Earth Healing

MotherEarth (1)The physical body is composed of the components of the Earth : the minerals, the metals, the salts, etc. so when you finished with this physical body, it goes back to Mother Earth. Even the animals and insects still go back to the Earth. So, when your Mother is sick, the children are always sick. And Mother Earth has made the decision to become Whole. So we can help Her to do that, through Love because Love transmutes everything. So we can use this Universal Energy to help balance Her. Mother Earth told me when I spoke to Her about this healing a number of years ago and I said Her : will Earth changes and upheavals be the way that you do your healing ? That these Earth changes and upheavals be the way that you do your healing ? She said I’m sick because of the activities of my children, the human beings. She said that human beings, her children, have not realized yet that it was not a good idea to poison and rape their Mother. And she said that was time to stop. And I said Mother Earth you have been very patient with us and she again spoke to me saying : can you remember when you were a small child and your mother looked after you and picked up everything you threw down ? She cleaned up everything after you ? When you screamed at her and abused her, she just gave you Love ? And then one day she considered the time had come for you to learn a little bit about politeness, and cleanliness. And you made a mess one day and she went : don’t do that ! and it was a huge shock ! Transformative anger ! She said : I have been getting to the stage where I might have to sentence my children and I might have to shake them and give them a lesson. But I’m really holding my patience and I don’t want to do it. And I hope we can find new ways of trading the children. And I said : Mother Earth we just need people to be in Love and further Love can transmute everything. She said : you’re right my son, get your ass on and do it !

Channelled by John Armitage, Tilburg

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