Meditation to activate lightbodies

images (7)So let’s activate our lightbodies. I’m sure most of you know now that the first rule of the New Paradigm phylosopy is that there are no rules, so if you want to lay down, feel free. So, this is not a competition on who can visualize the best or whatever. Don’t really force yourself to visualize anything. That just takes you away from the meditation. Some people can visualize things very easily, while some people find it more difficult. Just don’t worry about it. The energy’s working with you, whether you can visualize it or not. After this meditation we’re going to go straight into the first initiation. You can have the initiations lying down as well.

Good Morning, brothers and sisters of America. It is I, Germain, that speak with you. Well this one has spoken some of my words already this morning. But I will take this opportunity now that you’re all settled, to pass on my greetings to you, to pass on my love to you. It will be with me that you will do this meditation. So now my friends, I would just like you to take some deep breaths, and as you take in these deep breaths, just feel the energy of love, the energy of light flowing into you with these breaths. When you feel that your lungs are full, push out your diaphragms and take in more air. And as you breathe out, just allow the stresses and strains of life so far, just to flow away from you, to be transmuted into this love, into this light. Now as you are working with your breath, I Germain am going to open up an energy vortex in this place, which will encompass the building. After we have finished this workshop it can be taken down or left depending on the wishes of the keeper of the land. In a moment we are going to open up this vortex, which will help us to ground these energies of love, these energies of light, and the multi-cosmic and multi-universal aspects of the 12 dimensions. So I Germain just focus my attention into the middle of this building—just keep working with your breath, you may or may not feel anything—I focus my attention into the middle of this building, and form the intention in the mind of this channel that I will open up an energy vortex here, I open up the energy vortex NOW [Poof]! Now we increase the energies of it, and now we connect this energy vortex with the heart crystal of Mother Earth—we very simply do that with visualizations. We do this NOW [Poof]! And we connect it onwards and upwards to the Source of this aspect of creation, I AM Presence, and the Mahatma energy, and we do that NOW [Poof]! Now we shall set up the counter-rotational fields of the energy of this vortex in a harmonious and balanced way….Now continue to work with your breath—just allow this energy of love and this energy of light to come flowing through you—trigger the LIGHT the LIGHT the LIGHT, trigger the LOVE the LOVE the LOVE….Now I’d like each and every one of you to see, feel, allow, imagine a root, like a root of a tree, growing from the base of your spine, and going downwards into the body of Mother Earth, the Goddess Gaia. Just see, feel, allow, and imagine this root going down down down into the Earth, growing strong like the root of a big, fine tree. This root goes down down down down down until this root connects with the heart of the Earth Mother. This root is grounding your energy, grounding you right into the very heart of the Goddess Gaia. With your inbreaths, just see, feel, allow, and imagine this root growing, becoming stronger and stronger…You need a strong root, to be grounded in this work. We don’t want people floating away.

So now, I’d just like you to see, feel, imagine, allow yourselves as a double-terminated crystal, a crystal with a point on each end…See the top point of the crystal just above your head, and the bottom point of the crystal just below your feet. Now as you see, feel, allow, imagine this crystal build around you, start to integrate and understand that this is your crystalline light body, your adam cadmon body of perfection. Remember, when your Bible says God created Adam & Eve as the first beings on the planet, at the same time your adam cadmon body of perfection was created. Many have become disassociated from that adam cadmon body of perfection. Now is the time that we’re going to reintegrate it, and reactivate it. So as you see this double terminated crystal, with your inbreaths just see, feel, allow, imagine this crystal starting to pulsate with the energy of love…with the energy of light…. With each of your in breaths see, feel, allow, and imagine the vibrations becoming stronger and stronger, faster and faster…

And as you start to integrate this living lightbody, just see, feel, allow, imagine again the energy of this living lightbody, the vibrations of this living lightbody, integrating with our body physical, integrating with the crystalline nature of our physical bodies, our bones, our blood, our hair…vitamins, minerals…heavy metals, trace metals. Start to see, feel, allow, imagine your physical body heightening in vibration…holding more light. This light is flowing, not only into your cellular structure, your sub-atomic particles, your molecular structure, but also the electrons and microtrons and super-electrons of your body physical. Your light quotient rises with each in breath……………

As your light quotient is increasing with each of your in breaths, let us heighten this upward connection through to your I AM Presence, that spark of consciousness that is you, the real you. And from your I AM Presence through the gates of Orion to the throne of Yaweh, and Methuselah…and from there onwards and upwards to the Source…to connection with the I AM of Source…that love, that unconditional love, the silver-golden-violet that we know as the Mahatma. again I remind you that you are connected to the heart of Mother Earth, through your own I AM Presence, through the heart of your creator, and onwards and upwards to the Source…..

Now we’d like your attention to focus on your thymus gland, your higher heart chakra…and as you focus your attention there, on your higher heart chakra, I’d like you to see, feel, allow, imagine this higher heart chakra just opening….in any way that you would choose to see it…..You could see it as a crystalline palace of light…You could see it as a lotus blossom, opening to greet the morning sun…..You could see it as a huge crystal in the shape of a heart…..You could see it pulsating, vibrating with this energy of love. You could see it as a crystal room, that you could walk into. Feel this love, be this love. You could go to the crystalline palace of love, composed of all stones and crystals, semi-precious and precious, vibrating with this Mahatma love….And as you start to feel this love manifesting in your hearts, your creator, Yaweh, opens up his heart, and the heart of his feminine aspect. Feel the love flowing from Yaweh into your heart, slowly flowing down into the heart of Mother Earth, and then returning, onwards and upwards through your heart to the heart of Yaweh, through your I AM Presence to Source…And as the love of Source flows into you, again see, feel, allow, imagine it flowing downwards through the whole of your being…into the heart of the Earth Mother. Now we have a two-way connection. We’ll give you a little time now to feel this love, to understand that each and everyone of you are this love NOW, and to integrate that you are this love now.

While you’re integrating this, I Germain call to the microtron activating team, the super-electron activation team, so that they may work, in accordance with the will of each individual I AM Presence here, to activate these energies within the bodies physical of all…………again at this time relax……just allow these energies, these beings to do their work, in accordance with the will of your I AM………For understand that within this work nothing will happen that is not the will of your I AM Presence, and totally for the highest good of all creation……………………………………

Now is the time to allow this affirmation to flow through your minds: “I affirm I am now ready to step further into my mastery today. I AM that I AM. ……………………….………..

Now we’re going to work a little more on this crystalline light body……..Now we’re going to bring some more activation energies into this light body, to help you to integrate it more, into your body physical. I Germain just take up the vibrational frequencies…..I just lift, lift, lift……activate, activate…….


Ok, now what we’re going to do is, we’re going to bring the energy of the first initiation to you. ……[calls in the Masters, Angels & Archangels, Lords & Ladies of Shamballa etc.—exact words undecipherable as Das was walking around the room away from the microphone] I now start to bring the energy of the first initiation through me, bring it down……[Poof]….[5-7min. integration time followed by working on each other in pairs, to get the energy moving through us]

updated 2013

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