Meditation from Israel – Saturday 17th November 2001

You may see the cosmic fire letters, the Hebrew letters. You may see sand script, Tibetan or Chinese Sacred geometry pulsating like dancing snowflakes. Feel them all moving inside of you now, as you feel them inside of you; feel them flowing out of you and as it flows out of you in to mother earth as in flows in to the body of mother earth in meets the hard crystal in the centre of her body. As this love meets the hard crystal, it flows back to your heart. As it flows back to your heart, it flows through the colour of light and through the heart of the Mother/Father.

So now, I ask each and every one of us to expand our consciousness through love, to expand our energy fields through love. For each deep breath that you take inwards, just see, feel, allow, imagine, your aura of love spreading out across the top of this hill, spreading right to the very edges of the vortex. And as your energy fields expands and your light expands, just see, feel, allow and imagine that this vortex is swelling in harmony and balance, and now as is it starts to come into harmony and balance, I call upon Watana, the leader of the eagles that are spiraling of others.

Watana, I ask that you aid us in opening our channels and rainbow bridges, so we can ground more of this love. Now in this moment I close the vortex completely, I close it down to stop it from spreading. As it closes down, the idealic space that it leaves will be full of our love. So now, I would like you to see that the vortex is open now; it is starting to spin in perfect harmony and balance, let us all focus on the activation of the counter-rotating star tetrahedrons of the vortex, as they counter-rotate in balance, harmony and love, the vortex is now collecting from the heart crystals of the mother earth. As this harmony and balance starts to manifest in the heart of mother earth, let’s see this harmony and this love, as it starts to spread into the totality of the planetary gridwork, and as this happens, it effects the hearts and minds of all beings in accordance with the divine will, in accordance with the will of Yahwah, in accordance with the will of God, the Creator.

Open up your hearts more now, and as you open your hearts, start collecting for all the beings on planet Earth, who are suffering in any kinds of ways, physically, emotionally, mentally and just in your minds, repeat the affirmation; I am that I am, unconditional love. I am that I am and I love all beings. See the light, the light, the light. See the love, the love, the love.

Allow this love to flow openly to all. So now, I would like you all to look at your own vortexes, the twelve chakras, now activate these chakras with harmony, balance and love. As we move all the energies of these energies, that we call karmic, expand your unconditional love into the spaces, just the same as we did with the vortex of the earth. Now make the affirmation, I am that I am. I love myself unconditionally. I have love in the purest form of Mother/Father god’s love, as this love manifests within us and about us, direct that love to a very special place.

Mother Earth asks that we direct this Love unconditionally to this part of the world that we know as Tibet, as we direct this Love towards Tibet, let us also realise that the Love is being grounded through this country of Israel. The brain of Mother Earth is becoming balanced and harmonised, the left-brain and the right-brain are communicating in harmony and balance. This divine light and this cosmic unconditional love is clearing the incarnational grid in these places. Clearing all residue of disharmony, of non-love, as we clear these residues, we focus on the programming of all the blood that has been spilt on Mother Earth, the blood is now crystallised and the blood that flows into mother earth also holds the energy of disharmony and non-love ad that crystallisation is continuously being released into the body of the Goddess Gaiya, Mother Earth. So now, let us re-program this crystallised blood with the Christ Light and the sacred fire letters and the sacred geometry. Just see, feel, allow, and imagine these energies flowing through you, all over the body of mother earth and anywhere, that you find this crystallised blood. Just pass onto this blood, the divine crystalline codings.

Remember that you are the Christ light of God in this world, and all other worlds. Remember, many of you forget that as you walk across the earth, the energy flows through you with every step, you are the new messiahs and as such you can aid the Goddess and Gaiya and the rest of their children and realise that they are also the new messiah. The new world, the new day is already here. It is not the future, it is the now, it is not the past it is the now. So each and every one of you, I Sananda bless you and Thank you.


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