute  them into light. And I will now and I do these things for you now, PUFFF
With this newly open channels and energy bodies, let this Mahatma energy flow into this energy line and see it expanding, expanding, expanding. All  over the body of mother Earth for she has asked for this healing.  She has asked for this balancing. And is willing to accept it with love so now again just allow the affirmation to flow through your mind, I am that I am the MAHATMA.

Understand brothers and sisters that you each and every one of you are energy masters.. You are present in every dimensional reality.  The only thing you need to do to experience your presence in every dimensional reality is to allow and not deny what you are creators, cocreators, gods and goddess all present in one body. Allow your selves to experience this MD reality your MD connections.  And harmony and balance will manifest in the form of God and Goddess within your hearts.

And as we allow these energies to flow through us just consciously do not try too hard, but consciously focus on those energies which you might call pre Lemurian energies. Allow the starry consciousness, your starry consciousness and the starry consciousness of the beings that started the original creation of this place and as these starry energies and those starry connections build again allow that to flow through you and allow it to begin to build templates of the crystalline nature deep within the body of Earth mother and down through these crystalline templates to the very  heart crystal of mother earth. As these energies connect with the heart crystal again you may see, feel, allow, imagine for none is different the love of your Earth mother the Goddess Gaia returning to you, expanding you, nurturing you and balancing you.

Bless you brothers and sisters we thank you.

Channeled by Haridas Melchizedek on the Mary-Michael line in Avebury.   UK

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