PinealHakon the keeper of Paradis through Hari Das in October 2000

This channel has been somewhat resistent for me to be speaking through him. But I only have a few brief words to say.

A few brief words of encouragement. Some of know that I am the keeper of this place and have been the keeper of this place for many, many thousands of your years. For many thousands of your years I saw no human being. No humans came past here. They were not drawn and felt they had no reason to be. But for a number of years now there have been more and more human visitors. It has been my practice to keep my self well hidden from them, not to communicate with them in any way. But over the last 11/2 or 2 years I have decided that it is possible that I and humans have much to share. Humans to share with me and I to share with humans. If I were to share everything I know with you it would take a long time. I do not think in this moment that it is appropriate that I share everything I know with you. So it is encouragement I come to give you. Encouragement to allow the Goddess to integrate within you. I myself have achieved a Goddes initiation at the same time as you have. And it is something that I have waited for, for many aeons of your time. For as you know many or almost all became separated from the Goddess energy. Because of male energetic domination within this Universe. Times have changed. That’s right times have changed. Many are again starting to receive knowledge of the goddess. Many have volunteered to receive the energy of the goddes and carry that out into the world. So that it may be transferred to others as you walk among them. So my message to you again: allow, allow your selves to integrate this energies and do not try and stifle or deny the goddess within each and everyone of you. At this time my friends this is the end of my transmission to you by this medium of voice. I will transfer to each and everyone of you the portion of the energies that I hold within this pool, within this pond so that it may help each and everyone of you to accept who and what you really are. Peace be with you.

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