Wesak, Germain channeling on the planetary alignment on May 5

Germain channeling on the planetary alignment on May 5

180054_176936159015578_127815003927694_420555_2364092_nI AM Germain, Many words have already been spoken on this event, many have been gloom and doom  orientated, you must have heard some of them, possible pole shift is one, tidal waves is another, and of course the old favorite volcanoes, and tilting of the earths axis.

Rubbish I say none of it is true, the only possible thing to happen is a bit of volcanic activity, why? you might ask. Well volcanoes are the vents for pent up pressure in Mothers earth’s body, if to much pressure builds up she lets off steam through these vents. Of course nothing is written in stone, but I Germain cannot see much else happening on a physical level.

So what will happen and what is this all about? There will be allot of processing going on amongst humans, when I say processing I mean emotional processing, you may be starting already, for it will not only be on May 4&5 that these energies will be affecting you they are flowing into you lives NOW, and will continue to do so for along time after the may line up. This a fine time to let go of your emotional stuff, issues of control will arise, control by others and control of self, yes believe me many humans control themselves, this is usually linked to denial. Denial of your God selves, in other words denieing that you are Gods in human form. How many times do you hear I can’t do it when self LOVE is spoken of?  But humans will often strive to be the best at other things even if they have to give up everything in there lives, to have the most money to be the most famous to be the strongest etc,  but many are not willing to give themselves time to be at peace with themselves never mind LOVE themselves!!!!  WAKE UP HUMANS, the time is now!!!

Those of you that do spiritual practices will notice that there will be a rise of energy during these times for as I said the line up is happening now and over the day’s and weeks will get stronger, as the planets line up, the energy will become more focused and you will need to be more focused as well to get the best out of this without denying yourselves the opportunity to become WHOLE, and remember WHOLENESS is LOVE.

There will be a chance for many to ascend at this time as well, this will not be a mass exodus of people from the planet but an ascension of your emotional and  spiritual bodies, this will of course depend on what level of you have achieved before, for understand that many have taken ascension of the emotional body or some of their spiritual bodies, but have not yet realized it. Some may take the opportunity to take full ascension if the time is right for them. I will ask this one through which I speak to tell of his ascension experience, although sometimes he is a bit slow on doing things!!!!

So to sum up, be kind to yourselves, drink plenty of water and don’t waste the best time you will have in this life to become whole by not LOVING yourselves.

The energies will continue to rise though the Weask period and beyond so if you get a chance to work with a group during this period please do so, many group activities are planned around the world, this will help to support you.  For this Weask 2000 is the most powerful one ever and you will be able to connect through Shamballa to Source very easily. The clarion call goes out to each and every human on earth to be open to it all at least. And if possible be at Shasta USA of Glastonbury UK for the simultaneous gatherings of light beings, don’t worry if you cant be there
your life don’t hinge on it but the more that gather in groups the more powerful the energies are.
Maiterya is about to flood the world with compassion and LOVE this will be available to all that want to it.
THAT MEANS YOU!!!!    if you like.

I have asked this one to get the Shamballa family together during this time to hold the focus and I will be asking for you all to join in a worldwide meditation during the may 4/ 5 period. Your computers will help with this.
Please network this anyway you know how. Yours in service and LOVE, I salute the Divine that you are, Namaste Germain.
Channeled by Hari Das
Copy right Hari Das 29 march 2000, please make sure you copy-right

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