Kuthumi All Ones are worthy

kuthumi2I am Kuthumi. Namaste brothers and sisters. It is not too often that I speak through this one like this, but there are many Masters involved in this celebration, and many ones waiting to come through, not only this one, but others that are involved in this celebration. But I can say that because of my position as World Teacher (sometimes these titles do come in handy) I was allowed to take centre stage first. So I come to speak to you about the subject of worthiness. Already I see that ones are thinking, “Is he talking to me? “. Yes, I am talking to all of you.

This thing worthiness means many things to many different people. Some ones would think that, “I’m not qualified to work with the Ascended Masters. I am not qualified to be a channel for the energies of the Ascended Masters. I am not qualified to become light and take my ascension.” This idea, if you hold it in your minds that you are not qualified, extends from feelings of unworthiness. I would like to inform you officially that all ones are worthy. All ones are worthy. I would like you to think about these words, not only think about them, but allow them to sink deep into your consciousness and your sub-consciousness. It is as well to look into the reasons why many ones feel unworthy.

Many ones feel unworthy because of their past, but the past is the past, and the past brought you to the present. It doesn’t matter to Mother/Father God or the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa, the Ascended Masters, what your past is. Your past in this life and your previous pasts. When I say previous, I mean your past in other lives.

The past is gone, it has disappeared. I would also like to tell you that in many ways there is no future. There is only NOW, this split second in which you hear the first fragment of my words. This split second is the only place worth living, because if you try and live in the past the energies of the past are brought into now. They affect your energy fields, they affect your chakras, they also affect your emotional bodies.

Do you understand what is being said here? This is the reason why the flame of St Germain is so useful, because every time you start to experience these feelings of emotion that stem from past conditioning, these feelings of emotion that stem from fear, consign them to the silver, violet flame for transmutation into love. The silver, violet flame is the cosmic garbage disposal system, and it isn’t like the garbage disposal systems in the third dimension. It cannot be overloaded. The silver, violet flame has a massive appetite and asks to be fed with these energies that have disassociated themselves from the Source.

Back to the unworthiness, I would ask how many ones can honestly put up their hands in this group and say that in every lifetime that they ever had since they were created, since their monad was created at the first outpouring from the Source, they have continuously had lives in Light? How many lives have you had, all of you and all of us too, as the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa, the Ascended Masters, how many lives did we have when we didn’t work with the Light? You have heard this channel say this many times, but again I, Kuthumi, say it to you to reinforce it in your consciousness – there are only two teams at play in God’s plan. One wears light T-shirts and one wears dark T-shirts. There is nothing else. There is nothing to fear. If you went to a football match, would you fear the team that was wearing a T-shirt that wasn’t the same as the T-shirt of the team you were supporting? Of course you wouldn’t. I would like you to look at what is happening here upon your planet as a football game. I can see that that presses some buttons.

Does everybody think that you have to be holy, serious, not laugh, not be joyous and not have fun in the spiritual process that will take you to freedom and your ascension? I say to you, look upon it as a football match and through your skills in grounding the Light and your skills with working with the energies of the Ascended Masters, the game will be won. And once the game is won, the other team will not be defeated.

They will change their T-shirts. They will join us on this journey of fun, love, freedom and laughter. So again I say to you, forget the unworthiness. It is in the past. I would like you all to say now, collectively, after me, “I affirm I am worthy. I Am that I Am.” Do you feel the changes of energies within you? Do you feel the lightness that flows into your bodies now? So don’t forget this affirmation. Make this affirmation of worthiness continuously. Any time that you feel that you are unworthy, just affirm that you are worthy, and everything take a 360 degree turn.

Every time there are energies at work within your life that have disassociated themselves from the Source, these energies which want to throw you into confusion and fear, affirm that you are Light and Love. Use the ‘I Am that I Am’ affirmation. Some ones I know don’t understand what these words ‘I Am that I Am’ mean. When you make this affirmation it links you, it sets up the two way flow of energy, between you and your Monad, your Higher Self or I Am Presence. There is some confusion in the way people use these words. Some people think that their Higher Selves are their Souls. Your Higher Self is your Monad, your spark, your individual spark of the Creator’s essence. That spark of energy which has the capability of extending itself and creating souls. Notice that the plural word is used here – souls. Each Monad is capable of creating twelve souls, and each of those twelve souls is capable of creating another twelve soul extensions. I don’t need a calculator to work out that this makes 144. The magical numbers again, 144, 144 thousand. How many times is this 144 thousand mentioned in the philosophy and science of ascension? So these words, this affirmation “I Am That I Am” links you with your monad, your I Am Presence. Your monad is the keeper or holder of your personal blueprint. This I would point out is different to the seed blueprint for creation, which is held in the mind of the Creator.

Your personal blueprint is your monad’s plan, or your monadic plan, for your spiritual ascension, for your spiritual work etc. in this present life.

At this present time, upon this beautiful goddess upon which you all live, the Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth, this planet which is more beautiful than any other planet in this aspect of creation, within which you experience, this Goddess Gaia, this alive being, she is more alive than many human beings right now. She is living, she is breathing, she is growing.

She’s channelling the energies of love. You live upon her, just like many beings live upon your skin and upon your body. You may not be able to see the beings that live upon your body, or even within your body, but there are billions of them. If you are balanced and free from disease, well then you are termed within the fifth dimension ‘well’. All the beings that live upon you, and all the beings that live inside you, are all living in a state of harmony. Now is the time that the Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth, is asking for the beings that live upon her to live in harmony with her. This living in harmony with her is multi-faceted and multi-levelled. It is so simple at one end of the scale, that she asks you to walk upon her gently. Not to stamp your feet as you go about your daily lives, but to understand that you are treading on a living being, and to tread lovingly and carefully. And on the other end of the scale, Mother Earth asks you not to dump your confused emotional energies into her. Not to dump chemicals, not to dump radio-active waste, not to dump polluting substances upon her body and within her body. She would like you to know that if you do walk gently upon her and you do turn around this poisoning of her through your love and through your light, then this transition into Light that she has chosen as a living being will take place in a gentle manner.

You see you are all co-creators. Co-Creators. Think of this – you are co-creators in so much as that you can create Heaven upon this planet. And not only are you co-creators, you are also creator gods, because you can create your own reality.

So it is a question of creating your own reality. A reality of peace, a reality of love, a reality of compassion and a reality of Light, within your own hearts and within your own minds, and with others co-create that same reality for all that live upon and within the Earth Mother.

You are all worthy of this. It is possible that this worthiness can be realised in a fraction of time that is less than the clicking of fingers.

So I would ask you all now to realise that you are all worthy, to walk in love, to walk in Light, to open up your hearts and allow the energy of love, the energy of Mary, the energy of Isis, the energy of Shakti, the energy of Lakshmi, the energy of Radharani, the energy of Sananda, the energy of Krishna, the energy of Shiva to flow through your hearts and transform you into Light and Love.

A short lesson for you, very straight and to the point. I leave now. I am Kuthumi. I leave you with my love, I leave you with my Light and I say to you that it is a great honour to be amongst so many shining beings. It is an honour which I very gladly receive. The last thing I say to you is think love and BE LOVE.


Channelled by John Armitage at the Eye of the Sun on 26 April 1996.

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