Energy Sustenance Meditation

GaianSoulLightAscensionIn Hindu philosophy, Brahma is the creator and Vishnu is the sustainer. We are clearing planetary consciousness and bringing in the abundance of the universe. Open your hearts and affirm, in accordance with your I AM Presence and Divine Will, we are open to let go of any energies not for our highest good. Call in the Mahatma energy, clearance teams, and the Universal and Galactic Beings. Affirm you accept this Mahatma energy and these clearances. Remember, life is full of personal choices to do or not to do. I ask the clearances to take place now. Clear, clear, clear. This opens us for a more expanded and open radiation of the Mahatma , the Divine Love. I call upon the energies of Vishnu, and I respectfully command your presence here. As your presence manifests, I ask you to transmit this energy to everyone who has requested it.

Vishnu will now talk:

Good afternoon. Vishnu, I am. It is a pleasure to be able to communicate with you in the spoken word and energetically. My spoken message is on the subject of sharing and allowing. Not only is it important for each individual to open themselves to this sharing and nurturing of others, but also to open to the nurturing and allowance of the self to share this energy. You have been assisting in the clearance of the energy of famine in this land, and this is very noble of you to put time and energy into this clearing. I ask you to turn your attention inwards into your hearts, minds, and emotional bodies and ask yourself: “Are you programmed to believe you have a famine within yourself?” The famine I speak of within yourself is that many humans have the idea there is a famine of love within, a famine of divinity within, and a famine or lack of light within. The truth is you already have all the abundance of divinity and light within. It’s basically a question of allowing it to shine and to stop repressing your divinity and your abundance of light and abundance of love. So as well as clearing these energies of lack in the national consciousness, I suggest you allow these energies to clear within yourself and allow the totality of the energies of the Creator to shine out from you, because this will not only sustain you as an individual, but it will assist the energy of sharing and mutual respect upon the earth. Think about the energy of acceptance and the energy of giving and sharing. Sit quietly for a short time to think about this and to look into your hearts and minds and ask yourself what could be blocking you in this acceptance and sharing.

Now let’s allow the energy to flow through us and below our earth stars into Mother Earth and connect with the heart crystal of Mother Earth. We will give you a few moments and you can see, feel, allow, and imagine this. Now as it flows into the earth’s heart crystal, it amplifies, amplifies, amplifies, and then it flows from the heart crystal through the different levels of crystals and gemstones within the body of Mother Earth and is further amplified as it goes through all these crystalline substances. Now it flows into the energy gridworks on the surface and starts to reflect into the consciousness of all beings, all in accordance with Divine Will. Now as an extra piece of energy for this country, let us concentrate this energy in the central holy hill where all the energy lines of the country cross. Activate, activate, activate. I, Vishnu, will be departing from the channel after again passing on to you, activate, activate, activate, the energy of sustenance and also the balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. And you may ask me why I pass on this Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy. It is because another aspect of myself was Krishna, and his activity on earth was to balance Divine Masculine and Feminine. This has nothing to do with religious philosophy. It has to do with the divinity of creation. The references to religion are merely to assist your 3D minds into a process of understanding. So I leave you with the energy of sustenance and the blessings of abundance in all aspects of your being and the whole world’s being. In the arms of Source, I thank you.

Energy Sustenance Meditation Channeled by John Armitage, May 15, 2011, Dublin, Ireland

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