Mahatma activation

angelaffix[1]“The word Mahatma is a mantra with which to invoke the energy of The Rider of the White Horse, the Source. It is not the same Mahatma Madame Blavatsky and others have referred to in their writings, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “great soul.”




The Vibratory Action of “I Am”

When an individual says, “Mahatma.” he is invoking the creative/integrative attribute of the Source and is announcing Creation at his particular point of Light within this Cosmic Day. The vibratory action of the words I Am Mahatma releases the energy of Creation, so that whatever quality follows that decree is instantly manifested in the pure etheric substance and ultimately in the spiritual microtron (these, being stepped down through the twelve rays, are the only energies in existence that need be defined or qualified). It is the responsibility of each one to invoke perfection into his own world, for the law, of his being requires that each person use his own energy to utter the decree – you cannot give this responsibility to someone else to do for you! The Mahatma can synthesize your connections, but only you can implement the undertaking.”

–Brian Grattan

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