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Some beings present in this group have been recently active in the construction of crystal mandalas. Your work is to be commended. Your work is necessary, it is useful and it is right and true. I encourage you to keep on with this work, and to follow through your feelings, follow through your guidance that you may continue to bring Light into the body of the Earth Mother. You may think your work, in this area of Wales, to be close to finished. This may disappoint you, or it may make you happy to know that, if you like, it has only just begun. There are so many sites, so many places that could benefit from crystal mandalas that you could be busy many of your Earth hours every day, many of your Earth days every week, and still not manage to activate all the places that could be cleansed and activated.

For those that haven’t been working on Earthwork projects with crystal mandalas, this is the theory behind it. The Earth Mother has a number of energy gridworks. There is one energy gridwork that some of you may have already found, and some of you not. This gridwork is approximately three metres square. These squares are repeated all over the surface of the planet, so in every three metres square you will find one positive energy line running, one negative energy line running, and across that one positive energy line running, and one negative energy line running. Many human beings mistake this gridwork for the meridians, or the ley lines, of the planet.

The meridians, the ley-lines, or the song lines are different. This energy gridwork encompasses all temples and sacred sites on your planet. It radiates from a central point. These sites, these temples, these places of Light are linked by a spiral of energy which radiates from a central point. This will make it easier for you to understand. This central point is situated on the plateau of Giza, Egypt. This central point, however, is not where the Great Pyramid of Giza stands. This energy spiral radiates from a spot or place where there is a hole in the surface of the planet. The hole is now full of debris, full of dirt and rubbish, full of rocks and sand. It has not yet been discovered. From that central point there is a Fibronacci spiral which links all holy sites and Temples of Light. These holy sites and Temples of Light are also linked by the Earth’s energy matrix or gridwork. Some of you would know them as ley lines.

This term ley line to describe these energy lines is not 100% correct, but for the purposes of this lecture, it will suffice.

There was a time when it was thought that these energy lines only ran through the Earth. In many ways that was true, although in some places these grid lines were activated on different levels.

When I say different levels, I mean different heights. Each of these energy lines that compose the meridians of Mother Earth’s body is composed of twelve levels. The reason why the energy only flows in the Earth itself is because many of these lines have be de-activated.

They have been de-activated in Atlantean times, in pre-Atlantean times. Know that life has existed upon your planet much longer than many of you humans would even think of, or dream of. 55 million years is the current figure being quoted by geologists and scientists. In fact 55 million years is just a twinkle in the eye of Mother/Father God.

Your Earth has been inhabited for many hundreds of millions of years previous to that. Many of the grid lines were closed, or their power reduced, or even shut down completely, to prevent them from becoming contaminated with dark energies, with the emotional debris of human beings. Now, my friends, is the time when many of the lines are being activated on higher levels. I can tell you that a large percentage of these lines are now open on three, four and five levels. When we talk about three, four and five levels it is necessary to understand that these levels equate to the chakra system in human beings. So that when the average person is standing on their feet, the different levels of energy which are flowing down and across up these lines, because they don’t all flow in the same direction, work on the chakras in the human physical body. So when we say that we have some lines activated to four, five, six, seven, and even eight levels, you can see that these energies are activating the consciousness of all beings that come into contact with that energy. Soon there will be a time when all lines are active on twelve levels. This will of course mean that the twelfth chakra in all humans, be they engaged in spiritual practices or not, will become open and activated. Through this twelfth chakra much information, many energies and much love will flow into their bodies, activating their meridian system with the energy of Light and Love. You don’t need a cosmic calculator to know that the culmination of this will be ascension.

Some beings have ideas that many of the major holy sites are the only places to work. What these beings don’t know, or have not yet realised, is that the Earth’s gridwork has moved. Many of the stone circles in this part of Wales, in the Northern parts of Scotland and many other holy places on the planet, are again being activated, and the lines which had been moved before are now again running through them. So you can see that your efforts in your local area have been worth while.


Now what happens when you build a crystal mandala in the shape of a six pointed star, a Star of David, with one crystal at each point? Various things happen, depending on crystal programming and the orientation of the points of the crystals. It is necessary to know that the crystal programming is important. I, Merlin, cannot stress the importance of the contents of the programming enough. It is not a question of throwing your crystals into salty water and going off and burying them. That is folly. The beings that do this kind of thing actually make work for others. They make work because others have to go to the places that these crystals were put into the ground and re-programme and re-orientate them. Often wrongly or even un-programmed crystals can create more imbalance than harmony.

In a few simple words, this activity is counter-productive. The idea of building crystal mandalas, and anchoring these pillars of light and love, is to aid the ascension of Mother Earth in a smooth and easy manner.

Mother Earth has decided to become whole. This means that she is going through her healing, and the building of these crystal mandalas aids the healing of your Earth Mother. Programme your crystals with Mother/Father God’s seed blueprint plan for creation. Many ones would ask, what is this seed blueprint for creation? What do theses words mean, “Seed blueprint for creation”? The seed blueprint for creation is the Flower of Life. Many of you will have seen this symbol, the Flower of Life, the third dimensional representation of it. The Flower of Life is the template through which the energies of creation flow into your dimensional reality. That is what the seed blueprint for creation is – the Flower of Life symbol. Programme your crystals for earthwork with this symbol and the Mahatma, this energy, the I Am Presence of Mother/Father God. Further programme them that there may be no interference from any outside agency.

You may further programme so that nobody may re-programme them except for you, the person that is laying the mandala, or programming the crystals.It is as well to know, brothers and sisters of Light, Magic and Love, that crystals are often interfered with. In the past crystals have been interfered with by beings who feel that it is not in their interest that the Earth goes through a smooth transition into the fifth dimension, taking her children, and when I say children I mean her inhabitants, with her. Not only human, but animal, mineral and vegetable. So this programming is very necessary. Those of you that have been earth working with this channel and on your own ( but know that you were never on your own, I was with you), know how to lay out the mandalas.

Those that may hear this, or read it at a further time, many of them will not yet know how to lay these mandalas, so I will quickly give a short instruction. Lay out the mandalas with a star, with a crystal at each point of the star (you will be building a six-pointed star remember) to bring down a column of light from the Source, and to facilitate the grounding of this energy in a concentrated way into the body of the Earth Mother, have the crystals with their points facing inwards. To spread the light over a wide area, have the crystals with their points facing outwards. Having laid your mandala, join all your crystals up with thought energy, with your finger, with a crystal, with a wand. Affirm that they are joined. This then reflects multi-dimensionally to the Source and brings down a pillar of Light and Love. It’s like acupuncturing Mother Earth.

If the crystals are pointing outwards, you are spreading the light over a wide, wide area. Not only is it of benefit to build these mandalas in sacred places, in places where energies need transmuting, such as nuclear waste sites as some of you have done in this group, nuclear power stations, you can also bring a pillar of light into your homes and houses. You can build these six pointed stars in the attics of your houses. You can build them under your beds and in your gardens. For those of you that can use thought and ingenuity, you may also build them in your cars, so that when you park your car in any place upon the earth, there is a mobile pillar of light.

There’s an idea for you! So as you travel about on your business, going about your pleasures, you may also have a pillar of light with you. This crystal mandala technology as we will call it, or maybe we will call it POL technology – the Pillar of Light technology – it is necessary that you spread, each and every one of you, the knowledge of this to anybody that may be inclined to listen, and utilise the knowledge that you are able to give them. I am attempting to keep the explanations and instructions to a very minimum, and to make them simple and concise. As experienced mandala builders yourselves I will now make myself available to answer your questions.

Merlins Questions

What was the name of the type of energy that you gave that one links all crystals with?

A There is no name for this energy. This energy is thought energy.

Q What would you say we need to most concentrate on now?

A I would ask you to obtain, if you have not already done so, a large scale map of the area in which you live. I would ask you to look at where you have already worked, and use your inner guidance, a pendulum, or sight to see how this mandala is building in the countryside around you. You have worked now in a number of places. You will see that the mandalas that you have already built, if you mark them out on a large scale map, arebuilding a mandala of their own. And there are numerous possibilities to complete this mandala. The reason why you are not being given exact locations is because of the speed with which Mother Earth is going through her transition, and depending upon your time scale for building, and the type of mandala needed, the mandala that would be correct if you could finish all the work now, tomorrow, or in a short coming number of days, will be different from the mandala needed over a longer period of time. Do you understand what I have just said to you?

Allow me to explain it to you in another way. If you have an imbalance in your physical body, and you see a healer today, you will get one type of energy. If the imbalance starts to right itself before you go and see a healer, and you wait one, two days or one week, then the energy that you will need will be different. It will be a different remedy required. This is what I attempt to get you to understand. That the seed blueprint for creation is infinitely changing, as others build mandalas, as others in their own way, even without building mandalas, anchor pillars of light and love into the Earth’s meridian system, the Earth’s needs change. Your work so far, as I have said, has been commendable because you have laid a foundation. Not only have you laid a foundation, you have started a transformation of this nuclear energy, and a balancing of that energy in this area. But the rest of the work is infinitely variable, because of the previously stated reasons. Do you understand better now my friend? For Light indeed does

Q Merlin, we have used a different technique in building the crystal mandalas around the nuclear stations. We bring a beam of light down over each individual crystal. When we build mandalas at other places, would it be beneficial to also do them in this way?

A Your guidance, you could say, is working well. Or you are opening more to guidance and you were able to receive what you were being given for this transmutation of nuclear energy, this bringing down a beam of light to each individual crystal. This you could say puts an added dimension to the crystal mandala, although I have stated that these crystal mandalas reflect multi-dimensionally to Mother/Father God, so you understand that it is a pun when I say that it adds another dimension to crystal mandalas. But what happens when you bring these individual pillars of light to each individual crystal, is that you build a dome of light. When you bring it down individually it again goes back up and joins over the top, and this helps to contain and transmute the radio-activity or radio-active sites. It is not necessary to do this in more “ordinary” crystal mandala modalities. It could be said that there are places other than nuclear facilities where this could be used, but in many places it will not have the effect that you and we desire.

Q Merlin, did using Reiki symbols in the light columns that we brought in enhance the energy?

A It is very useful to include Reiki symbols in the pillars of light that you bring down. It helps to stabilise the pillar of light. It also helps to cleanse and to further align the pillars of light with the Source. It is very, very useful.

Q Did we use the correct symbols, or were there others that we could have used as well?

A I would advise you to use the following symbols – Cho Ku Rei (both in left and right handed spirals). I would also encourage you to use the symbol Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma. This symbol is a Mother Energy symbol, and this will help to balance the Earth Mother herself. Each situation is individual, so follow your guidance on which other symbols you need to use. I will again say that the right and left hand spiral Cho Ku Rei’s and the Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma could be used in every situation, if you have been attuned to these symbols. Use you own inner guidance, your intuition, and the guidance from the beings that are aiding you in this work to tune in on the other symbols that you may or may not need to use. There will be times when you are given symbols that you don’t recognise, but because you don’t recognise these symbols, do not hesitate in using them.Many, many symbols have now been given by the Source. Many symbols from the 325 symbols of the original Reiki system are being incarnated again, and why shouldn’t you as individuals receive these symbols.

So I say again that there may be times when you are given symbols,when they come to your mind, or you even visualise or see them outside you, that you don’t recognise.Include them also in your work.

Q Even if we have not been attuned to them?

A Yes, even if you have not been attuned to them. I would ask you to realise that through being attuned to the symbols that you have been attuned to, this has had the effect of opening you up to many other things. The symbols that you will be given in these earth working situations will be relevant to that time, that purpose, that place, that instant or moment that you are working, so do not be afraid to use them.

These symbols are being given to you so that they may be used in the moment. Learn to be living in the moment. There are some symbols, the energy of which you do not have access to at this time, but you will not be given these to work with. You will know that they are not for earth healing, because you will not receive them during earth healing projects and expeditions. My friend, realise that there is no reason why you should not be given symbols for earth working, and there is no reason why you should not use them in the moment.

Q I have not been using crystals. I’ve been bringing in pyramids of light with Cho Ku Rei’s and anything else that I have been guided to, but I do feel as if Mother Earth, at the moment, is having a bit of a struggle. She is on a bit of a wobble.

A It is true, Mother Earth is on a wobble, as you say. She is wobbling on her axis. Your use of these pyramids of light and Cho Ku Rei’s is a great service to the Earth and her people, and know that there is diverse ways of working with energies and aiding and assisting the ascension process. It is not for everyone to be wandering around the Earth with these shovels over their shoulders, looking for somewhere to dig, with pockets full of rocks. There are others who like yourself are working in different ways.There are jobs for everybody. It is not like this third dimension, where many people who want to work don’t have anything to do. In this Earth healing and the healing of the people there are many ways to facilitate this. What you are doing is relevant. When you Cho Ku Rei the food in a supermarket, the food in a grocery shop, or even a field of cabbages, you are introducing light into the people lives that consume this food. Introducing light into the lives of those that drink the liquids that are on sale. You are introducing light into the lives of those that use these places that you clear with your pyramids of light and Cho Ku Rei’s. So I would encourage you to continue. If you feel that you need to be part of the crystal club, well buy a shovel and some crystals. If you don’t feel this need, Cho Ku Rei is the way forward.

Q Are corn circles a form of Reiki symbols?

A It would not be 100% correct to say that corn circles are Reiki symbols. These corn circles, these signs, are signals in crops to various soul groups. Not only various soul groups, but various star seed families, that the time isnow right for them to expand their consciousness further, to indulge in practices which before would not have been relevant. Practices which would have brought too much energy and light and too much processing into their own lives and the lives of the beings around them.

These circles are signs which say, “Wake Up! Wake Up now. This is your Wake Up call.” Different people are triggered by different signs. One persons can look at a picture of a crop circle and feel nothing; another person will look at this picture and they will have a cosmic experience. The person that does not have the cosmic experience by looking at the picture, or being in the crop circle itself, is not a part of the group that is going to be triggered by that sigil.

These circles are being produced in two ways. They are being produced by codings within Mother Earth herself, which are timed to come out now. Some of them are being produced by beings which you would term extra-terrestrial. Most dwellers upon this planet have not yet realised that they are extra-terrestrial too. We have a very amusing situation on the extra-terrestrial front. It would be wrong to say that these crop circles are merely triggers, because that would negate their importance. But they are triggers. Instead of saying that they are pop-up instructions, you could say that they are lay down instructions, and the laying down of the crops in these shapes and sigils does nothing more or nothing less than trigger the consciousness of various soul groups and various star seed groups upon the planet. It is a question of seeing them and thinking “Oh, I remember why I came here now, and I must get on with this job.” That is what crop circles are.

There is much mystery about them. There is the Doug and Dave syndrome, but Doug and Dave will tell you that as they make crop circles themselves in one place, others appear close by, and they don’t know how they are formed. It is impossible that all crop circles all over the world are formed by tricksters. Even an unintelligent and the least thinking person upon your planet, presented with the correct information, would not come to that conclusion. Also you may or may not know that in a genuine crop circle the molecular structure of the crop itself is altered when it is made to lay down in these geometric patterns. If they are made by tricksters (and I will add here that there is nothing wrong with being a trickster and creating crop circles because at least it gets people guessing, it makes people think, even those that are not being triggered by them wonder how this could be possible, and who it was) the ones that are made by Doug and Dave, the crop is always bent and broken. The molecular structure is not altered so that they just lay down. This is how to tell a genuine crop circle from one that has been made by the hands of human beings. Many of the circles now are very complex.

In this last season in Great Britain we have even seen Flower of Life symbols. We have seen the Juliet sets. These of course have been seen in the USA and many other countries. It is becoming nearly impossible for any humans, no matter how clever they are, to reproduce these circles with planks of wood, pieces of string and garden rollers, and the other instruments that were used in the past to create such circles. Next year will see even more complicated geometric designs.

Know that you have been told this, probably by this channel, but as a human being, as an aspect of creation of Mother/Father God, you are a geometric being.

Not only do you have star tetrahedron fields around your physical body, you have sacred geometry within your physical body. You have sacred geometry, mini spinning merkabahs, mini spinning star tetrahedrons in the dense organs of your body, your liver, your spleen, your kidneys.You have sacred geometry in your blood, this crystal that is liquid, that takes light, that takes life through every cell, atom, etc. of your body. So being geometric, or knowing that you are geometric, because all of creation in the third dimension is based on geometric shapes, you must have heard these words ‘the platonic solids’. They were deduced by Plato. If you look at a star tetrahedron, and spin it, and move it 360% around in all directions, not very fast, but just move it around and around, you will see within the star tetrahedron the platonic solids.

You will see the platonic solids, you are platonic solids, the whole of creation is platonic solids. The molecular structure of the quartz crystal is a tetrahedron. It is a conglomeration of billions of tetrahedrons squashed together. This gives it it’s energy handling and amplifying characteristics. So as these geometric shapes that have been produced in crop circles get more and more elaborate (we will not say complicated – we will say elaborate), the energy which they produce will trigger the sacred geometry within your physical body. This in turn of course activates your consciousness.

That is what crop circles are all about.

Q We are never likely to see all of the crop circles that are being produced. We might miss the vital one for each individual, so how can we see the ones that we need to?

A Know that even if you miss sight of the crop circle, the energy of the crop circle is already, after its formation, flowing through the energy gridwork, and you, being a living being living in this gridwork, will be triggered. It is not necessary that you have sight, or that you go to the crop formation itself. If you do have sight or go to the crop formation itself sometimes it can be even as you humans say ‘too much’, and trigger you too quickly, and you may find the results in some ways hard to cope with. This has happened to some. I say this not to discourage you, merely as an observation.

Well, I Merlin, have enjoyed your presence. I have enjoyed being with you, and I hope that I have been helpful to you in some ways. I am going to take my leave of you. We use channels because it is difficult for us to manifest in this dense third dimensional level of reality, but as we use channels, we also wear them out. Maybe ‘wear them out’ is the wrong way of explaining it. But as we use channels we also use some of their energy. It is a natural process, and we would like to utilise this channel another day, so therefore I will not keep working him. We will give him a break. So I am Merlin. I bless you.

Anytime you would want me to be with you just call my name.


Please keep in mind that this is an old meditation from 90-s. In New Paradigm for Multidimensional Transformation we no longer use symbols. However this was part of the personal path of John Armitage and this meditation is published in relation how the energies on Earth change and have changed in the flow of time. Enjoy Merlin’s words but use your own discerment.

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