Rainbow warriors



Welcome Rainbow Warriors. The greeting may surprise you, but do you know where the term “Rainbow Warriors” comes from? Those that are know as Rainbow Warriors are the ones which have their complete chakra system integrated. The ones whose chakras, those spinning shields of living light that shine with all the colours of the rainbow and further harmonics of the colours of the rainbow , those that have finer sight, inner seeing or the capability of seeing subtle energies can see the being that is integrated, the being whose chakras are vibrating in unison. My friends, if you could see this, it is a beautiful sight. It is a sight which in some ways is more awe inspiring, or more spiritually inspiring, than any rainbow you have ever seen in your skies. The being with integrated chakras is a being through which there is the interplay of all the energies, both cosmic, attmic and physical. This interplay of energies weaves a tapestry, a blanket which again is more beautiful than anything that any of you have seen or woven in any of your lives.

So know that now you have activated this tube of light which is your rainbow bridge. You are now also yourselves rainbow warriors.

With your new found strength, your new found energies, go forward and project these energies at your rainbows and into the lives, nay into the very consciousness of others that you encounter on the trail of life. Know that you are all capable of igniting, of integrating and balancing the chakras of all you come into contact with, that you are all Masters. Being a Rainbow Warrior is also being a Master. So go forward from this day and place, not with the idea of battle, not with the manifestation of the warrior type energies that have caused all this disruption and so much oppression upon this earth. Go forward safe in the knowledge that you are Light, that you have been initiated into that tribe, that group, that consciousness which is known as the Ascended Masters. My colleague Vywamus reminds me to instruct you of the power of the words “I AM”. Affirm that you are a Rainbow Warrior. Affirm that you are a warrior of the Tribe of Light. Affirm that you are Love, affirm that you are Christ, affirm that your hearts are open and the loving energy of Sananda and Mother Mary is flowing through your life stream and out through your hearts, this outpouring of love which has its source in the Creator, the great Spirit Mother/Father God. Allow this outpouring to flow into the hearts of all you come into touch with, all you come into contact with, and allow it to flow unrestricted and in a structured manner into Mother Earth.

Realise that Mother Earth is your true Mother, that you originated from her womb.

She nurtures you, she supports you, she feeds you and clothes you. Treat her with the respect that such a generous and gracious being deserves. Know that through your anchoring of love and this energy of Mahatma, the Mother will be nurtured. She will be brought again to full life. She will attain her starhood and you my friends, as Rainbow Warriors will become stars with her. The natural movement is forward and the result of this movement is emergence into the LIght. Know my brothers and sisters that you are Light. Know that you are Love, and know that you are all God. Take on the task of healing the Mother. Take on the task of healing the animals, the birds, our brothers and sisters the dolphins and whales, and your own healing will be complete. Again I say walk forward in Light, walk forward in Love and breathe.

Breathe properly. Not these shallow breaths of fear, for these shallow breaths activate thoughts and memories of being born, of drowning, dying from suffocation and all the other ways that you have lost your lives in previous incarnations through the lack of breath. It invites this energy of fear into your consciousness and your cellular structure.

Breathe deeply twenty four hours a day. Work on the coding of this energy and science of breath both into your consciousness, sub-consciousness and your cellular structure. Through breath you draw prana. Prana, these building blocks of manifestation.

Without prana nothing lives, without prana nothing exists, so draw this energy of Love and Light into your physical bodies with every breath and keep your feet firmly on the ground, because without connection to the Mother and your feet firmly attached to the Mother it is impossible for you to become whole. I am looking forward to the time when again I can take birth upon this planet. I’m looking forward to a time when harmony and balance has been restored, when all is Light and Love, so again we may wander the plains together, wander the deserts together, and gather the fruits of the forest together. We can share the food, this abundance of food that the Father has produced. I am Love. I am Wotanna. Bless you all.

Channelled by John Armitage (Haridas) on 22 October 1995 during a workshop held in Jersey, Channel Islands.

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