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boquet1Meditation from the Wailing Wall Israel
Wednesday 14th November
Tape 1- side A

Prior to meditation
Something I have learnt in the last few days, is that Israel isn’t a country or in the physical realm. Israel is a large group of people that are working upon the planet. The true Israel is energy, it is nothing to do with this place or country, it is a planetary thing. The beings now have the realisation that they are the new Israel integrating and manifesting the New Jerusalem within. The New Jerusalem is the activation of the twelve gates, the activation of the twelve chakras in harmony, balance and love. Germain, Metatron, myself and many others would like to thank you all for joining us, because we can do something about all this. We can manifest heaven on earth, when we manifest heaven within ourselves. Heaven manifests outsides ourselves and that is our task here on this planet. That is what we came here to do.


The Jewish people were given the job of holding the information of freedom. The problem that has arisen in this plan is that the information has become corrupt and it’s very simple how the information became corrupt, because the information was held in the DNA and RNA codings of physical bodies and also in the crystalline light bodies as schooled in the Adamkadam light bodies and there has been various times upon the planet when DNA codings have been changed. That’s how this information and these codes of heaven and freedom have been corrupted and lost. This is the reason why many people are angry at the Jewish race. Many people who have never even met a Jewish person are angry with Jews. The knowledge is in the collective conscientiousness of the Jewish people, who have lost these codes or allowed them to become corrupt, but nevertheless these codes are actually intact in the energy vortex of this place. They are still intact, encoded in the stones of these walls and us ourselves as individuals over the last two or three days have been openly and actively allowing ourselves to be recoded with the true codes and that is what we were doing this afternoon, when we were activating the codings in the Dead Sea scrolls in the museum. What will happen now is that as the light within us shines brighter and brighter; we will illuminate the darkness with harmony and balance of heaven. Paradise will manifest upon the earth. So close you eyes and take deep breaths.

I am Jehovah and the Melchizedek, as you take these deep breaths, just see, feel, allow, imagine these true codes of light, these true codes of harmony and balance starting to shine brightly within your crystalline structure, see your adamkadam light body now starting to pulsate; pulsating, pulsating, pulsating and as it pulsates, this molecular structure, crystalline light-bodies starts to go into a chain reaction. The chain reaction is a nuclear gate of reaction, this will activate the molecular structure of the planet, of the atmosphere and the fusion is now starting to take place. The fusion of disharmony to harmony and as this fusion starts to take place
within us and all around us. Let each and everyone of us tune in with this energy of the Wailing Wall. Let us tune in with all the people, who are standing by this wall, let’s listen to all this encoding in this energy. It is a call to God and Goddess; let us not see as a call as ‘God help me!’ let’s see as ‘God come to me’ Then as God and Goddess comes to you, the next chain reaction takes place and there is also another fusion, there is an explosion in our hearts and minds, the fact that God and Goddess is already within us. Each and every is God and Goddess in the moment. Allow your hearts to open up and enjoy in rejoicing as God and Goddess enters your hearts and minds and you enter the heart and mind of God and Goddess, feel the connection building with God and Goddess.

I, Jehovah Santiago open up the gates of Orion, as I open up the gates of Orion I start to connect with the God and Goddess on the throne of Yhawah, as we connect to this throne of Yahwah, I connect you to the peace of Yahwah, the heart of Yahwah. Yahwah I call upon you to open up your heart now in this moment, as Yahwah opens up your heart, he starts to connect with your heart, allow your hearts to open, feel this love connection with the creator of your bodies, feel the love flowing backwards and forwards, feel your aura around you he is that love. Now, Yahwah, I ask to take your heart to the heart of the mother/father source and as you connect your heart with the mother/father source, we connect our hearts with the source. Feel the love flowing through you through the source. Remember that first and foremost you are love. There is no need to be calling on the love of the mother/father source always, for each and every one of you is God. I would Yahwah at this time that you would activate the codes for all us in this group and that are taking place I this meditation, to activate the codes of the messiah ship within, for each and everyone is the new messiah. People who fear have been calling on the messiah and now there are billions of them, everyone that has manifested in their bodies upon the earth is the new messiah. Brothers and Sisters you are the Christ of one, all that are reincarnated are the Christ of one nothing to do with Jesus, it is do with freedom from the restrictions of your own conscientiousness. Expand, expand, expand your auras, take deep breaths as your auras are expanding, expand your auras to the very edges of this aspect of creation, and take the energies of these cosmic Hebrew fire letters and these conscientiousness activation currents of the true Israel, of the true Messiah of all beings. We ask all of you who understand, that it is you as individuals that make a difference. That changes in your own conscientiousness and changes in your own heart can change anything from outside. When you give up the struggle in your hearts and minds; when you give up warring with yourselves within, then a peaceful manifest the New Jerusalem within each and every being and heaven will be with you. For all of you, I activate the energies; just sit for a moment while I prepare the channel through which I speak. I activate the energies of the universe, the energies of I am self. I will ask you all to start cultivating your mind, we have all heard the story of the Garden of Eden, this paradise, your minds can also be paradise. What is this paradise? It is a freedom from dualities, I am and I am not. Understand that as you cultivate this garden of paradise within your minds, you just become, nothing else, you just become. Don’t search, don’t look outside yourselves, for the only thing that is worth knowing is that paradise is in you. The energy of cultivation is the energy of change growing throughout creation. You may see this energy as a wind blowing through the universe this wind is very strong, but fine in it’s molecular structure. In this moment we direct that wind of change for all of your molecular structure, it flows through you in love, harmony and balance, it is and you are. I am that I am love. Allow this mantra to flow through your mind, feel it in your heart and welcome my friends to the real planet earth.

A big Thank you for your focus, your energy and your time. For all those that have not received this energy of shadaise, we pass onto you this energy of shadaise the garment of Metatron. So we will leave you in love my friends we will leave you in the breeze, in harmony, balance and heaven.

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