Shamballa as a mantra


Get more and more comedy into the work. Have everybody laughing at themselves. And challenge the established control systems. I was invited to speak at this big UFO conference. So what I did was just make jokes. I got this friend of mine to do it with me: the energy of the Goddess skit. …

Swami Beyondananda—completely off the wall. If you ever get a chance, go see him. Hilarious. He works on the activation of the clown chakra. Germain just said, “You’re babbling Das!”

Yes, there were a whole lot of beings that came through this time. So many of them. I was going to say “unbelievable,” but they say, “You’d better believe it!”


We have teams for opening up crown chakras, even. Chakra balancing teams. So, Germain called in the team. I could feel the energy arriving. When the energy spread itself out around the group, I could also see that the team was composed of individuals. So now we work on gently opening and clearing the crown, and simultaneously activating the earth stars. And I want this work done in accordance with the I AM Presences of each and everyone here.

What I personally perceive now, tingling around my head, and I feel the energy coming into my body, down, and my butt is definitely grounded into the earth. Now we shall search for any blockages in the crown chakra, self-imposed or imposed by others. Now in accordance with the I am Presences of all, we remove these blockages.

Now we move up to the 8th chakra. It’s above your head. In accordance with the will of each I AM present, (snap).

Now, 9th chakra, a little further above your head. You don’t have to know where, just focus there.

Now, in accordance with the individual I AM’s….[snap!] Let’s always keep aware of the earth chakra, to keep grounded.

OK lets go to 10. Again, working in accordance with the will of the I AM’s…..[snap!]

Let’s go 11. In accordance with the individual I AM’s……[snap!]

Ok, number 12. In accordance with the will of the I AM Presences… 12 clear! [snap!]

Now let’s bring this clear energy down through 12, 11, 10, this mahatma energy. 9, 8…Your I AM Presence knows exactly how much of this energy you can take in. We’re going to bring it down down down into the 7th. We’re focusing on the clearance of the 6th now. Come on team…[snap!]. Now, 6th clear. Bring the Mahatma into 6.

Now 5th chakra. According to the will of the individual I AM’s….again, bring in this Mahatma energy into 5. [snap!]

Now into 4, the higher heart chakra. We’ll spend a little more time here. So now let’s just clear 4, with the will of the individual I AM Presences. All this work must be done according to the will of the individual I AM presence. What your ego requires has nothing to do with anything here. Ok, we’ll clear 4…[snap!] Bring in the Mahatma to 4. I am that I am, the Mahatma in love.

3, into the solar plexus. Well we all know a lot of people have a lot of stuff here, emotional things. Again just ask the team….according to the will of your I AM Presences, we’ll take out everything we’re allowed to. Now bringing in the Mahatma energy in here, clear again [snap!]

Now 2. What have we got in 2? Anger, repression. Being repressed, and repressing others. Bring the Mahatma energy in again. According to the will of the I AM Presence let’s do this one…come on team, let’s get down there…..[snap!] Bring in the Mahatma.

Down to 1. Clearing out this 1. Bringing the Mahatma in. [snap!] Great.

Now let’s bring in the Mahatma energy, down through your chakra column into your Earth Star….I AM that I AM, the Mahatma in love, silver gold and violet…..We’ll bring this Mahatma energy down, in accordance with the will of your individual I AM…I ‘d like you to run an affirmation through your minds: “I affirm I am now ready to receive the Mahatma in accordance with the will of my I AM Presence. I AM that I AM. Do this out loud or run it through your minds.

I Germain leave now this work to Vywamus.

I Vywamus call upon the I AM Presence of Mother/Father Source, and your individual I AM Presences….call upon your subconscious minds, and your conscious minds, call upon your ego…Don’t notice, the Mahatma energy is coming your way….I AM that I AM Mahatma in Love.

So now, as you breathe in, we’re going to infuse this Mahatma into your activated Light Bodies. As you breathe in, see, feel, allow, imagine this gold/silver/violet energy of Mahatma, integrating your crystalline light body, your adam cadmon light body of perfection ………………See the silver/golden/violet pulsating……and understand, you are love. Allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to love, and to be loved. At this moment you can make the affirmation, “I AM that I AM the Mahatma. I give myself permission to love myself. I AM perfect. I AM that I AM.” ……….

Now in this moment, I Vywamus, in association with Metatron, offer you the activation of the Light Body of Shaddai….The Light Body of Shaddai, the Metatronic Light Body… accordance with the will of each individual I AM Presence…. I integrate this Metatronic Light Body into the adam cadmon Light Body………..You may at this time see, feel, allow, imagine a cloak of light, just like the cloak of a magician, the cloak of Sananda…..And this cloak of light, it IS the Light Body of Shaddai, the Light Body of Metatron. And now if you visualize, see, feel, allow, imagine, this Light Body, this cloak now surrounding your body physical, your adam cadmon body….Also at this time we bring you, if you wish to receive it, in accordance with the will of your I AM, we bring you the Melchizedek Diamonds and Crystals. These Melchizedek Diamonds and Crystals, packets of information….these light packets could be activated as Divine Light Codes in your adam cadmon and Metatronic Light Bodies. If you wish to receive them, just affirm in your minds that you are willing to receive them. If you don’t wish to receive them affirm that you aren’t, and you’ll not get them. …..Again, it all takes place in association with the will of your I AM. So now we offer these Diamonds and crystal activations, these light packets of information, now [snap!]…

Now we bring you so-called hidden knowledge, Dead Sea Scrolls…..Again, these are, I’d say packets of pertinent information …….If you wish to receive them, again all in accordance with the will of your I AM Presence…now we load these codes into your Light Body, as it’s appropriate for you to receive…..[snap!].

Now we bring you the sacred cosmic fire letters, the sacred languages……These letters are encoded with the Mahatma energy, that’s flowing through you…..As the Mahatma energy flows through you, just bring these cosmic fire letters into the whole of your cellular structure, your molecular structure, sub-atomic particles, microtrons, super electrons……..into your Metatronic Body, into your activated light body…..bringing the Christ Consciousness codings—each and every one of you are Christ, Christ each and everyone of you, if you desire in this moment….

……We activate these fire letters NOW [snap!]. …………………

Now also it will, in accordance with the will of your individual I AM Presences be encoded, these codings, these packets of information, these fire letters into your chakric systems……We activate the Christ consciousness within each and every one…….We ask the chakric activation teams now to help with this work………..


So now, as we activate all of these energies, we call upon your godselves, each and every one……I call upon my Godself. I also call upon each and every person’s multidimensional aspects. Call upon Mother/Father God…now we will proceed according to the will of each individual’s I AM Presence…..At this time I will inform you that most of you are holding a hologram within you of (lost?) love……Those of you who have predominantly Christian lifetimes in the last 2000 years especially hold this hologram. We will call it “cruciform hologram”—”remember, Christ died for you”—he didn’t! That’s what you have been told, many have believed. You believe you should suffer now, for your sins. There is no “sin.” Mother/Father God forgave you before you did it. Forgive yourselves, my friends, it will make you free. So now we’re going to remove—again in accordance with the will of your I AM Presences—this cruciform hologram. We have a team formed for this, so I call in the Team relevant to this work [clap!] At this moment I ask you all to get ready….for this removal….recycle into love, recycle into light…and at the same time, fill the space with unconditional love, christed energy. I hope you understand that each and every one of you know that you are christed, that you are christ. So, now, we’re going to wait a few moments for you to do this…take a breath and blow out for removal….ok, let’s do it NOW! [whwooooo] So now, open your hearts, to allow the light and the love to flow into your hearts…….

I AM Sananda. Many of you know me as Jesus Christ. But I am not Jesus Christ, I am Jesus the Christed one. Each and every one of you is christed ones. I am here in my Sananda aspect to help you to fill the spaces left with pure love [unintelligible here] And as you forgive yourselves, you become whole. As you forgive yourselves, you step into your mastery, your christedness. Remember, in the records of my healing, in my Palestinian ministry, I always said, “You’re forgiven! There’s no need to [make yourselves separate anymore?] You’re whole! Forgive yourselves. [unintelligible] Feel this love…this love is mixed with the Mahatma…As the Mother and Father of all things shower their love upon you in the form of the Mahatma energy, I Sananda shower my love upon you. The time for denial, self-sabotage, and resistance is now past. It has no usefulness anymore. I AM that I AM Love—your new affirmation. Have compassion, for yourselves! [unintelligible] The changing of (your whole consciousness?) begins within you now. Love—you are. …………..My mother Mary wishes to speak with you.


I AM Mary. Many of you would know me as the mother of Sananda. But I am much more than that. I AM Goddess. I AM Quan Yin, and all the other aspects of Goddess. I’m here to speak with you about compassion. I’ve come to speak with you about nurturance, forgiveness and love. Forgiveness brings freedom from all constricting energies….I am the champion of women’s freedom. For Unconditional Love is the energy of freedom. Freedom is nothing else, but Unconditional Love. And now, my brothers and sisters, is the time—it is the time to love. And as my son Sananda said, it is the time for compassion—compassion for self. In this time I would like you to just imagine yourselves, to put your arms around yourself. Or you may physically do this, hold yourself, and say to yourself, “I love you unconditionally. You are such a beautiful being! I love you as much as Goddess loves you.” Because you are beauty, you are that energy that God and Goddess is. As you love yourselves, you find yourselves becoming free of constricting ideas, constricting philosophies. And the freedom that you can experience in love. Remember the times when you experienced a small fraction of love—we can conjure up a picture of you running through a field full of flowers, feeling joyful—running through a field of flowers, feeling that openness in your heart—”I’m in love, I’m in love!” Remember the feeling? That’s only a small aspect of the love that’s available to you. As you love yourselves, just catch a glimpse of the freedom that you’ve experienced in these glimpses of love, that you have experienced in this life. And hold the concept within your hearts that that was only a small aspect of what is available to you. “Freedom that I never ever checked on. Empowerment which I had no concept of!” Allow the love into your hearts now. Allow the freedom through this love to manifest in your minds. We love you. Our vision for you is only love. I leave you with it, and I leave you with my blessing. Bless you.

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