1913477_10152370026202962_1527935459_o So it is a question of creating your own reality. A reality of peace, a reality of Love, a reality of compassion and a reality of Light, within your own hearts and within your own minds, and with others co-create that same reality for all that live upon and within the Earth Mother. You are all worthy of this. It is possible that this worthiness can be realised in a fraction of time that is less than the clicking of fingers.

So I would ask you all now to realise that you are all worthy, to walk in Love, to walk in Light, to open up your hearts and allow the energy of Love, the energy of Mary, the energy of Isis, the energy of Shakti, the energy of Lakshmi, the energy of Radharani, the energy of Sananda, the energy of Krishna, the energy of Shiva to flow through your hearts and transform you into Light and Love.

John Armitage and Kuthumi





  • We humans have in general three ways at looking at time, its the past, present and the future. Ever noticed how folk often try to live in the past! Well its gone and you cant live there, so next folk then try to live in the future, always looking forward, so wahts the point of this post? Well really it's about living in the present, it is called the present because every momnet you live in the now is a gift, meet me in the now, no story to tell, no tale to live and then you can be yourself! FREE living the gift of life to the full, love you all, Baba

Welcome on the personal site of John Armitage also known as Hari Das Baba


Enjoy the sparkling gems of wisdom and insight from his path, here on Earth. You may found information on the Earth Grids, knowledge about the crystals and the crystal skulls, Energy clearing meditations and activations, words of compassion from the Ascended Masters and general information about the Light Work. Hari Das Baba works closely with Germain, Kuthumi, Sananda, Buddha, Quan Yin and all other Lords and Ladies of Shamballa – the city of Light and the multidimensional Masters. Through him many energies are grounded on Earth, energies that seek to assist in the deep changes that are happening in this age. During the years Hari Das Baba was given knowledge about our star brothers and sisters, ancient ways of working with the crystals and crystal skulls and he is one of the souls from present times that brought back on Earth the original Ascended Master’s teachings – the same insights and guidance that has been repeated to human beings from Lemuria through Atlantis, a message that could be found in the core of every philosophy and teaching – that you are Love and Light and your spiritual roots are to be found in the Mother/Father Source.

Hari Das Baba is the founder of the New Paradigm for Multidimensional Transformation. This is a message of Unconditional Love, Freedom and acceptance of one’s true nature – the I AM Presence and the divine essence, the Monad. The New Paradigm philosophy teaches that every human being is unlimited spark from Source and its main focus is to assist everyone to let go of fear and personal resistances and to step into the Mastery. Through the unique meditations in the New Paradigm master classes one can be cleared from energetical debries and blockages, activated in the energies of Shamballa and Mahatma, initiated in the true essence of the I AM Presence and remember his or her own wholeness. The New Paradigm teachings are incorporated on Earth through the School of Esoteric Sciences, the New Paradigm Associations in different countries and the work of hundreds of Master Teachers that share it in their classes.

Hari Das Baba uses unique way of guided meditations where he channels his own I AM Presence, Source, the Archangels or the Ascended Masters and with these energies allows the I AM Presence’s of others to connect with them in the heart. This connection is called the full and expanded Light Bridge or Antahkarana and through it the Source Light is grounded in the human being allowing its heart center to expand and become the Cosmic Heart. The Cosmic Heart is your true connection to everything and inside it one can integrate the Soul, the Higher Self and all Monadic levels. The teaching about it comes from the Mahatma revelation which is fully incorporated in the teachings of Hari Das Baba. In this website you can find more information about Mahatma and the being that grounded that energy on Earth – Brian Grattan, and as well to enjoy the expansion of it that came through Hari Das Baba.

Even though many aspects of the New Paradigm teachings are close to some ancient words there is no direct connection to them. So some disclaimers are needed here. New Paradigm is not a religion or a movement because it does not seek to organize people to follow ideas outside of them but to look deep inside, to let go of the fear and to connect to the Source of their own truth and insight. Once this is achieved all seeking outside of self is ceased and one can live in its own divine light. That philosophy even though close connected to Shamballa and the Mahatma Energies is not related to any other forms of communication with the Ascended Masters such as the Theosophy, the teachings of Alice Bailey, the work of the “Mahatmas” or Roerich. The New Paradigm teachings are not connected to the teachings of any other methods or systems such as the Indian philosophy or the numerous Buddhist sects and organizations. And the School of Esoteric Sciences is not affiliated in any way with Shambhala International (Vajradhatu) or its services. Neither the New Paradigm works with any organization that ideas resemble the message of Hari Das Baba, except for the officialy stated.

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