The personal energy of Mother/Father God

DivineLightEssence2.87232510_stdGood Morning my friends, my brothers and sisters. This is the first time that I have channelled through this one. It is very, very unusual in fact for me to channel through anybody.

Some of you will know my name, and be familiar with it. My name is Brian Grattan. Brian. Remember the movie, “The Life of Brian”? It could have been about me. I come to speak with you very briefly. I am just grounding my energies through this one more, because as I have previously said, this is the first time that this one has channelled me like this, though I have been talking to him now for a number of days. But I come to speak to you about the Mahatma. Some of you will know that I worked with Lenduce, Vywamus, Djwhal Khul, and Sanat Kumara bringing this energy, bringing this knowledge, into your dimensional reality when I was incarnate. I have decided to hold back my full ascension because I would like to help to incarnate the knowledge of the Mahatma, and the Mahatma energy, through this one, in a more down to earth and non-intellectual manner. I have realised that many ones find my works Mahatma I & II difficult to get through, difficult to understand, so I have decided that I will attempt to incarnate it in a much more down to earth manner. So the Mahatma, Mahatma energy; this channel has taken on the Mahatma energy in a way that I was very surprised. Of course he did work with the Mahatma energy in Atlantis. The Mahatma energy was known about in the times of Atlantis. We did try to ground and incarnate the Mahatma energy of that time, but we were too late. It was realised that because the Christ Consciousness grid had been broken, that it wasn’t the time to ground this energy to Mother Earth and Mother Earth’s inhabitants. So then it was withdrawn by the Source. The work I did when I was incarnate upon the planet again introduced the Mahatma energies.

Now many ones would not know that the Mahatma energy was grounded by the Masters and myself, particularly your Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Many, many people upon the planet involved themselves in the Harmonic Convergence. But if you look back to that time, not many people knew what it was about. Not many people knew why they were doing it. It was only a handful that knew the true reasons behind it. But look what happened. Many people, of course, knew on a higher level what was happening and what was required of them, and organisers and co-ordinators all over the planet got groups of people together in holy sites, temples of light, stone circles, on the tops of hills and mountains, and they just sat and meditated. They held this idea within their hearts and minds that harmonics were converging. Now if you just think about those words Harmonic Convergence or harmonics converging you will maybe understand more of what it was about.

So the Mahatma energy was grounded then by many, many people, but they didn’t know what they were doing.  At that time also, Sanat Kumara, your Planetary Logos, really anchored his energies into your planet Earth and started the Earth’s ascension process and the focus in a serious way. I, Brian, then went out and did some initiations into the Mahatma energy and some grounding of the Mahatma energy, but for a period of time, after I took my ascension, it was more or less forgotten about. People said; “Oh yes, did you read these books * Mahatma I & II ?” People said; “Yes. Interesting, interesting.” Nobody said; “We have to work with this energy! We have to give the knowledge of this energy to others, and allow them to work with it.”

This word Mahatma is a word of course which many ones of you would know has meanings in Sanskrit, one of the holy, sacred languages. This word is known to westerners mainly because it was part of one of the Ascended Master’s names. This Master of course is Gandhi. He was known as Mahatma Gandhi on your planet, for Mahatma has two meanings. It means Great Soul, but not only does it mean Great Soul, it means Father. Then it was decided that this energy, and when I talk about the decision that this energy would be made available to the human beings upon the Planet Earth, it was decided by the Source, the Source of Creation, Mother/Father God. The Source made a decision that the time was right to anchor His/Her I Am Presence upon the planet, the energy of His/Her I Am Presence. This brings God personally into your lives. You see, ones would say that God was already here, because there is creation here, but the personal energy of the I Am Presence of the Source wasn’t here. That creative energy and that love and that compassion, which is the source of the energy of creation, was flowing through the whole of the Creator’s creation. This love, this energy, which is the cohesive energy, could be summed up, or termed, as an impersonal energy. People would have to work, they would have to meditate and tune in with it to be able to feel the love of this energy.

But now Mahatma energy, the energy of the I Am Presence of the Source, is flowing onto your planet. The Creator’s personal energy, the Creator’s energy as an individual in His/Her own right, is available to you. So it was decided that through the orchestration of this event known as the Harmonic Convergence, that these two things would happen and that Sanat Kumara would be able anchor his energy into the planet, and the Mahatma, the I Am Presence of the Mother/Father, would be able to anchor its energy. So then we knew that it was necessary to explain to people what this energy was, and also because of the conditioning of human beings, the need to pigeon hole, the need to categorise, the need to name, the need to have a tag, people would say; “Well, how do I tune in with this energy? What is the name of this energy?” Djwhal Khul, Lenduce and others, and Sanat Kumara in conjunction with the Source Him/Herself, spent, what you would term on earth, many hours and many days deliberating on a name for this energy. It was decided that the mantra for this energy would be Mahatma.

Mahatma is a very simple word. There are complicated mantras to help you to tune in to many, many different energies. Of course this is what the science of mantra is – the word is no different than the energy, the name is no different, and this is why, when we say; “Mahatma”, that energy flows through you, and when you say, “Shiva”, the energy of Shiva flows through you, and when you say, “Krishna”, the energy of Krishna flows through you. It is also like the technology that you use in your vibrational medicines. In fact, you don’t need the medicine. The name of the substance is no different than the energy of the substance. A few titbits for you to think over.

So I would ask you to start to realise the importance of this Mahatma energy. I would ask you all just to start using this word Mahatma within you lives; and know as you drive your cars, that as you sit and meditate, do your healing sessions in all the modalities within which you work, that as you allow this word, this mantra Mahatma to flow through your consciousness, you are bringing an extremely concentrated form of Love and Light, not only into your own cellular structure, but you are also grounding this Love and Light through your feet into our beloved planet Earth. When you use this mantra Mahatma the Light flows down through your I Am Presence, through your Soul, through your twelve chakra system and into your cellular structure.

Many people are asking now; “How can I activate my Lightbody? How can I increase the radiance of my personal Merkabah?” Work with the Mahatma energy in conjunction with your star tetrahedron fields, and see how quickly your personal merkabahs shine like a thousand suns. This Mahatma energy also is a very, very safe energy to work with. Energies are available to people’s energy systems, or their chakra systems, or their antennae systems, which, if you open yourself up much too quickly, you can actually do yourself damage.

You can do yourself damage inasmuch as that you can burn out the filaments between your chakras, not only in your physical body, but in the higher chakras in your subtle bodies. Of course, it has been spoken of as seven chakras, twelve chakras, twenty-two chakras, fifty chakras. I would ask all of you to start thinking about three hundred and fifty-two chakras, because there are three hundred and fifty-two dimensional levels between your dimensional world and the Source Him/Herself. Many of your chakras are also not activated. This is part of working with the Mahatma energy. It is part of working with your star tetrahedron fields. You will be able to activate all of your three hundred and fifty-two chakras, which will link you in. It will be like plugging yourself in to a high voltage electrical system, but this electricity will be smooth and stepped down to a frequency that you can safely handle. This energy as it flows through your monad, your monad knows what your cellular structure can take. You monad knows what your chakra system can take, so therefore it is gentle, it is soft, it is loving. Allow the energy of Mahatma to caress your sub-atomic particles. Allow the energy of Mahatma to caress your cellular structure. Allow the energy of Mahatma to love and caress your lives, and through that, you will become Light. You will become Love and you will become Whole. To coin a phrase which was channelled from the Mahatma through this one, in the making of the Mahatma record, (by the way, I, Brian, would congratulate all ones that were involved I this Mahatma record project. Myself, and all the other Ascended Masters, we love dancing to it. It makes us laugh, it makes us joyful and there is a new saying flying around in the fifth dimension, “Rock ’till you drop.”), we would encourage you to here, in your dimensional reality, to “Bop ’till you drop.”, because if you listen to the codings that are included in this music, you will find that in certain parts of the music you can feel a big influx of the Mahatma energy through your higher chakras, and if you look at people that bop to it, you can see their light quotient becoming expanded and expanded.

So, I would ask you to think about Mahatma, ask you to make affirmations if this rings and gels with you. What is not being said is that if you don’t work with the Mahatma energy that you won’t achieve your ascension. What is being said to you is that if personal ascension is high on your list of priorities, then work with the Mahatma energy and you will be accelerated greatly in a safe and gentle way, because Mahatma IS Love, Mahatma IS Light and it will bring you into Wholeness. Now, if you ask me what wholeness is, my reply is simple. Wholeness is Love. I would remind you that this wholeness is yours as a birthright.

Think about it; it is yours as your birthright. It’s not something that you have to work for, until somebody or some outside agency considers that you are worthy. I, Brian, state that all ones are worthy. You don’t have to go to church, you don’t have to fall on your knees and pray. You don’t have to petition. All you have to do is affirm; “I Am the Mahatma. I affirm that I would like the Mahatma energy to flow through me.

I affirm that I would like the Mahatma energy to flow through my heart. I affirm that I would like to become Mahatma.” It is not only our brother Gandhi’s place to be Mahatma; I would like to remind you that you are all Mahatmas. Move forward with this energy of Love. Move forward with this energy of Light.

Move forward with this energy of transformation. The arrival of this Mahatma energy, the grounding of this Mahatma energy upon your planet, is not only considered by myself, Brian, it is also considered by your Planetary Logos, by the cosmic aspects of your Planetary Logos, and millions of the Ascended Masters, as one of the most important happenings for billions and billions of years. This energy of Mahatma is silver and gold. Many ones would also see a tinge of violet within it. I tell you this, so that when you make your Mahatma affirmations with your eyes closed, and many, of course, with your eyes open will be able to see this energy as well as feel it, (and I would like to remind many of you that constantly make statements that you never see anything, that if you shut your eyes, you will probably see a lot more). So, let us just work through this small exercise which will help to anchor the I Am Presence into your physical vehicles and help to anchor this I Am Presence into this vortex in Mother Earth. Now, this is very simple; there is no visualisation.

There is no collectively chanted affirmation. There is nothing to be said by anyone out loud, except for the information that I will give you through this one. I would like you to realise that through dispensations, every time you actively ground the Mahatma energy, Vywamus, Lenduce, Sanat Kumara, myself, and the Source Him/Herself, guarantee it is amplified for each person by ten. Isn’t it surprising that tens have been talked about this morning? So now I would just like you all to straighten your backs, sit quietly and take a deep breath or two. The most important part of this is that you relax, that you don’t start preparing yourself for some cosmic explosion in your head, some cosmic explosion in your Lightbody. Just relax, open up your hearts, and within your own minds make the affirmation, if you feel of course that this is appropriate to you; “I affirm I would like the Mahatma energy, as directed by my Monad, in accordance with Divine Will, to flow through all my chakras and into my heart, and from my heart radiate to my brothers and sisters, the humans, the animals, the insects, the plants, the trees, the fish, the whales, the dolphins, and all those beings that are wearing ‘dark T-shirts’; that through my Love they may also become Light.” Now just relax, and allow the energy of Mahatma to flow through you. I Am that I Am, Mahatma.

It has also been asked by my colleague, Djwhal Khul, that I speak briefly to you on the I Am. These words, “I Am that I Am” bring the energy of your I Am Presence; these words, “I Am that I Am” link you with your I Am Presence. You see, it is as well to understand that many ones are running around in the third dimension/fourth dimension, with little or no contact with their Monadic Selves, or their I Am Presence. This is why many people have suffering in their physical lives, because their I Am Presence continually engineers and places disease and suffering in front of the manifested part of the being, to make them realise that there is something more to life than the illusion, maya, collective dreamed illusions of the lower dimension.

These words, “I Am that I Am”, or this mantra, “I Am that I Am”, this affirmation, “I Am that I Am”, link you with your I Am Presence, your Monadic Self. Djwhal is now prompting me to say to you that he often gives a similar lecture to this himself.

But every time you say, “I Am”, be careful what you say afterwards. Because every time you say, “I Am sick”, you become sick. Every time you say, “I Am broke”, you become broke, because the universe disconnects you from the flow of abundance. “I Am broke” – the universe says, “That one must be broke, so disconnection from abundance is required. I Am sick, well, that one is wanting to be in a state of disease. So therefore I will withdraw the energy of equilibrium.” So think of this. You could make very positive affirmations like, “Truth, beauty, harmony, abundance, love and Mahatma are flowing through my life-stream. I Am that I Am.” If you use affirmations like that, daily, you will find that very quickly things change; very quickly these aspects of the Creator manifest in your life. You are Co-Creators and Creators of your own reality. Again, allow the energy of Mahatma to flow through your hearts and speed your journey to freedom.

It has been my great pleasure to have been able to channel to a group like this. I feel that it is a great step forward, that this one has agreed to bring the message in a non intellectual way, and if you will excuse the pun, in a “down to earth” manner. I would encourage you all to work with it. Again, I am Brian Grattan. It has been my great honour to have been present with this group on Maitreya’s birthday. I feel honoured to a degree that really is impossible to explain, or to be able to put over to you. You could say that it is like benign vested with three Knighthood’s, a number of O. B. E.’s, and the Order of the Maltese Cross, and any other honours that you bestow upon people in this beautiful country of yours. Well, my friends, than you for your attention, thank you for your focus, and again I ask you just to work with the Mahatma. I leave you with my love, I leave you with Mahatma. Carry on the party!

Channelled by John Armitage on 28 April 1996.

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