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universe-space-soundSo OK, we’re going to open our hearts, and keep the energy moving among us. Focus on your true heart chakras, please. I’m going to allow a being to speak through me. I don’t know his name. He calls himself a Spokesperson for the Federation of Free Worlds. He’s asked to be given a chance to speak to you. So keep your energy fields open, allow the love to pass around and build and build.

Good Morning to you. We know that there are beings here that come from everywhere on your planet. So Good Morning citizens of the Universe. Why do I ask permission to speak to you? I feel that you are a group who are willing to open your hearts, to understand on some level what is happening on your planet. How you have as a race often given your power away, to religions and these other conditionings that the channel speaks of. Now you are willing to step beyond this and to manifest a new reality upon your planet.

So the new reality is manifesting around you. As you go forward with an openness and a willingness to just love yoruselves, to see what is happening around you, the new reality is beginning to manifest. Surely most of you, or even all of you, can feel somewhere deep in your consciousness that this new reality is now totally within your reach. Your world as it is now, t& he level of consciousness of the masses, & the amount of interferrence and control and fear in your lives, is not a member of our confederation of free worlds. As we observe you as a race, and we observe the way in which you interact with your planet and with each other, we see that there is still some way to go before you are invited to join this confederation of free worlds. And of course, if it is a confederation of free worlds, it is a confederation of free people, people with no boundaries, people with no concept of nation, town, city, street, alignments to language, philosophy, religion. It means that you have an opportunity to live in a world where all beings are seen to be as important as each other. It does not matter if your service to your world is high technology or facilitating healing of those who have come out of balance, or making the gardens grow and producing food, or even making the streets of your cities clean, everyone is equal in the confederation of free people and free worlds. No one is considered to be any more important than the other. Societies function because all ones are equal and all ones are related to with an openness of heart.

So this is what I encourage you to do: to continue to understand on a much deeper and deeper level that you human beings are the creators of reality in your world, and you have within your hearts this energy of love. You could even say you have the power of love in your hearts, and through this power of love you could distinctly change your reality at any time you choose.  Now is the time to make a choice. I encourage you to think carefully, to look at yourselves, to enquire within yourselves and to examine the choices that you made previously, examine the choices that assisted in creating the world within which you live now. Please understand that there is no judgment from our point of view, or anyone’s point of view, but you are responsible, all of you, for reality. Every one of you have assisted what you are living upon the planet collectively. So I ask you please to just consider a few of the words that I have passed to you today. Also take into your heart, and take into your mind also, the understanding that you as individuals are collective creators and individual creators. There is nothing complicated in understanding this, if only you stand back and disassociate yourself from the illusion that you have come to think is real. Many many beings say, “if I can’t see it, or if I cannot feel it, it’ cannot be real. So the things of which you speak are not real. How can they be, if I cannot see or touch them?” On the other hand, there is information available to you that says dogs can hear things that humans can’t; cats can see energy that you cannot see in general with the human eyes. This is totally accepted. And yet the humans still cannot see or hear it in general. So we have a strange situation here in the minds of humans.

So I encourage you to be focused in your hearts, and as well take into account that it is not your place on earth to convince every individual that you come into contact with, to convince them about the existence of expanded energy, expanded knowledge and expanded love. Your place is to integrate this knowledge within yourselves, to integrate the love within your hearts, and actually to live in this freedom of love, to live without fear. Have no fear of stepping forward. Have no fear of change. What will happen is that the others will see you, and they will say, “Who is this being? How do they live like this? How are they so caring? How are they so loving? How are they so supportive and non-judgmental?” And they will come and ask you, “There is something different about you. Can you tell me what and who you are?” This is the way to pass the word.

Also it’s well to use the media machine that the controllers have built.  You are already utilizing the internet, that was built by the controllers for their own use. The internet gives you the opportunity to share
information with others that you have no other contact with, that you would never have contact with. And if you can use the media, it is the same. It gives you an opening to prompt others to opening, opening, opening.

Our vision for you is that you, as the human race, very integrate quickly and understand what life is about, and that you truly integrate that you are the keepers of this planet, you are the guardians of this planet. This planet does not belong to you. Think again. You are the guardians, the keepers. It is for you, to the best of your ability, to preserve this planet, not to make imbalances, not to rape the Mother. The Earth is your mother. She is a living, breathing biophysical being, although many forget this. So take care of her, and don’t judge her. Many are saying, “We have to heal the Earth.” This is a judgment. It is an attempt at programming the Mother with the idea that she is a victim of circumstance. She will accept from you any assistance in openness and love. She does not require victim consciousness, programming and sympathy. Through your guardianship and stewardship, you will be able to transfer to her, through your hearts, the energy that she can utilize to make herself whole. So please approach this in a balanced and sensible manner.

For yourselves, understand that you are the perfection now, that there never was a time when you were not perfect. For you, the true you, is a spark of Source. Your monad, your true self, is a spark of Source, and therefore is constantly living in the energy of divine love, perfection, harmony and balance, and any other phrases that you would like to use to explain this state of being. The perfection is manifest within you now, within every cell, every molecule, every atom that composes your physical bodies, your multi-dimensional presences, and so on. We just ask you to understand that you are perfection, and allow the perfection to shine through you, instead of believing, for some reason or another, or making an excuse, for some reason or another, not to live this perfection. So please look inside and see it. See that guilt, self-judgment, and these other energies that you may project towards yourself as a human, are actually not relevant to anything. They are all part of the illusion that you have chosen to take part in.

So you have the perfection in your heart, in all your being. I encourage you to live it. And every time that you step out of the understanding, or the realization, gently remind yourselves with love, “Hey! I am perfect. I step back into my perfection, and I allow this perfection to radiate from me” so that also assists in others the surfacing of the realization of this pure natural state, of the perfection of the Creator.

So my friends, thank you, for giving me some opportunity to be able to communicate with you. Even if you can only remember three or four words of my communication, I would ask you to remember, “I am perfection, always have been. Always will be. And I realize I am now.” This would be a very useful thing to remember.

So please open your hearts, to another level of openness which many you might not even have been able to have a concept of, something you have not lived in before. An intensity of this divine essence of the truth, harmony and essence of Source. Open, open, open. The channel prompted you earlier to make an affirmation. You may if you wish make an affirmation now, one that suits you yourself in your own language. In this moment I will seek permission from the channel to activate the vortex just a little more, to assist you in the integration of this knowledge of the divinity that you are through the openness of heart.

So I will depart the channel, and put the leadership of the energy back into the heart of the channel. I just again would like to pass on to you that our hearts are open for you, and we encourage you to open your hearts, more and more, moment by moment, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year. And the perfection will manifest itself in your world. May the energy of Creator, the One Source, be with you.

John Armitage

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