Light Codes of Solomon and more


Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Ground in the energy of David.

Good morning, I am David. I am here first of all to offer you a big thanks for the attention you have given to this city, this love, and this light. Maybe many do not understand the profound effects your presence has had in this place. It is true your presence has had a very srong impact. I will ask you now to open your hearts and keep a focus in your minds of union. This union or unity is obviously the unity of all beings, philosophies, and all religions. You did some activity with this yesterday. As you hold this intention of unity, I am going to ask for the presence of the energy of Solomon. Solomon was also a master of light. So I ask the energy of Solomon to merge with my energy, the energy of David. I also, during this merging, ask for Solomon to release the light codes he was the keeper of and for those of you willing to accept, we will bring to you those light codes of Solomon. We start to bring this energy now into your space of activity. Allow this information and these codes to radiate from you into the gridworks of the city of Jerusalem and then spread outwards from the city across he planet.

Now we are going to open what we call the 12 gates of Jerusalem. Although there are 12 gates to Jerusalem, this represents the 12 chakra system in the etheric realms. Originally, the 12 gates of Jerusalem were made from gem stones which activate the energy system. So we open and activate the 12 gates. Activate, activate, activate. As these activations take place, it opens up energetic pathways to a place in time nd space we call the new Jerusalem. The new Jerusalem isn’t a city in the third dimension, but is a place of perfection in the higher vibrational realms. When the new Jerusalem manifests into the third dimension, the knowledge of perfection will manifest across the planet. So I activate these energies of the new Jerusalem and connect you to them in accordance with Divine Will and your I AM Pesences. Activate, activate, activate. So these energies also rekindle and reactivate the knowledge of the Violet Tribe, the children of the new Israel. The new Isael is like the new Jerusalem–not a new counry. It’s an energy. Many beings involved in the Violet Tribe or Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Family are involved in spreading this energy of the new Israel. We also activate the energy now. Activate, activate, activate. Keep the focus on the grounding and radiation of this energy.

Now I am going to ask you to complete one more task. Allow these energies of the new Jerusalem and new Israel to flow through you and transmute the consciousness of the Jewish people, the victim consciusness they hold. It is not only in this country, it is this victim consciousness present in the Jewish mentality and follows Jewish people across the planet. Hold in your mind this Museum of the Holocaust. Let us bring this energy of the new Jerusalem and new Israel mingled with energy of divine love and forgiveness and let’s transmute all this energy into harmony and balance and the divinity of light. So it’s clear, clear, clear.

Thank you very much for this. I would bring you one more gift if you are willing to receive. This is a personal gift for each and every one. The psalms which are in the Bible and these psalms are actually magical chants Solomon used for all kinds of purposes. Most of them have been incorrectly translated, so the original meanings are very hard to find in the writings of the Bible. For those wishing to receive (just say yes), we will now bring you the energy of the songs of Solomon and the strength, vision, hope, love, and light contained in these. We bring it now. Activate, activate, activate.

Now this activity is at an end. It is a pleasure to have been able to interact wih you once more in this way. I give you my love, my light, and my blessings. I am David. Shalom.

Nov. 17, 2010, Jerusalem, Israel, channeled by John Armitage, Light Codes of Solomon and more

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