Forgiveness Meditation


“Your sins are forgiven” (book of John). “Pick up your bed and go”. What does this mean to us now in the 21st Century. Although we aren’t lying down and we can walk, in some ways we are still paralyzed. Our minds are paralyzed. We have an inability to think outside our conditioning and an inability to keep moving forward and following our realizations and living the energy of our realizations, instead of keeping one foot in conditioning and one foot some place else. This also creates struggle with the energy of guilt. This is a great place to let it go.

In today’s world, now is the time to forgive yourself and get on with life. Let’s forget the guilt, sin, and the program. For each of us it’s a different story, but the energy is the same story–guilt, self-judgment, and conditioning which holds us back from interacting with an expanded version of reality. The old story is I love myself ┬áBUT. The excuses all mean the same thing: self denial. Some of this trip is for us and some for planetary service. Some people can do planetary service easier than for themselves. Today, we are asking you to do things for yourself with as much focus and fervor as you do planetary service. There is nothing difficult in it if you erase BUT.
Change the words “I can’t” to “I can” and “I will”. That is the magic technique–“I will”. “I can” instead of “I can’t because”.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Think about the energy of this place and forgiveness and look into your hearts and minds and ask if you are willing to forgive yourself. Once you have thought about whether you will forgive yourself, then are you willing to forgive others? Because we cannot live in our hearts and live in mutual support for each other unless we forgive others too. If we are walking in the footsteps of Jesus and where miracles were formed, we cannot forget the essence of the teaching, “forgive others”.

We call upon the true essence of Jesus. In accordance with your own will and I AM Presence, we bring it to each of you and allow it to flow through your entire being. Accept, affirm, “I release all guilt now. I AM That I AM”. Focus on your hearts. Accept this energy of forgiveness and allow your hearts to open. Allow this energy of forgiveness to flow from your heart. Maybe there is part of you that is holding grudges or things against others or beings or against God. It’s time to let it go. Allow this forgiveness to flow into all these situations or memories. Open the heart, open the heart, open the heart. Affirm, “I forgive all. I AM That I AM”. Expand our forgiveness to all the beings and all beings on earth. Allow everyone on earth to link in with this energy of forgiveness if they wish this.

Start to bring your attention outwards.

Forgiveness Meditation, channelled by John Armitage
Nov. 13, 2010, Jerusalem, at the Templar/Crusader Church, where Jesus healed the paralyzed man.

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