Germain’s channeling Mastery

light-bodyI AM Germain. My Friends, Brothers and Sisters, as Germain, I come to speak with you about the subject of Mastery. Over the coming few days, we’ll all experience the changes of our energies. So this will be the results of the Merkaba meditations we will be doing and the rest of it will be due to the initiations or attunements that we will all receive.

Each and everyone of you has been brought here by your I AM Presence. You’ve been brought here so you will step into your Mastery. As Germain I understand that some of you may feel that it will be hard for you to realize your Mastery. The very good news is : this is going to be simplicity itself. Mastery is a state of mind. And if you can spend time worrying that you will not achieve Mastery, it will be much more constructive to think that you ARE a Master. And sure it does not take a lot of thinking through that what you think is what you get. Think Mastery and BE a Master. Scatter your minds or think discordant thoughts and you will be discordant. Again I say to you : do you see the simplicity of it ?

What does Mastery really mean ? This means Mastery over your own life, Mastery over your own energies, Mastery over creation. When I say Mastery over creation I don’t mean over the Creation of Father/Mother God, but over your own creation. You have heard a number of times already that you have created everything that is in your life now. If you think about that you will realize how easy it is. That it is now time to create another reality, then to leave the old reality of being unsure of yourselves, to leave the reality of fear, to leave the reality of victimhood behind you. That it is now time to stand up and admit to yourselves and the world who you really ARE. By standing up and admitting who you ARE to yourself, Mastery is yours immediately.

I will be with you, each and everyone of you, through the energy connections, the initiations and attunements. And I ask each and everyone of you : go out and spread this energy to others. Understand that the spreading of this Love and this energy is not limited to the ones that you think as Masters, Teachers and Gurus. It is you, each and everyone of you, who ARE a Master, Teacher and Guru. Analyze the word Guru and realize that you ARE your own Teachers also. Each and everyone of you has connections with Ascended Beings. Now I ask you to realize all over again who the Ascended Masters ARE. The Ascended Masters ARE aspects of yourselves. That may surprise you for each and everyone of you ARE Ascended Masters already. Again I say to you : now is the time to realize that. Each and everyone of you are capable of initiating others and I ask for those as we go through the different levels of initiations that you are going to receive all the coming days that you don’t be caught up in the technicalities. Many people in third dimensional reality, fourth dimensional reality, those who feel the need to analyze, analyze, analyze. This mental analysis makes things complicated. And many humans feel that if they don’t have something to analyze that they receive nothing and worth nothing. Understand that Love is Energy. Understand that Compassion and Harmony are Energy. The initiations and the attunements that you are going to receive are going to give you the very powerful access to this Energy. You are about to become channelers for this Energy. That’s right. This will surprise you that you are going to be channels. I can hear more than one person saying in their mind : but I am not a channel. But each and everyone of you IS. And as an instrument of Father/Mother God and your own I AM Presence, you will all be able to channel these Energies and pass them on to others. They are all be forwarded in the form of healing Energy and as initiations into Love. Every time you surrender and allow the Energy to flow through you without attempting to control, the Energy that you bring will be stronger and stronger. And as the Energy gets stronger and stronger you become stronger in yourselves. Understand that allowing is the Secret Key. Once you get over analyzing and using your thought processes, allowing becomes easier and easier. And the feelings and the thoughts which give you the urge to control start to fade away. My message is to you : allow Mother/Father God to work through you. It is impossible to analyze Mother/Father God. It is impossible to analyze the Energy of Father/Mother God. So the secret is : allow, allow, allow. And through this allowing you will become whole and you will pass this whole on to others.

I welcome each and everyone of you into the Family of the Ascended Masters – the Shamballa Family of Light.

I AM Germain and I leave you with my Blessings but I do not leave, I AM always with you.


Channelled by John Armitage, Tilburg

updated 2013

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