Pathway to the Cosmic Heart

in USA, Minesota

with John Armitage

Dates: July 19 – 23, 2014 (Sat – Wed), 9:30 am – 6 pm
Carondelet Center
1890 Randolph Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105

Through meditations, activations, and linking of physical and energetic hearts, this workshop is a vehicle for expanding your own heart into cosmic heart consciousness, the next step in planetary evolution. Cosmic heart is beyond mind or intellect. Creating through thought, mind, or desire results in creations based on polarity; that is, creations with two opposites. Your heart understands everything, and knows who you truly are. Everything is inside you.

As you learn to live within your own cosmic heart and the cosmic heart of creation, you assist yourself and humanity on the path to the realization of oneness that lies within each of us. Creating is instantaneous and whole. Connecting with the cosmic heart brings balance and harmony into everything. Reinforcing your heart connections and connecting with cosmic heart consciousness allows alignment with expanded levels of pure Divine Love from Source.

Connecting to cosmic heart consciousness and Divine Love reconfigures your energy system and assists in integrating your 5th dimensional chakra system, allowing you to radiate this vibration into all things. The time is now!

Cost: $ 1,211

Mary Beth Curry

Terrie Curry

Payments due:
$400, Feb. 1, 2014,
$400 due Mar. 15, 2014,
and $411 due May 1 (unless you paid $100 original deposit).

Checks made out to School of Esoteric Sciences & mailed to
Mary Beth Curry, 987 W. Lydia Dr., Roseville, MN 55113, with the form below.
(No refund policy)

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