Hill of Tara Meditation


The stone here on the Hill of Tara grounds interstellar and intergalactic energies. It has an energy matrix to process the energy as it comes in. In the old days, it was the center of Irish goddess worship. This site is as important as Giza and others. In Irish mythology, this is the entrance to the underworld, the “land of the little people”. The little people are under this hill and an old civilization is under the earth.

I call upon Tara, the Divine Goddess. Good morning. I am Tara and many of you have interacted with me in many of my different forms whether it’s Mother Mary, Kali, or Isis, and more and more. You are very welcome in this holy place. It is for me the greatest of pleasure to see you beings that have compassion and love in your hearts present here. Many of you have been present in other ancient and holy vortexes, grounding your love and divinity of light and spreading this energy of the divinity of love and divine light throughout the energetic grid system of Mother Earth, the Goddess Gaia.

So now I am again asking you to open your hearts and allow this divinity of the Divine Mother to flow through you. Allow it to flow into the matrix that is the grid work that sustains the body of Mother Earth. The energetic matrix of the Divine Mother is the Goddess Gaia, the same as the energetic grid works within your own bodies. As the light flows through this energetic matrix, it gives life to the planet. So please open yourself without reserve and without question. We are going to sit quietly for some minutes while this divinity of love and light flows through you and within the vortex on which you sit.

Now I, Tara, call upon the holy priestesses of the Divine Goddess and I, Tara, ask and command that there is a high priestess for each and every one of you within this circle. In accordance with the will of the Source of all creation and the will of your own selves and I AM Presences, these priestesses put their hands on your shoulders or heads and assist you in grounding this energy. Now let’s transmit this energy in a more focused way through the energetic grid works of the Goddess Gaia. First, let’s spread it throughout the energetic grid works of this island (Ireland), and as it spreads through this holy island, let it start to dissolve and transmute further these energies of separation. As the Divine Love flows through, let it touch the hearts of all beings that will let it touch their hearts and bring everything together in Divine Love.

Now, it flows out from the island through the grid works into the center crystal of Africa, and it spreads north and south in Africa. As it goes northward, it flows into all the troubled places in the north of Africa, and touches the hearts to release separation, in accordance with Divine Will. It spreads through the African continent, south, east, and west, to all places where there is conflict and separation. From there, it flows out into the Middle East and onwards into the Far East, taking this love and divinity into all these places where there is separation between religions or factions of religions or separation between different aspects of nations.

I ask the priestesses to open themselves further so a more open and wider radiation of my energy of the Divine Mother flows in. It spreads to every corner, to every place in the body of Goddess Gaia. Let’s take it into every holy vortex, site, temple, church, mosque, synagogue–everywhere there are holy sites and sacred vortexes . Let us spread the energy into these points, in accordance with the keepers of these places.

Now I ask you to connect with your hearts around your group and, as we connect with your hearts, project your consciousness downwards into the body of Mother Earth. Here I have arranged with the people living under this land to meet with you. So I, Tara, will leave the channel and leave you in this Divinity of Love. Thank you for your focus, attention, and dedication. In the Divinity of Love, I depart. Just enjoy your time with the people of Tir Na Nog, the” little people”.

Bring ourselves back to the circle. Integrate and bring ourselves outwards. Many beings thank you for your activity. You may be surprised by some of them that were around. El Morya in the form of King Arthur was here and Merlin was the crow flying around our circle and an Irish king was here also.

Hill of Tara Meditation, channeled by John Armitage, in Tara, Ireland, May 16, 2011

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