13D Teacher in the energy of the NPMDT


with John Armitage

Date: June 28th to July 6th 2014
Centre Tara de Bonsecours
184, 10e rang Ouest
Bonsecours, QC, Canada

Only given by John Armitage/Hari Baba himself, this workshop enables those who have done the 9 days intensive workshop to be able to pass on the 13D Master workshop themselves. Many people who do this workshop however do it purely for their own inner development. In this workshop you will learn to channel and give activations so that you will be able to channel the energy for any future workshops you would be giving afterward.

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  • How to Clear Energy Blockages from Cellular Structure, Multi-Dimensional Bodies & DNA
  • What Are These Blockages and Why We Have Them
  • DNA Reprogramming (how to)
  • DNA and Its Limitations to Consciousness
  • DNA and Disease
  • DNA and Inherited Genetic Tendencies
  • What are the 12 Dimensions
  • What is the 13th Initiation
  • Sacred Geometry and its Effects on the Bodies
  • Light Body Activations (how to)
  • What Denial of Wholeness Truly Is
  • How You Constantly Dis-empower Yourself Through Affirmation
  • The Power of the Spoken Word – How to Use It
  • How to Work with Your Intuition
  • How to Channel Energies for Yourself and Others
  • The Human Body and Energy System as a Crystal
  • Crystalline Programming in the Bodies – How to Reprogram
  • What to Expect During Cleanings and Reprogramming and How to Deal with it
  • 13 Attunements
  • How to Attune Others
  • Healing and Attunement Practice
  • Proving Your Ability to Work with Intuition
  • How to Facilitate the 13d Workshop in a Supportive and Caring Way
  • The School of Esoteric Sciences
  • And more..

General Informations


This workshop will be held for the first time in Canada at:

Centre Tara de Bonsecours
184, 10e rang Ouest
Bonsecours, QC

For more informations:
Francine Liard

Limited to 24 persons with a minimum of 12
Prerequisite: at least one New Paradigm MDT course



Price: $2695.00

This price includes: workshop, manual, certificate, accommodation in a dormitory, bedding, 3 meals and 2 snacks per day
Things to bring with you: indoor shoes and comfortable clothes, your toiletries, a flashlight, an alarm clock and bathing suit/beach towel if you would like to swim in the little lake or enjoy the sauna.
Water: please note that the water at the Center is from 3 different wells and no bottle of water will be provided – so bring you bottle for refill.

Septembre 1st 2013 460.00 USD (1)
November 1st 2013 500.00 USD (1)
December 15th 2013 335.00 CND (2)
March 1st 2014 500.00 USD (1)
April 15th 2014 440.00 USD (1)
May 30th 2014 460.00 CND (2) + supplement if applicable

As the canadian and american dollar have a lot of fluctuation, payments need to be done this way:
(1) 4 payments in USD and the money order or the check should be labeled : ‘The School of Esoteric Sciences, Inc’
(2) 2 payments in CND and the money order should me labeled : ‘Francine Liard’ and say it is for 13D teacher workshop
All the payments should be sent to:
Francine Liard
30, 36e Avenue Ouest
Blainville, QC
J7C 1J6

If you are living outside USA or Canada, please contact Francine Liard – francineliard@yahoo.ca


The Centre Tara offers more private rooms. This mean that you will have to pay a supplement for it with your last payment.
Triple occupancy + 42.00 CND
Double occupancy/shared bathroom + 83.00 CND
Double occupancy/private bathroom + 125.00 CND
Simple occupancy/shared bathroom + 248.00 CND
Simple occupancy/private bathroom + 331.00 CND

The accommodation is listed this way:
7 rooms with simple, double or triple occupancy
1 dormitory with 9 to 11 persons
1 dormitory with 5 to 7 persons

Be sure to fill the accommodation part in the registration form below. Hopefully, you will have your first choice.

The Centre Tara is a family way of doing things. Each meal is prepared on the site. The food is vegetarian, but we will have some meals with chicken or fish. All allergies should be mentioned. If they cannot accommodate one person for a very specific allergy, they will made a special for this person.
So be careful when you fill your registration form.

Closest Airport:
Burlington, Vt 2 hours
Montréal, QC 1.5 hour

Boston 4 hours
New York 6.5 hours
Québec 2.5 hours

For more informations:
Francine Liard

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