Meditation at Armageddon


Armageddon or Megiddo, Israel, according to the book, Keys of Enoch, by James J. Hurtak, will be the place of the final balance between darkness and light. Armageddon is on the same flat plain as Mt. Tabor where we were yesterday. Under the land is a massive 6-pointed Star of David made from copper, again according to Keys of Enoch. Our task is to do another activation of the 6-pointed star, to bring about some further balancing in these discordant energies which manifest through here. There are quite a few of us here, so we can muster a lot of energy, focus, & strength, so we will cut an energetic tie that runs into the middle of the vortex from another reality that feeds imbalance and fear into this place.

Enoch: Good morning. Shalom. It is a good morning to the Violet Tribe and the children of the new Israel. A big welcome to this place known as Megiddo or Armageddon. As you know, there is much prophecy about this place not only by myself and other prophets, but in the more modern times in the Book of Revelations by John in the New Testament. So the first thing I am going to ask you to do is to join together through the energy of your heart chakras, and you know this will increase the energy. There are 36 of you present, so I will also call upon the Mahatma and this will make it the equivalent of 360. You see you have great energetic potential and the more you open your heart chakras, the more focused the potential will become. As you are opening, opening, opening more, I will also begin to create an energetic vortex which encompasses the whole of the hill. I begin to create the energetic vortex now. Keep opening your hearts and we keep feeding divine love through the center of the vortex connected to the center of the altar in the temple. As the energy flows through the central vortex, it starts to flow into the center of the 6-pointed star, and as it flows into the star, it starts to flow out to all the points of the star.

First, we need to do some clearance of the energy grids of the star, so keep your focus on clearing, clearing, clearing. All the discordant energies begin to dissipate from the star and it’s beginning to vibrate with this true divine light in harmony and balance. Now we begin to activate the star and it starts reflecting throughout the realities. It starts to move up beyond the 8th reality and onwards into the 12th. It starts to reflect beyond the 12th into much higher vibrational realities. At the same time, it continues to flow the energy down through our vortex through us into the star and continues to activate, activate, activate. I am asking you to keep a focus in your minds and hearts of this dissolving of this thread through which many energies are taken from here and many energies are fed into here. This thread runs through many realities into parallel universes. Now it’s a collective effort of quiet and to dissolve this connection into light. You can visualize it in many ways even as a sword, scissors, your 3rd eye, or love from your heart to cut it. This dissolving and cutting will make a huge difference in the energy that flows in here and in the universe in the ascension gridworks. As this connection is cut, the 6-pointed star will be reconfigured. This also will be a precursor to the reconfiguration of your own sacred geometries, all in good time.

We start the reconfiguration now of the 6-pointed star into a 12-sided dodecahedron. Transmute, transmute, transmute. At the same time, please keep your focus. The energy is flowing through you and all the other ties are being dissolved. You could make a decision as an individual that any ties you are not aware of that aren’t serving you in the highest good may also be dissolved by the these energies. The next energy I call upon is the merkaba of the heavenly hosts. You have had it explained to you that the merkaba is not a geometry. It is an energy. So we call upon these beings, the heavenly hosts, to bring their activated merkaba energy through the connection we have to the vortex and into the geometry of each of us as individuals and on the plain. This energy starts to spread out through the ascension gridworks. I am going to ask you to sit quietly and be open and allow the energy.

Now one more piece of activation for each individual. Some of you have already gone beyond the potentials of the dodecahedron geometry. For those, we are going to activate the next levels for the individuals. We are going to do this in association with the merkaba of the heavenly hosts. I call in the next levels of the merkaba of the heavenly hosts. I activate, activate, activate.

We will now put focus into spreading the energy through the Dove, the ascension lines. Please stay focused. Check that you are not swayed by outside influences and stay focused in your heart. Hold the picture of the Dove in your minds, and this will assist in the activations of the energy of the Dove on planet earth. Most people know the symbolism of the Dove is peace. It is worth continuing to pay attention and focus. Remember the words, peace and good will to all beings. Along with the Dove image, this intention should be flowing through your hearts.

I, Enoch, will say Shalom, peace be with you. I will be seeing you. Thank you for your attention and your presence here and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the gift that is yours, the divinity of love and the divinity of light.

Meditation at Armageddon, Israel, channeled by John Armitage, Nov. 19, 2010

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