Meditation at St. Brigid’s Well in Kildare


This is one of┬áIreland’s well known holy healing places where many miraculous healings have occurred. The meditation is to ask Brigid to assist us in facilitating our healing and facilitate the healing of all nations on the planet in accordance with Divine Will.

Good day. I am the energy known as Brigid. I hold a welcome for you in my heart. When I was incarnate in this world, I was an open channel for the energy of the Divine Mother. I am now offering you an opportunity if you want to accept it to integrate this energy of true harmony and balance in all aspects of your being. Many of you have been doing these activities before, so you know the first activity is to open your heart. As you open your hearts, I bring you the energy of the Divine Mother and the energy begins to flow through the energy centers, the chakras above your heads. It flows into your physical bodies.

Yesterday, with the goddess energies, you had your lightbodies reconfigured and activated, and you grounded this energy into the body of Mother Earth. Now I am asking you to be open to bring in a wide radiation of this energy of the Divine Mother through your heart. You can affirm you are living in accordance with Divine Will and your I AM Presence and true selves to accept this divinity in every cell and every molecule of your bodies. As you accept this energy in the very core of yourselves, I would like you, to the best you can, see it radiating from your hearts across the world. As it radiates from your hearts across the world, it touches the hearts of all beings willing to accept it. I would ask you to look into your own minds and to affirm that your love is totally without condition and filled with the divinity of the mother for all beings, nations, religions,and philosophies. So see this love and feel this love flowing from you in your mind’s eye and see the hearts of all opening, opening, opening.

As the hearts open, we can visualize in our hearts and minds that the invisible and visible walls are all melting away and the hearts of all beings connect with all the other beings and Holy Mother flows between each one. So now as we continue this activity heart to heart with all beings, just allow this to continue and we will move to the next phase. If it’s relevant for you and you want to accept, ask the holy water that is flowing here at Brigid’s Well to bring the light through your being. In this moment, tell the water and the energy any health issues or fears you have. At the same time, I mix the energy of Brigid and the Divine Mother with the light of the water. I ask the water to baptize you in the wholeness of the name of the One.

I ask you to visualize a column of this water rising into the sky way way up into the higher atmosphere of the earth, and the column of water gets stronger and stronger. The flow increases and I ask the Divine Goddess and this aspect of the Divine Goddess known as mother Mary that she now blows very strongly on the top of this column of water. It forms into small droplets and comes down with the love of the mother all over the world and as this falls all over the world, it assists everything it touches whether human beings or other types of beings, grass, trees, plants, animasl. I ask that it assist them in changing consciousness into the openness of love. It also falls upon the surface of the earth and assists her in also healing.

Just sit now as these gentle drops fall upon you. Accept now to live the wholeness you always have been and are. As you sit and accept, I, Brigid, come to every one of you and put my arms around you. That is my activity with you. So I, Brigid, will depart the channel and will not withdraw my energy from you as a loving group. The final thing I would say to you all is please drink some of the water and sprinkle some of it on your heads. It will assist you in remembering your wholeness.

Meditation at St. Brigid’s Well in Kildare,┬áIreland, channeled by John Armitage, May 17, 2011

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