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All ones progress through compassion and unconditional love. The compassion and unconditional love that we speak about is without question the most important aspect of what happens during this process of ascension. Many ones say “I am compassionate and I can love, but what I find difficult is personally receiving love and compassion.” Of course this is a great difficulty in everyone’s lives. People think that they are not worthy of receiving love.

That they are not worthy of receiving the love of other human beings, never mind the love of Archangel Michael and the archangels, or the love of Sananda and many of the great saints that have been on this planet and taken their ascension, in fact gone before you to show you what is possible. The great thing that everybody has to start with is bringing this energy of compassion and unconditional love into their own lives, in relationship with their own selves. Understand that you beings are still experiencing problems with this. This is the most important aspect of the ascension process that all ones need to work upon. You don’t know how to love yourself in an unconditional manner, for loving yourself unconditionally means that as well as loving your personality you also love your athlete’s foot, love your cellulite, love everything about your character. Just realise that unconditional love has an energy behind it that’s very empowering. This energy of unconditional love is the only true healing energy which is manifest within creation. This energy of compassion is an energy of expansion which allows you to expand your consciousness. Not only what you would term your conscious mind, but it will also expand your consciousness into realms which many of you at this time don’t realise exists. Realms of you that compose this energy system that is you, in its completeness and in its wholeness. So working with the energies of compassion and unconditional love for oneself is the first most important job that everybody has to do. It is the thing that everybody has to work upon because it is impossible to be compassionate to others, or even one other, it is impossible to love unconditionally anyone or anything without first of all being able to apply these energies within your consciousness. To know the reality within your own consciousness, to know that it doesn’t matter who you are or what your social status might be, or what your level of knowledge and learning might be third or fourth dimensionally, because know that this is a system of control in itself. Know that it doesn’t matter that you are fat or thin, that you’re spotty, that you’re bald, that your feet smell or anything else. Just know that it is possible for you to become pure unconditional love and becoming pure unconditional love means that there is no judgement.

There is no fear, because fear is the greatest hurdle and obstacle that manifests in this ascension process. This energy of unconditional love is the most important thing for everybody to work on, and how do you work on this energy of unconditional love? First of all you have to look into your own hearts and realise what is being held in your own hearts. As you know the heart is the symbol of this love in your civilisation. This energy of love is present in the heart, and also within the heart is ingrained all the traits that ones don’t like about themselves, and about others. These emotions create fear and dependence upon others, because know that most of the love which is prevalent upon this planet in terms of relationships and interactions between human beings is actually based on the emotion of fear and fear generated dependence. Unconditional love isn’t manifest in most relationships.

People are still not really manifesting this energy of unconditional love in their consciousness. So we come back to the heart and we tell you that within the centre of the heart is buried all these energies that stop you from realising your true potential as a human being, stops you from realising your own Christ consciousness. It is necessary before you start running around and saying, “I love everybody and my love is unconditional and I have no judgement,” to first of all to look into your own heart and look at what you think of yourself. Look at what’s buried there, all the traumatic experiences that you have had within this life. Look at the traumatic experiences that you may have had even in other lives.

Know that you are the sum total now of every thought, word, deed and action that you ever performed in any life, not only on this planet but also on other planets in other universes, in other dimensions. So you can see that there is a lot of what you would term as human beings ‘crud’ or ‘energy that is not of the Light’ deeply buried within this energy centre of the heart. It is necessary first to look into the heart and of course there are two ways of doing this. Some people process, and when we use the word ‘process’ which is one of the buzz words of the ascension movement, ones have a tendency to say that they don’t feel very well today because they are processing. Ultimately there is no need to do any processing whatsoever. Processing is brought about by the human tendency of holding on. Holding on to fears, holding on to things which are keeping you within the boundary which you have chosen to live and not go outside its confines – these confines which limit your consciousness. Now you could say that when you step across these confines you start to experience freedom. But as soon as you step back within the confines or hold onto the concept of confines, this actually sends you into processing. What you need to do is to experience the emotions which are buried within your heart. Bring out this fear – this fear of what? What is your big fear in life. Maybe we are in a situation within this workshop where many ones could say, “This is my current fear.” It gives new understanding to what everybody’s fears are.

Let go of this fear. Say, “I am not this fear. This fear is not me. This fear is not part of me. This fear is not a concept of absolute reality. This fear is a concept that I have taken on board. This fear is not only in my heart but ingrained in my cellular structure.” So you can either process fear or you can stand up and say, “I let go of all fear,” and offer it to the flames of transmutation that will transmute it into Love and Light and return it to you amplified by thousands and thousands of times. You can see that it is necessary to get the spray polish and the duster out and start cleaning off the accumulated dirt of lifetimes which actually cloud the mirror of the heart, the mirror of the soul. Take off one layer at a time, or do a heavy duty cleaning job and take off every layer. Say, “I am Light, I am Love,” and work with the energies of that. Walk with the energies of that. Take that on as a reality within your lives. So this learning compassion and how to be unconditional towards yourself first is the most important thing in this process. Because when you have unconditional love and compassion for yourself all this self-image such as. “Am I good enough?” or “I stepped on a baby rabbit’s head twenty five years ago so therefore I am bad, I am guilty and God will not love me. I tied a sixpenny squib to the tail of my neighbour’s cat,” and all the other things that you did, or maybe you didn’t do, but this one did when he was a boy; this is all held as guilt within people’s hearts. This guilt is the one most singular thing which is holding everybody back in their expansion of consciousness. Guilt, guilt and more guilt.

The reason why there is all this guilt is because our parents told us that we were guilty. The church told us that we were guilty, our teachers at school told us that we were guilty. Our partners in our relationships told us that we were guilty. Our friends told us that we were guilty, and in the end we believed them – in a big way. Human beings have taken on the guilt and it has become encoded within their crystalline natures. Releasing this guilt also releases fear. Then you come into your wholeness. This ascension process that we are talking about is actually based on the release of fear and guilt, and the taking on board of the realisation 110% that “I am Love, I am Light, I am Compassion and I AM THAT I AM.”‘ You could say that the workshop finished here, because there is nothing else to say. But we are going to approach it from a thousand other different directions because many ones will need this. If it were possible for all ones upon this planet to take these words which I have given you on board and absorb them into their consciousness, and then go through the process of self-realisation which could take only an instant, there would be no need to do the workshop.

There would be no need to go through any more of these things that are going to be given to you today. But what we are going to do is to give you an expansion on these theories and ideas. I am Wotanna. Many ones know me as a North American Indian, and as has been said many ones would think that I, Wotanna, was just part of a legend. It was not really up until these months that I have worked so much with groups in Ascension, that I have passed my energies and my information onto groups. You can see that the energy I am bringing through to groups now is very gentle. It is to the point, with compassion and love. There really is nothing else to say except that at one time I thought that all human beings were crazy, but now I see that human beings are actually starting to lose their craziness and are moving forward in the Light. I very much look forward to the Ascension of this planet because I, Wotanna will be coming back another time. I am looking forward to that, and you all have an invitation to my tepee and to my fire. We shall have some very loving and peaceful times. The other thing that I say to you is to keep breathing well and keep your feet firmly upon the Mother. Good morning to you.

Channelled by John Armitage on 17 October 1995 during a workshop held in Jersey, Channel Islands.

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