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Good day. It is I Washataka. It is my pleasure, this day to be the mouth piece for the Galactic and Ascended Masters, the collective consciousness of the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa. Know that there is no difference between the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Masters. The Galactic Masters are aspects of the Ascended Masters and the Ascended Masters are aspects of yourselves. This information may make many ones feel shaky, it may send ripples through their consciousness, on the subject of worthiness. How can you be unworthy when the Galactic and Ascended Masters are merely aspects of yourselves? But aspects of you, aspects of me, aspects of us are not what I have been chosen to speak to you about. I speak to you on the subject of landings, this session it could be said, is an update on the landings (or the non – landings) depending on how you wish to view it.

There are many words, many channellings, many written words are being circulated on the subject of imminent landings in this Earth year of 1997. Many ones look forward to the arrival of the space brothers and sisters. Many ones are waiting to again give their power away. They are thinking that the space brothers and sisters are going to come and save them; are going to come and save you as the human race collectively. Brothers and sisters, this is not what is intended. This is not what is going to happen.

This is because we know your potential, and your wish to again give your power away to something. Many ones have given their power away to Christian fundamentalism, to Islamic fundamentalism, to Jewish fundamentalism and to New Age fundamentalism. These words New Age fundamentalism may surprise many when they hear them or read them. But believe us, New Age fundamentalism and New Age intolerance is rife. And not only rife, it is incarnate in a very powerful way upon your beloved planet earth. This New Age fundamentalism is starting to hold many ones back in their quest, for Wholeness and love. It is holding them back because of the control issues that are always placed around these energies of fundamentalism. One is expected, according to the fundamentalists, to behave in a certain way, to eat certain things. To only eat, what the fundamentalists consider to be good food; to only indulge in activities and actions which the fundamentalists consider is good for you. And to live your life in a way they proclaim is good for you.

Brothers and sisters, I would say to you, brothers and sisters of earth, I would say to you that however you want to live your life – if it is a life of Love, a life of Compassion and a life of service, well then it doesn’t matter how you live it. As long as these activities are performed in the energy of unconditional Love. Many ones maintain that certain foods are poisonous to spiritual life, that they hold you back in spiritual life. Of course these are the beings that have not yet integrated that you do on planet Earth, create your own realities. If you wish to be poisoned by your food, if you wish to be poisoned by your atmosphere, if you wish to be poisoned by other things that you take into your physical bodies, well then create that reality, and loose your physical bodies through this process that you human beings know as death. If you want to be whole, if you want to operate in the mode of unconditional Love and wholeness, well then have no fear, because you are capable of transmuting everything into Love.

So the landings… many ones are saying what is happening here? We keep having all this channelled information, all these channelled words on the subject of these landings – and the landings do not take place. Brothers and sisters of Earth, we tell you that the landings have taken place, that the landings are still taking place; on a daily basis, These landings are taking place all over the surface of your planet, the sky is full of merkabah craft. It is only because of the mass inability to raise their consciousness just a small fraction, to raise their vibrational rates a minute amount, that most cannot see this phenomena, and most cannot interact with the space brothers and sisters. Again I say to you, to help you to integrate, that I have just spoken, the landings have taken place, are taking place every day, every minute, every moment. Know that the space brothers are among you, know that the space sisters are among you. They are here and among you now.

They are interacting with you energetically, they are interacting with your consciousness, interacting with your energy fields, interacting with your higher heart centres with the energy of Love, unconditional Love. This energy of Mahatma. Those of you who maintain that you do not feel this energy of Love, these energies of interaction are, creating a reality in your own consciousness of separate -ness. These beings, or you beings that are creating this reality, have not yet realised that all ones are linked. All ones are linked because all ones are living in the creation of Mother/Father God. And Mother/Father God is the source of all of your higher selves, I am presences, or monads, whatever you would like to call them. Therefore you are all brothers and sisters. You are all interlinked, inextricably interlinked.

One cannot do or think any kind of deed or thought any where upon the planet in the waking or sleep state that does not affect everything and everybody. If you are all a part of the Creator, part and parcel of the Creator’s essence, then you must be interlinked. Not only you upon your planet Earth but all of the space brothers and sisters. Each of you are parts of each other. Each of you are parts of each other. Remember this my friends, and you will move forward very quickly. I can say to you that at this time on this day, in the month that you earth beings call May, in the year of 1997, that you will not on the third dimensional level see the mass appearance and mass landings of third dimensionally manifested interdimensional travel vehicles. These vehicles are of course are merkabah vehicles. These merkabah vehicles are constructed of Light. These merkabah vehicles are constructed of Love. These vehicles are a conglomeration of the collective merkabah and the collective Love of the beings which travel within them.

Know these beings which travel within them do not need vehicles in the way that you earth beings relate to vehicles. They manifest these merkabah vehicles because it makes it easier for you as human beings to interact with the collective consciousness of the groups of beings that are trying to communicate with you. And when I say trying to communicate with you, I mean trying to communicate with you. Because it is a fact that most humans are being communicated with but they are not listening. They are shutting their ears. They are shutting their minds. They are shutting their energy fields to any communication from the higher dimensions. This is because, through conditioning, many are suffering from fear of the so-called unknown.

If these beings that are suffering from fear of the unknown would only realise that it only a small aspect of them that are living in this fear, this small aspect which is the third dimensionally manifested soul extension of the physical body and the ego that drives it. They would be clammering to have more multi-dimensional contact.

Realise that all earth beings are multi-dimensional, all beings in creation are multi-dimensional. Those that are living in the third dimension, often or mainly relate only to the third dimension, not even to the second or the first dimension, but only to the third. And definitely not the fourth/fifth, or sixth, seventh, or through the 352 levels back to the source Mahatma.

You see every day people installing satellite dishes upon their homes and houses, every day you see and hear of people communicating with mobile communication devices, with computers via the Internet and other means of communication. On one level many humans want to communicate, but through fear they find it impossible to communicate interdimensionally or through the multiple dimensions of this great Creation of Mother/Father God. We would ask you to learn to tune in a little bit more, to at least listen to your I am presence, your monadic self, because your I am presence knows why you came to this earth. Why you chose to take a physical body and experience the experiences that you are and have and will during this incarnation. All of you without exception have taken these births so that you may assist in the transition of consciousness of the earth mother. To assist this transition of consciousness of the earth mother which to many is known as ascension, you came to assist so that this movement in to wholeness may be facilitated in an orderly, balanced and loving way.

There is a whole movement upon this planet, this movement of Ascension, through which many, many beings think that it is their way out, or their way off this beautiful planet of yours. Until you get it out of your heads that you are all going to disappear in a fluffy cloud of Light, into the fifth dimension where upon all your troubles will be over and you will live a life of ecstasy and Love with nothing to take your attention away from this. This is a completely erroneous idea, it is misinformation and control at its very best, or worst from which ever polarity you would wish to view it.

My brothers and sisters, my family, my friends on mother earth, we tell you now is the time to be grounded. Now is the time to be here in the now in your entirety. Settle your consciousness firmly into your physical bodies, and with this consciousness firmly anchored in your body physical, you may bring the energy of Love and the energy of Light, so that this energy may speed the earth mother’s journey into wholeness. And as she moves smoothly and lovingly into wholeness, you my friends may become whole with her. Do not be afraid of these changes, do not be afraid of these changes in your consciousness, because these changes have been decreed by the mother/father god. And because the these changes have been decreed by the mother/father god there isn’t any way that they can be stopped.

Many beings of light, many beings of love are working to bring about and facilitate these changes, and energy has been set into motion of which there is no stopping. You could say that the snowball has been pushed over the side of the mountain; and is now rolling- getting bigger and bigger, picking up speed. Moving faster and faster and faster, the snowball is already rolling so fast and so big that there is nothing that can stop it, unless mother/father god has a change of mind and intention. Of course mother/father god does have changes of mind and intention, because that is part of consciousness.

It is part of freedom. It is part of conscious use of will, part of the conscious uses of the energies of manifestation, because know that that is what creation is – a manifestation of the Creator’s idea. A manifestation of the Creator’s need to experience, her/himself, in wholeness and Love in multi-dimensional reality. When you move into Love mother/father god becomes even more Love. Know that mother/father god is also growing, mother/Father god is growing in consciousness, mother/father God is growing in a way which the minds of humans cannot conceive.

Through your activities as human beings, as earth human beings and the activities that the multi-dimensional star people or the star beings in your dimension within your Universe this experience of Love is growing stronger and stronger, and more powerful by the second. And because this Love is growing stronger and more powerful as is previously stated, there is no stopping it. You humans who are working on the transformation of your consciousness and the healing of the planet are we say again a force that cannot be stopped. It is not a flash of blinding light that is blinding light – but is blinding light and the constituents of this blinding light is Love, nothing more. This is why the star brothers and sisters come to you. Many of you feel fear when you hear of the star brothers and sisters activities, many of you move into this energy of fear, because there has been much interaction on your planet earth, the goddess Gaia, with star born peoples.

These interactions have not always been a pleasurable experience for you human beings. There has been occasions when you have suffered control, when you have suffered genetic engineering, when you have suffered disempowerment through the shutting down of your D.N.A., from the twelve to the two strands. There have been times when you have been disempowered through multi-dimensional, multi-body implants. There have been times when you have been sent into fear, because there have been huge battles in the third dimension, and in the higher dimensions for control of your minds and bodies and control of your planet.

Brothers and sisters of Earth these days are gone. These days, those days are in the past. In that aspect of time and space there is no going back, there is no changing what happened. Because what you suffered or what you experienced you brought upon yourselves with the level of consciousness from which you operated. A level of consciousness driven by ego. A level of ego activity fuelled by fear. Now is the time to move into Love, to transmute this fear, top transmute all fears into Love. Know you are all Love, that you were created in Love to be Love, and you can ultimately be nothing else but Love. We show you the quick way forward into Love. Love yourselves. Love yourselves.

Many would say I can love others unconditionally but I cannot love myself. We say to you that if you cannot love yourself unconditionally then you can love nobody. You are merely again experiencing the energies of illusion – these energies which are confusing and these energies that are not working in accordance with the will of mother/father for your highest good. Of course these uncontrolled energies of fear do have a place in your evolution, do have a place in your evolution of consciousness, because one day all of you must wake up and think I am not going to live in this fear anymore. In these dark walls of illusion, being tossed like a cork in the sea of the energies that are disruptive to your focus on Love. My friends, love yourselves, love your ego.

Many ones ask how can I control my ego? I am trying to move into love but I cannot control my ego. My ego is very fond of the drama of fear, the drama of discordant energies, the dramas which revolve around discordant energies. We say to you love yourselves unconditionally and your ego will also move into Love. Your ego needs something to do. Your ego does not differentiate between fear and drama and unconditional Love and peace harmony and wholeness. It only needs to be busy. It is like a monkey, jumping from tree to tree, branch to branch. Picking things up, looking at leaves, jumping to the ground and picking up sticks and stones and immediately moving on to the next thing to amuse itself with.

If you integrate love – of an unconditional and compassionate and passionate nature into your lives, your ego will be happy to live in this love. Your ego will feel proud to be loved, and through this energy it will not want to interact with the energies of illusion and fear, so Love, Love, Love. Integrate this love and walk on the mother, the goddess, walk upon her gently. Walk upon her knowing she is a living being. Stroke her with your loving feet, so that she may feel your Love. Stroke her with your healing feet that she may feel your healing that she may once again become whole in a smooth and loving way. There is no need for destruction. There is no need for massive earth changes,. It is now only necessary to make minor changes. So when we say make some minor changes some of you will go into fear and wonder if you will be included in these minor earth changes and whether your lives will be disrupted, whether your belongings and properties will be lost or even whether your physical bodies will be lost. We say to you that those who have made that choice will be there for the changes. We ask you to go through those changes in happiness. Go through those changes in Love. Go through those changes firmly in the knowledge that there was never a time that you weren’t and there never will be a time that you aren’t.

There are many breaks in your incarnations into physical bodies, but that does not mean that you are not. We will further reinforce that with a statement that this channel often uses himself – death is merely teleportation without the return co-ordinates. Death is merely teleportation without the return co-ordinates. So to sum up this communication from the Galactic and Ascended Masters we will say the landings have taken place. The landings are taking place. The landings will take place. We will not allow you to give your power away. We will not accept your power because we do not want it. We will give you all the help and Love that we can muster, and believe us that is massive amounts. You have no idea, even in your wildest dreams, of the amount of Love that we can send to help you.


Rhynie 25Th May 1997

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