Quann Yin The yoga of laughter

471200_QuanYinWaters_8I am Quan Yin. The voice of Quan Yin is seldom channelled.

Many ones don’t even know who I am. I am the Chairlady of the Karmic Board. I am the Goddess of Compassion and the Goddess of Mercy, but also I would like to be known as the Goddess of Laughter, because I bring to you just a few short sentences which I would like you to listen to very carefully. My sister Mary brings you a message of compassion and love. She bring you ways that, if you use them, you can easily become love. I come to give you the message that if you laugh, it will be easier to become love. Many ones think that this spiritual life is serious, that all ones should have straight faces and be thinking, “I am Love, I am Light. I will not enjoy myself because it is not spiritual. Laughing in the presence of Mother/Father God is not allowed.” I come to tell you that Mother/Father God loves laughter, and the main part of this message is – learn to laugh at yourselves. Because when you learn to laugh at yourselves, you will be able to let go of this seriousness, to let go of this fear and conditioning from which you all suffer. When you laugh, you will release waves of energy that ripple through the universe. Not only through the universe but through the multi-dimensional universes. When you laugh in the third dimension many beings enjoy this laughter and laugh with you. So remember, make jokes about yourselves. It is a good way to get through your blocks, making jokes about yourselves. Learn to laugh when you see something in yourself, when you see habits, these habit patterns, within yourselves that you have been suffering from – energies that have been holding you back through fear. Let them go by laughter. Don’t run around saying, “How can I deal with this? How can I let this go?” Laugh! Laugh, because laughter is the essence of love.And when you can laugh at yourself, remember that you are also being compassionate towards yourself. Many ones would say, “I am a compassionate being. I am compassionate to all.” And then would add as an after thought, “But how can I be compassionate to myself?” How can you be a compassionate being if you are not compassionate to yourself? Being compassionate to oneself is true compassion. So learn to laugh. Spiritual life, I tell you, is not serious. It is the conditioning of the priests and priestesses that tell you that you must not laugh in the presence of God. They forgot that the presence of God is everywhere, that God IS. So were they telling us that we must not laugh at all, anywhere upon Earth or even on any other planet, or through the multi-dimensional universes, should people not laugh? I say – keep laughing. Remember these jokes, because as you make jokes about yourself, you will learn a lot about yourself, and instead of saying, “I hate this man, my Self,” – laugh! Laugh, “O.K. I have this habit, it is funny. It is not something that I should be sorry for and hide, because I think that I am not worthy.” All ones are worthy in the eyes of God, my children. So take this laughter, take this energy of laughter and use it. This message of laughter that I bring you, you don’t have to sit and you don’t have to open up your hearts to receive laughter. The laughter is already within you. So now we have a new form of yoga. It is called Laughter Yoga, and this Laughter Yoga means that instead of being serious for five hundred years, and starving yourself and denying yourself, you can now laugh for five hundred years. And instead of being half starved, half crazy, filthy and all the other things that you did with yoga for five hundred years, after five hundred years you will be beautiful. You will have no lines upon your faces except the lines of laughter, not the lines of fear. You will not have wrinkled foreheads and brows. You will have lines around your mouth, you will have lines around your eyes that when you laugh, they twinkle and move. You will become whole through laughter. So my message is, start today practicing this Yoga of Laughter.

This Yoga of Laughter will enlighten you. Think of this word “enlightenment”, It has been used upon this planet for thousand of years. “I want to become enlightened.” But if you beak up this word “enlightened” it is “en-lightened.” People would ask, “Why would I want to become light?” Because you will become enlightened. That is why you want or need to become light. It is very, very simple. I will leave you with one final thought, and this is – why can angels fly? Because they are light! Remember these words, and most of all my message of laugher. Laughter Yoga is the lesson of the day. Bless you all my children.

Channelled by John Armitage


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